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  1. rmeier

    Alak Air

    Noel, I'm not familiar with that particular repaint...I'm wondering if you may be referring to Aklak Air? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aklak_Air http://aklakair.ca/ If not Aklak Air, have you tried a google search on the registration number? Rob
  2. Forgive me, but, with that weathering, the photo could be mistaken for a ferry flight out of the desert after 10+ years of storage! Nice shot capturing that repaint!
  3. I suspect installation/elevation issues will depend on other 3rd Party Add-ons...particularly Orbx. Glad to hear your installation went smoothly!
  4. Last summer, I posted a thread here on Avsim on how to get the T2G MMMX Scenery to work in P3D v5. I do not use the terrain files of the T2G scenery, although another member provided instructions on how to resolve those "black tile" issues.
  5. It may be helpful to add your geographical region preference and your flying preference (GA, Passenger, Cargo, etc)
  6. I switched from NavDataPro back to Navigraph. In Navigraph, the path for PMDG needs to be updated in the install program...otherwise the new AIRAC is installed in the wrong directory. Check your file folder: \Prepar3D v5\PMDG\NavData\Navdata The AIRAC is probably installed in the last/second NavData folder...just copy the files into the first/parent NavData folder. Hope this helps! Rob
  7. I remember the Air Canada flights between Toronto and Montreal were like a "milk run"...if I recall, they ran every other hour (typically the A320) and hourly during the peak flight periods (morning and after work). It was fairly common for equipment substitutions (the B767 and the A340) during the peak periods. I made several of those "morning out - evening return" flights back in those days! Thank you for the feedback!
  8. Brian...that is an awesome repaint...well done! Is it published? Happy New Year to you!
  9. Thank you for the feedback/comments! Phil...I personally think the team (???) at LDS just faded away. There was a promise of a B757 that never materialized. Unfortunately, that aircraft would require a total rebuild from scratch. The last time I flew that model (in 32 bit P3D) the cockpit was looking "tired" with a lack of 3D effects. There were also rumors that the late Eric Ernst had considerable regret (for his part in developing the PIC767/LDS767) following the tragic results of 9/11. Brian...yeah, I think I bought the CS767 for nostalgia...as mentioned...I really enjoyed that plane in real life for long haul (back when aircraft had actual leg room and full course meals were served with real cutlery!). I am enjoying the CS767II. Mark...thank you for the link on the B777 freighter conversion...I hadn't seen that one/wasn't aware that progress had been made on this conversion. In my personal opinion...I think the B777F makes a better (financially) option to the B747F, specifically range/payload. I suspect Boeing have been dragging their feet because they want to sell their new B777F's rather than convert older airframes. Between 2000 - 2003 I made many, many cross Atlantic flights on the B777 (both Delta and Air France). My fondest memory of that aircraft was deplaning in a rainy Gatwick. We were parked at a stand (not a gate). While walking down the stairs, I looked over to see the port engine...the sheer size of those jets that close up is an amazing sight...awesome! Regarding the CS757, I like the plane...but I won't say it's a "go-to". Even with the recent release (I think v1.7), it still has a few quirks. I only flew the real life B757 a few times on Delta. I remember that aircraft having a steep climb (of course that was a short flight from Atlanta to Dayton, and no doubt somewhat light) and a considerable nose down profile on decent...both captured in the CS757 model. As you mentioned, Pilots have described the RR equipped B757 as a hot rod. The flight dynamics between the two aircraft (CS757III and CS767II) are different.
