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  1. Hello. really loving this product, but i'm having problems with PM turning off engine 2. Of seven flights i have only managed it once, and can't figure out what the problem is. After landing i exit the runway and stop the plane, follow the after landing flow and make the after landing checklist. However when i say "shutdown engine 2" nothing happens, even when i can read in the green text that the message has been understood. Only once managed to get the PM to obey the command (and he turned the electric pump afterwards). I use the chrono to ensure the 3 minute cooldown period, any help appreciated with this. What does the program check for this procedure?
  2. Don't forget FS2Crew , 90% finished according to Bryan York.
  3. Do you integrate the latest changes in ATSU functionality?
  4. Fantastic, eagerly awaiting further developments 👍
  5. Patch is out, anything to share?😋
  6. My brother's been testing and looks like EZCA is the culprit. He started a flight and during climb ATC was nagging him to reduce speed to 250...when he was climbing at 180/200 knots. he used the global disabled option to quit EZCA and then ATC went silent and the flight went smooth. Looks like there's a conflict between these two products and it messes with the airspeed (looks like true airspeed is much higher than indicated airspeed). That would also explain why FS2Crew goes silent at takeoff...if true speed is indeed higher than indicated then the 80 knot mark may already be surpassed as soon as the plane starts rolling for takeoff...even V1. And it would also explain my overstress crash. I'll report this in the EZCA forums.
  7. Hello I want to check if other people has encountered the following problem. I have started suffering it since last week after many months without issue. I have my suspicions on two programs wich are the only thing i have installed lately: EZDOK3 and the last Activesky Prepar3d patch. The problem is this: i get overspeed warnings even when my flight speed is way below the red tape. The first time i suffered it when descending at 240 knots at FL100, and it was the end of my flight (stress damage). I have disabled stress damage but overspeed messages keep appearing. I have tried disabling EZCA effects to no avail (but i could be doing something wrong, i'm not used to this new version yet). Sadly the Majestic forums are down (an annoyingly usual recurrence lately) and i can't check if there's any topic on it. Anyone has experienced this with the DASH? My brother has started flying it in his rig and he also gets the overspeed messages (he uses EZCA3 and Activesky too). FS2Crew voice edition is acting strangely too, after i start the takeoff and say "check power" the FO responds and then goes silent, not acknowledging the 80 knot mark, positive rate or anything afterwards. This must be related to the above problem, both started simultaneously. Any help appreciated.
  8. I have received an email from them and i'm currently downloading it
  9. Oh yeah, there's Carenado, wich i won't touch with a 100 foot barge pole...and that's it.
  10. I really wish Flight1 would upgrade their Citation Mustang. After they released the King Air i expected it would follow soon after but alas nothing...Prepar3d is sorely missing a modern bizjet (and by modern i mean 1980s forward).
  11. Great photos! Wich scenery are you using for Fez?
  12. Looks like they really need a bathroom not to soil their pants, but this is amazing indeed.
  13. I'll add my vote in, i love flying cargo.
  14. Perfect definition of every Airbus ever in Flight Simulator&P3D
  15. Who would buy a plane that doesn´t accept throttle quadrants? The expensive professional version is for cockpit builders if i´m not mistaken. The plane accepts throttle quadrants, tillers and similar hardware (there´s a thread in their forums where they discuss different throttle-joystick combinations, and personally i have used a Logitech wheel as tiller), and the VRi insight MCP works flawlessly (i have the MCP combo panel and i can swear by it, look here: Sure, maybe you can´t assign the more esoteric stuff like MCDU buttons, overhead switched et al, but apart from that this plane works like any other non-SDK including plane for the most usual stuff.
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