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  1. Not very good ground weather on a Portland KPDX to Salt Lake City KSLC: Salt Lake Terminal Area: Ultra Weather XP in live mode..
  2. But none of the will ever be a patch to, Ziva David of NCIS.....
  3. I have spent thousands on FSX over the years and have loved it. So I was a bit apprehensive to purchase X-Plane. I was not willing to go down the P3D4 route as that was still FSX on steroids. I have a lot invested in FSX so that stays on a separate HDD. But I have been blown away with X-Plane. Yes addons make a sim and I have been a avid REX supporter. But take a look at these X-Plane shots. They knocks spots off FSX, so I am hooked on X-Plane. But will always have a love for FSX.
  4. Been playing with the weather settings in xEnviro and Ultra Weather XP, with some good results: Gathering thunderstorm over Albuquerque: Sunset and shadows: It's the Addons that make X-Plane a better enjoyment. UltraWeatherXP allows for the draw distance of the horizon to be extended, thus allowing for a clearer less hazy distance that is typical of a not so far off storm.
  5. Glad I am not the only crazy one here...
  6. FSX

    Great set of shots. No error for landing on that strip then?
  7. On final into San Diego KSAN:
  8. A Global Cargo 738F out of Toronto passing over my garden on it's flightpath.
  9. Yes and works with the Zibo mod. I only paint the default aircraft in X-Plane at the moment.
  10. At the Cargo terminals in Albuquerque KABQ. Airlogix in Southwest colours: X-Plane 11 only Download link: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/41206-737-800f-southwest-cargo-n4870s/
  11. FSX

    FSX can still produce the magic, great set...
  12. X-Plane

    Aircraft skin available: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/40833-boeing-737-800f-cargo-plane-for-xp-11/
  13. A Global Cargo 737-800F captured on the decent into Las Vegas Nevada KLAS with X-Plane: Sunset over the Grand Canyon: The magic of the light: The lights of our destination: Final checks: Final: Short final: Landing: Touchdown: For the cargo terminals: Shutdown:
  14. FSX