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  1. This morning, I'm feeling like a disappointed Al Bundy...
  2. ...and bowler hats everywhere! If you get a chance, and are interested, I'd recommend also seeing the original, 1968, version with Steve McQueen that Bernd mentioned above. Many similarities with the original...Faye Dunaway was also in the original...this time playing the Insurance Investigator, not Pierce Brosnan's therapist. Many lines were also taken verbatim from the original...as well as the academy award winning theme song "Windmills of Your Mind". The ending is not the same though...
  3. Nice set of photos...and a beautiful part of the country!
  4. Hello Andreas, With the DC-6, you can choose to fly with an AFE (I think it stands for artificial Flight Engineer)...the AFE can take care of much of the pre-start/start-up. (If I recall correctly, you still have to switch the fuel levers and magnetos before the AFE can do his thing.) One of the joys of this aircraft is learning to manage those 4 radials without the AFE...and making sure to extend engine life as long as possible. Following the correct start-up procedure is part of the thrill of this aircraft. 🙂
  5. Vincent, I've been following your work here for a while...my respect and admiration for the sceneries you create! Well done!
  6. There doesn't seem to be a lot of interest in this scenery...at least up to this point! Right now, I'm using the Flightsim.to Cargo Ramp add-on to the default KCVG...I was just wondering if this Feelthere version would be an upgrade. Agree with you...KCVG has transformed itself from a major Delta Hub into a major International Cargo Hub.
  7. LOL...from George Bernard Shaw: "Those wo can do, those who can't teach." 🤣🤣🤣 Kidding aside...I put together the tutorial because I do know there are people who want to learn...just don't know where to start. There are numerous videos on YT...but the presentations tend to bounce around and move so quickly, that they're so hard to follow...even for someone like me! The format I put together is based on a powerpoint presentation and can easily be paused between slides...yes, the format is "boring", but, it is very much a step-by-step instructional with an active tutorial to follow along...and uses a very simple model/example to paint. Again...do I expect everyone here to be interested in this?...nope. It's catered to the beginner wanting to learn how to paint...repaint 101. So back to this post...do you have a movie/TV show to share that features the Downtown Manhatten Heliport? 😊
  8. I just noticed that last week, Feelthere dropped a new MSFS scenery for KCVG. [KCVG] – Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Airport – Microsoft Flight Simulator - FeelThere.com This interests me as a cargo hub option. I have not yet seen any online reviews. I obviously won't touch that other developer's version...based on their miserable P3D offering. In this latest release from Feelthere, I don't see anything about seasonal weather (winter conditions) and I can't tell how well the cargo area/warehouses have been modeled. Any feedback would be appreciated!
  9. LOL...every recreational boater will eventually succumb to the affliction of "two-foot-itus"...a bigger boat is always better! 🤣 Back in the day, I used to teach sailing part time out of Island Cruising in Sidney BC, usually on C&C 34 and C&C 35 sailboats. Coming back to my C26 was always an adjustment...just due to the lack of headroom in the cabin. That being said, the C26 was built in the early years of production fiberglass boat manufacturing...when builders thought the fiberglass hull had to be as thick as a wood plank! 😊 The C26 could easily accommodate 2 couples on a weekend trip...and I don't know how many times I was caught on the wrong side of Georgia Strait during "poorer" weather conditions...never had an issue crossing with 25-30 kts of wind and 6 foot waves, and with the high freeboard, the cockpit would also stay dry. Of course, in that weather, I was usually the only (dumb enough) person to be out in Georgia Strait in a recreational boat...almost always, the Harbour Air Beaver Seaplanes flying between YVR's seaplane base and Victoria Harbour would come "buzz" over me in Georgia Strait just to be sure I wasn't in distress! Had that boat for over 15 years...and now a life time of memories!
  10. LOL...thanks for the google search...yup, the other one on my mind when I wrote this post was "Fools Rush In" with the late Matthew Perry and the oh so beautiful Salma Hayek! 😊
  11. Thanks for the feedback...if you're interested to learn how to re-paint liveries...hope this helps! BTW...in your reply you didn't give me a movie that features the Manhatten Heliport! 😊😁
  12. Nice set of photos, P_7878! I have to admit, I'm used to seeing "fair weather" photos from you that always capture terrific scenery from different parts of the world...nice (for me!) to see that you've added a perfect balance of photos in this series...and especially to enhance the "thrill" of low visibility airport departure/landings! Well done!
  13. Today's post is a little different... A few days ago, I created a Blender 3D model of the Guimbal G2 to paint a livery and do some sightseeing in French Polynesia. As I was creating my livery for that adventure, I thought to myself..."this would make a great tutorial for anyone interested in learning to paint a simple aircraft in MSFS". So away I went this week on a mission...create an introductory, step-by-step video (and all the paint kit materials) for a paint tutorial. In the tutorial (if you're interested!), you're going learn to paint a fictional "NYC Air Taxi" based on the Cabri G2 Helo in MSFS. The paint kit (on Flightsim.to) includes a Blender 3D model as well as a simple GIMP 2D paint kit, with complete image stencils and included instructions to make the aircraft you see here. OK...and for those who don't really care about repainting...let's make this an interactive post anyway... The first photo today is of the Downtown Manhatten Heliport (KJRB)...who can name a Hollywood Movie featuring this location? (I'll start...the 1999 remake of "The Thomas Crown Affair"...I actually have both versions including the 1968 Steve McQueen original). Post your answer in the comments!!! Attached is a link to a Youtube Tutorial Video to paint this livery: Introduction to Livery RePainting in MSFS2020 (youtube.com) And the MSFS Paint Kit(s): Guimbal Cabri G2 Blender 3D and GIMP 2D Paint Kit and Tutorial for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS
  14. Your livery choice is a great contrast to the excellent mid-west scenery!
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