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  1. Have you looked at PacSim? Their P3D4 products work in V5 as well.
  2. Great set of photos...that third one could easily be mistaken for real life!
  3. In this anaology, is the Customer of PMDG Michael, or Tessio?
  4. I was late to the party with the B200 (V2). At $45, I think it is a great aircraft...even in P3D v5. (Especially when compared to the typically incomplete models released by Carenado.) I like how the B200 simulates most actual (real world) run-up/pre-flight procedures. The G1000 avionics is well represented. I had the Mustang back in the FSX/early P3D days. It was decent. The displays were good, but, computor memory intensive in 32 bit. (The plane flew a little too slow for me to be of long term interest.) I would recommend the B200 though.
  5. I have to admit...I'm not surprised... I'll also expect the 777 rainmaker and DC-6 to P3D v5 update/installer to vaporize as well.
  6. I am a fan of the Q400 as well...another +1. I noticed that no one has (yet) suggested the new iFly 737 for P3D v5. https://www.flight1.com/products.asp?vid=flt1sf&pid=ifly37adv
  7. Ray, Back in the day, I was using Pro-ATC/X. There was an error in the default FT AFCAD for CYUL while lining up on the runway...it would not trigger the departure clearance due to compass being set-up in the default AFCAD to "tru" rather than "magnetic". I'm wondering if you are encountering the same issue with RC. Many years ago, I picked up a "corrected" AFCAD for FT CYUL that corrected the magnetic variation and no further issues. I don't recall whether I picked up the AFCAD on the P-ATC/X or FT forum...I suspect it was the latter. Rob
  8. Have you filed a support ticket with Simshack? https://www.simshack.net/contact
  9. Always love painting vintage liveries...and you can never go wrong painting such an excellent freeware aircraft...love flying this one...low and slow by radio navigation and no autopilot... Thanks for the feedback! Added to the Avsim Library tonight.
  10. Great post! I think I shared these thoughts once before...many years ago I flew on the B777 from Cincinnati to Gatwick. In Gatwick, we parked at a stand and had to disembark at the stand into waiting busses. Exiting the plane from the L2 exit down the stairs, each of the passengers on that flight got an up close view of those massive engines. You can't even imagine how large they are until you see them up close like that! Incredible engineering! Awesome power! Thanks for your post.
  11. Thanks for the feedback gentlemen! I actually like Mikey McBryan's videos. I knew he purchased an actual D-Day survivor aircraft...just hadn't seen the Plane Savers episodes. Too bad they weren't able to make the trans-Atlantic crossing in 2019. At least they got her back in the air on June 6th! Thanks again!
  12. For the last 3-4 days, I've been "binge-watching" everything DC-3. I came across a Youtube video on Mikey McBryan's restoration of C-FDTD on Plane Savers...it was cool to watch the restoration and initial flight (after a long sleep!) in such a relatively short time period. I then reviewed the trans-Atlantic crossing of Tabitha May for the 2019 anniversary of D-Day (Matt Guthmiller did a series of videos for each leg of the journey). Of course, I had to take my trusty Manfred Jahn C-47 for a few flights! I came across an article that I had read once a long time ago...seems to have dropped off my memory since I read this. In Whitehorse, there is a "Wind Vane" made from a DC-3...I thought it would be cool to paint that livery. (This is still a work in progress.) https://www.explorenorth.com/library/aviation/cf-cpy.html
  13. As always...looks great Steve!
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