  10. I’ve always had a preference for the B767 IRL. I probably made 30 trips in that model back in 1999/2000 on Air Canada between Vancouver/Toronto/Montreal (including a cockpit jump seat journey from CYYZ to CYVR due to a lucky circumstance of an over-booked flight…like that’s ever going to happen again!). Made an additional 20 trips between 2000/2003 on Delta Airlines between Atlanta/Cincinnati/and the UK. I think I was fascinated by the remarkable story of the Gimli Glider back in the early 1980’s…if I recall correctly, the first incident for the B767 series (with a positive outcome!). The PIC767 (and later Level-D 767) was my go-to aircraft in MSFS in the early/mid-2000’s. The LDS 767 was, truly, ahead of its time. I was initially reluctant to pick up the Captain Sim 767 last week during their “sale”, but, did succumb to that notorious “purchase now” button. I have to admit, I am pleasantly surprised by this model! Two years ago, I picked up the CS757 (Base + Freighter) for $50 during their Christmas sale. This latest model is an improvement over their 757, IMHO. The exterior modeling is excellent and the aircraft flies very well, both manually and on A/P. No issues/hunting following the magenta line with compressed time (4x) as well! I’ve found myself enjoying this model above the (7 year old) PMDG 777…hopefully that developer ups their game on the continually promised release for P3D v5. My two “wish-list” items for this model, at the moment; CS still have not simulated a winds aloft (import) feature for their FMC (unless you don’t mind old school manual input) and I do miss the cockpit “ground roll” effects others have implemented (not a big deal if you already have A2A's Accu-Feel).. The cockpit lighting is pretty good, IMO, better than the PMDG 747 (of course, nothing comes close to the lighting standard set by FSLabs). I also like the simplicity of the cabin lighting on this aircraft. I haven’t yet encountered any of the “quirks” of the CS757…namely unpredictable throttle issues. This is not the same plane! The flight dynamics seem to have much more of a lumbering grace than the “rocket ship” RR equipped ’57. From a repainter’s perspective, I also really like the approach CS has used on this model to “blank windows” for different livery options (unfortunately not required for this repaint). I thought I would put together a simple repaint of a now defunct airline (Zoom Airlines). This particular livery was in existence for only a short period…from January of 2006 through August of 2008. Unfortunately, Zoom Airlines primarily catered to the “holiday-maker” market…and their business model, relying on flyer’s disposable income, could not weather the financial crash late in that decade, going out of business in 2008. Although I never flew with this company, I really enjoy this livery…it is both simple and bold (and really stands out with PBR treatment of the new CS767 II). This particular airframe was purchased new by KLM in 1995 and operated by them for 10 years prior to coming into service for Zoom Airlines (as C-GZNC). Between 2009 and 2015, this airframe was flown by LOT Polish Airlines (SP-LPG), Caribbean Airlines (winter lease from LOT), Kharkiv Airlines (UR-CLT) and Caspiy (seasonal lease from Kharkiv) before being retired from commercial passenger service. In 2015, the aircraft completed a Bedek freighter (767-300 BDSF) conversion and since that time has returned to Canada flying under the Cargojet banner (as C-GCIJ). When the CS 767 freighter variant is released, I’ll probably do a Cargojet repaint to “complete the circle” on this particular airframe. Sadly, more airlines every year are retiring their B767 passenger fleets in favor of more fuel efficient B787’s and A350’s. The Canadian carriers (Westjet, Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge) have all retired their B767 passenger aircraft this past year due to demand. (Although Air Canada has recently announced entry into the “cargo only” market next year with converted B767’s.) Fortunately, the B767 series still has a long life ahead in the freighter market…and at this time, Boeing still has not created a cargo conversion for the B777 variant which is also reaching “end of life” for those passenger models, cementing the viability for used B767’s into the future. Hope you enjoy the photos and the brief history of this particular B763!
  11. Repaint added to the Avsim Library for those interested.
  12. A few days ago, I loaded the latest version of Manfred Jahn's excellent freeware C-47 package into P3D v5.1. It's been a while since I've flown this aircraft...forgotten what a sheer joy it is to hand fly (like there's an option!!!). This particular repaint is a work in progress (not yet posted to the library). Sadly, this particular airframe was lost to a crash and post accident fire on August 19, 1995. http://www.explorenorth.com/library/aviation/cgzof-dc3-crash_report-1995.html I still recall the day the accident occurred...I grew up less than a mile from the accident site. In my opinion, the pilots managed the situation very well...the outcome could have been much worse given the population in the vicinity of the airport. In memory of this aircraft and the flight crew, hopefully I'll get this repaint published in the next day or two.
  13. Christopher, I don't have that particular scenery. If I were to make an assumption, I would assume an elevation issue with the AFCAD file. Does this happen at all the airport parking locations or is it isolated to one or a few parking spots? I know GSX2 can "fix" this issue if you create a new parking spot (it has an elevation feature). Which brings me to my next question...did you have any type of custom AFCAD file installed before you installed your new third party scenery? (It may be helpful to disable any other third party AFCAD files.) Just a few thoughts... Rob
  14. @P_7878, @bernd1151, Thank you for the feedback! I was actually do a test flight after installing the SOD Hong Kong Scenery...from VHHH to VHHX. With the SID and STAR (Yes the "infamous" IGS 13 approach to Kai Tak!) wound up being a near 250 nm loop. I snapped that photo after seeing how good it looked with Hong Kong/VHHX in the background! I bought that (SOD) scenery a long, long time ago...never used it due to the performance hit. No issues in the latest sim. Sorry I didn't get any photos/video of the checkerboard approach...funny thing is, with the QOS, this approach, for me, always seems to work out well. (Many go-arounds, and/or long landings with other aircraft.) I recently got my AIG AI Traffic working with the FT Kai Tak Scenery (without sacrificing VHHH)...maybe a video in the future. Thanks again for the feedback!
  15. Thank you!!! Also a noticeable performance improvement over v4.5 as well!
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