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  1. The originator to the topic is correct to state how he feels and many more members feel the same way. 2020 was over hyped by Microsoft, yes it will become a good flight simulator, but so will X-Plane and DCS. The problem with 2020 it was released far to quickly and is so full of bugs, that it drives people mad. If you are not suffering the faults others are, then consider yourself lucky, no need to decry someone who is pis*ed off with 2020. I found the original release buggy but use-able, the first update just about destroyed the use ability to enjoy the sim, so yes I am off back to X-Plane for awhile with pop overs back to 2020 after each update to see what they have improved or cocked up. That seems to be the way to treat 2020 at the moment as it is not a flight simulator yet, but just a buggy game. I know some of you will hate the truth of it being called a game, but I use many flight sims and this is the worst so far, But I am hoping a year or two from now, we will see the fixes that will bring the leavers back and become a great flight sim. I am now placing a hard hat on ready for the stones..
  2. Does not AP button have to be pressed also, so that the FD is reading the selection? Otherwise the FD will not follow the selection as it cannot read the heading course?
  3. In the games industry there are two types of games. Fast games and slow games. Flight simulators are slow games. So FPS locked at 30fps is the best average to allow the cpu to concentrate on other things. Mind it is dangerous to mention lower fps is ok in these forums as there are the pure at heart ready to pounce.
  4. If the A320NEO gets the treatment like the Zibo 737 in X-Plane and gets taken up as far as study level. Then PMDG will be forced to reduce their extortionate prices, so that could be beneficial to all. Ole'Randazo could not enter X-Plane he would have been laughed at. I know we all would like to see the 737 in 2020 me included, I am a cargo version fan; but I hope there will be a price drop due to the larger market share provided by 2020
  5. Sorry everyone seems to be a navigraph problem..
  6. Have reported the runway at KSAN misalignment to the zendesk in case others follow.
  7. OK I was one of the grisly-bears who downplayed this product. But I had to put my money where my mouth is and bought it after the update. I have been pleasantly surprised as to how good it now is. The external eyecandy is excellent [as per Carenado] the internal is excellent also. It handles very well in my first test flight out of Tucson Arizona. So I will no longer be knocking it, as Carenado has obviously been following the criticism and made a swift update. Latest update log: Fixed Flood Light effects. Fixed stby altimetter baro setting. Fixed Horometer Fixed autopilot NAV mode Fixed autopilot activation logic Improved stall characteristics Implemented tablet over pilot's yoke to set desired airplane flight condition Implemented static elements Improved stall alarm sound Improved textures Improved sounds
  8. Have you registered on the forum? Also have you a paid up Navigraph on your computer?
  9. Excellent tutorials, all explained in plain understandable english with no gobbledygook. A good teacher who is easy to follow. His Navigraph tutorials are a must for anyone, as we all keep learning.
  10. The spinner is about to drop off in that first video. Is this developer just out of playschool?
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