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  1. Very nice photo set! I still haven't jumped on the MSFS bandwagon...the DC-6 and Twin Otter are making it very, very tempting! Thanks for sharing!
  2. http://majesticsoftware.com/forums/discussion/920/paintkit-for-the-majestic-dash8-q400
  3. Ray, Just curious, but, does your Phenom G1000 populate with the P3D flight plan as Bert Pieke indicated in a previous thread? I just reloaded up my Phenom into P3D v5.3 to test...without the Navigraph expansion, my flight plan does populate the G1000. With the prepopulated flight plan (as you indicated you were looking for prior to purchase), it shouldn't really matter with the (known) flaky issues of the Carenado G1000 flight plan inputs. Am I missing something? Rob
  4. Thanks gentlemen! Much appreciated!
  5. Nice phots...I really like the first shot! Every time I see a Metro, I can't help but think about an old airline that operated out of Boundary Bay Airport in Delta, BC (and the "colorful" owner of that company!). I knew a few of those pilots back in the mid-80's. Boy, they had some stories to tell! Sadly, one of their Metro's crashed at Terrace Airport in the late 80's. https://www.baaa-acro.com/crash/crash-swearingen-sa227ac-metro-iii-terrace-7-killed The Owner of Skylink, Rafael Zur was quite the character, eventually losing his own life in a crash off of Asheville Airport some time later. Thanks to ole Raf, Transport Canada implemented several new regs to clean up the likes of him. http://www.avcanada.ca/forums2/viewtopic.php?t=7019 Thanks for sharing the photos...and the memories!
  6. A few days ago, I came across a twitter post that showed a retro Air France B777 freighter. I hadn't seen this livery before and certainly wasn't aware that AF had a freighter in that scheme. A little internet sleuthing proved the tweet to be fictional (should've known!). Still, how cool would it be if Air France really had a retro B777 freighter? With the magic of Photoshop, why not find out?!?! This repaint is not really based on the twitter example I saw a few days earlier, but rather, loosely based on the 75th anniversary Air France A321 retro livery (F-GFKJ) with the older tail design. Personally, I think this paint scheme looks pretty good on the PMDG T7 (of course, I have an affinity for classic retro paints!). Still a WIP, thought I'd take it on a jaunt from LFPG to TLPL...maybe deliver some fine wine and cheese to the former colony? 🙂 Also wanted to test out LM's new P3D v5.3 HF2 with the new Active Sky Beta. This sim just keeps getting better and better! 😀
  7. Great video Rob! I couldn't help but notice the windsock (direction and estimated wind speed) as he was touching down...a definite tail wind approach! In the sim, St Barts is always a challenge for me (AS Twotter & Carenado PC-12)...actually do (consistently) much better at SABA with the Twin Otter!
  8. Beautiful scenery, beautiful aircraft and a beautiful repaint!!! Excellent shots!
  9. Thank you John! I agree...I've had a long admiration for the B767. I've been tempted to do a few British Airways repaints...so many great liveries over the years (unfortunately, they were all RR equipped). Reading further on the BA fleet, it appears that the entire BA B767 fleet was scrapped! Sad beyond words.
  10. I was going to verify this point...it's been a long time since I've flown this aircraft...unfortunately, it's no longer loaded on my system. I'm sorry I couldn't easily verify...I never (in the past) tried to load a flight plan into P3D to test the A/P function in the Phenom. Not mandatory...I used it to keep my Airac synced between Carenado and ProATC/X (yeah, I still use that old program...warts and all!). Don't get me wrong, Carenado fills a void and has some decent aircraft...the PC-12 (with the Bert mods) is a great little GA...the S550 is also a good aircraft. I also enjoy the PA-42 (heavily modified!). Most have bugs that have been worked out by the community (thanks to xml programming). I just don't consider the Phenom to be in the top shelf of Carenado products. For me, it's nice eye candy...the synthetic vision is a nice touch...it just has too many bugs and a flawed G1000 flight plan system to make it enjoyable. My experience.
  11. I see these effects (and they look fantastic!) and then chuckle to myself as I think back to when I entered this hobby when flying a few green/white/blue/black pixels on the screen was all the rage... We've come a long, long way in the last 30+ years! 🙂
  12. Multiplied by the sheer number of years (decades!) you've been doing this...I certainly admire your patience and dedication!!! 🙂 There's still a few I'd like to do...just not committing to anything new right now...
  13. This paint scheme was recently requested over at the CS forum. I had toyed with the idea of this one about 1-1/2 months ago after seeing it while searching "colourful paints" at Airliners.net. This livery has kind of grown on me...and yes, I did spend much more time on this paint than I had planned...happy with how she turned out. This was #14...may be putting my brush down for a while... Thanks for the feedback!
  14. The Carenado Phenom 300 (or 100) is not a fully functioning G1000. Flight plan entry is manual. As mentioned above, it would appear that the Navigraph expansion pack introduced a bug into the function of the "lite" G1000. (If you search, others have reported the same experience.) This aircraft, for me, is a Hangar Queen due to the frustration. Personal opinion. Again, in my opinion, you already have a great small jet with the Lear 25. If you're looking for longer range, the FSW Lear 35 is also a great plane. I would also recommend the F1 B200 with the G1000...it's a little dated, but, the G1000 works well, that turboprop GA plane has good range and can be flown to real world checklists (good immersion). My $0.02. Last note: the Phenom has the same issue as all Carenado GPS aircraft...no "Direct To" function.
  15. LTU-Sud (Lufttransport Süd) was a low cost subsidiary of LTU (originally started as LTS in 1983 with a small fleet of B757 aircraft). The airline was based out of Munich and operated independent of the parent company LTU (with lower cost flight crews and differentiated labour agreements). Following the new ETOPS-180 ruling, LTU-Sud was quick to adopt the B767 into their fleet. At their peak, LTU-Sud operated thirteen B757-200's and six B767-300ER's taking advantage of the cockpit commonality for their flight crews. This particular airframe (D-AMUP) joined the LTU-Sud fleet new from Boeing on March 30, 1992. She flew with LTU-Sud for the next 5 years until LTU-Sud was eventually absorbed into the parent company and then flew another 5 years under the LTU banner (and an alternate livery). In March 2002, the aircraft was then leased to Hawaiian Airlines (as N583HA). She was subsequently retired by Hawaiian in January 2018. Sadly, this airframe did not make a second (third???) life as a Freighter conversion...she was later scrapped following storage at Goodyear Airport in Arizona. Attached is a pictorial test flight of D-AMUP making a winter leisure trip from snowy Munich to the sunshine of Palma de Mallorca. Hope you enjoy the photos!
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