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  1. Rick, Have you downloaded/installed the P3D SDK from Lockheed Martin? Rob
  2. Yes, there are many very talented members of this community that purchase/fly the Carenados...and I have a deep respect for the work that they do to improve these visually appealing (but seriously lacking) aircraft. Out of the box, Carenado does not meet my expectations.
  3. And that is the issue...(in fact, it was the same for FSX). Quality developers (FSW, XP, A2A, etc) will continue to develop their products as the technology of the Flight Sim platform improves. For myself, after 3 decades of simming, my tastes/expectations have also evolved...customers are expecting more! If you've ever looked at the XML code of Carenado, you'll see how much they recycle their code. Carenado make very visually appealing aircraft that are definitely suitable for entry level simmers (the folks who don't need/want documentation) and those who like to make short/quick hops. However, their "puppy mill approach" to aircraft development doesn't necessarily appeal to those of us who have developed (been conditioned to) a taste for higher systems depth/flight dynamics. My $0.02
  4. Kyle Rodgers (PMDG) wrote a summary list of the main differences between the 400 and the 8...sorry I can't easily find it. If you haven't already done so, have you reviewed the PMDG 747 forum? https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/pmdg-747-queen-of-the-skies-ii-forum I jumped on the-8 bandwagon when it was initially released...at first, I didn't see enough of a difference to warrant the cost of the upgrade (and truthfully, I was a little disappointed with the initial release issues - since resolved). It took me a long time to learn the different systems and warm up to this add-on. That being said, I would estimate that I now probably spend 80% of my sim time on three aircraft: PMDG 747-8F, FSLabs 319/321 and the Majestic Dash 8 Q400. I'd recommend that you review their (PMDG) 747 forum...no need to register to view, but, assuming you already have the 747 base, registering should not be an issue. Rob
  5. Aaron, The FSL A321 Paint Kit has not yet been released. A select few painters have received an advanced copy of the kit...the reason you are seeing a few repaints becoming available. Patience my friend. Rob
  6. Thanks for the review Ryan! It does look nice! Unfortunately, I have a hangar full of Carenado aircraft that I no longer fly. If I recall, you also have the S550 (with GTN)...how would you compare the two? This one looks too much like the CJ2...likely identical systems...doesn't seem worth the "investment". Rob
  7. Hello Bryin, I'll admit, it has been years since I've flown the NGX (been on P3D for many years now). I don't recall having the issues you describe. I'm going to assume you're not seeing this issue with any other aircraft at the same airports you're seeing the issue with the PMDG aircraft. My first thought, are you using/loading a saved panel state/previous flight with the PMDG aircraft? Did this problem suddenly appear or has it always been an issue with your NGX? Are you using another third party program (ie Chaseplane)? Issues I've had in the past with "shaking" is usually related (at least for me) to center of gravity issues (why I was asking about using/loading a previous saved flight). Just a few thoughts. Good luck, Rob Just realized there's a second thread about this in this forum.
  8. I understand you're focused on FSDT and GSX software...I'm wondering if what you're seeing may be a SODE issue? (Whenever I hear no jetways, I think of SODE.) Does this same phenomenon happen at all airports? (Test preferably with an unaltered, non-SODE airport.) My $0.02. Good luck and I hope you quickly find a solution. Rob
  9. I purchased the FSL A321 Add-on on day 1...no issues with my set up...all cabin doors, service doors and cargo doors are correctly aligned with GSX2. (Note. I've completed at least 10 flights with the CFM variant...haven't yet flown the IAE, but, can't imagine the gsx.cfg file would be different between the two airframes.) Rob
  10. I'm thinking this topic should've been locked down after the "aluminum hat" comment...
  11. If you're looking for longer range, then the FSW Falcon 50 is the best option. (With the GTN.) The FSW Lear and the XP Lear are very similar, and both very good...IMHO, the XP has possibly a better virtual cockpit than than the FSW. (Both with the GTN.) From Carenado: The S550 is a lot of fun (at a lower cost), but, should definitely be used with the GTN. The Phenom 300 is nice to fly, but, extremely "buggy"...with the expansion pack or SVS, you'll never know from one flight to the next if you'll be able to program a flight plan. The F1 Mustang is nice, hard on frame rates and a very slow jet aircraft! My $0.02 Rob
  12. Hope this helps! https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/71878-start-locks/ Rob
  13. Not defending CS, but, if you read the email they sent out (captioned in the OP's initial post), they never claimed a "Sale"...just all products $25. Rob
  14. Have you looked at Flightaware.com?
  15. Hello Rick, I have to admit, I never fly the PAX version of the aircraft, only the Cargo variant. I set up a test flight plan (EGLL to KBOS) through Simbrief. Using the CS757-200, the distance for this plan is further than the one you've planned (approx 3000 nm). EGLL/09L CPT4K CPT UL9 SLANY DCT GISTI DCT MALOT DCT 53N020W 53N030W 52N040W 50N050W DCT ELSIR N318A ALLEX DCT EURRO OOSHN5 KBOS/22L My Simbrief plan was FL300, CI10, ZFW 83.5 Kg (full PAX 16/162) with 4.9/7.2 fore/aft cargo and 30.1 Kg fuel. My input flightplan on the FMC indicated an arrival fuel quantity of 4.8 Kg (x 100). If you send me a PM (personal email), I can email a jpg of the FMC inputs as well as the Simbrief Flight Plan that I used for the test. Regards, Rob
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