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  1. lennie

    Good sim day....

    Very cool. That worked for me years ago on PanAm to Frankfurt.
  2. lennie

    Pauses Finally Cured?

    I have a pause problem occasionally, but a different kind. Running v4.2 still. In mid-flight the sim pauses, and i have to hit the "p" key to get it going again. What could cause this? Anyone ever experience this? I have lots of Orbx stuff running.
  3. lennie

    C310 Redux lights

    Thanks Stew!! Will do!
  4. lennie

    C310 Redux lights

    Yes, I have rotated all clockwise, only the radio lights work. I have them fully right. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, I have flown this plane only a few times. Weather bad here today 300-500 overcast, and i want to get panel lights and instrument lights on. The only one that seems to work is the radio light switch. Have read the book, and looked here at some light questions and answers. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get the other rotary light switches to work? A second question: If anyone was programmed the Brunner yoke to the 310R i would greatly like to see the programmed features uploaded to Brunner cloud. Thanks!
  6. Haha! Thanks guys. The policy was spread over 3 monitors and i missed the tiny "agree" at the bottom. Guess they have just revised it. Didn't bother to read the small text. My poor eyes can't handle it!!
  7. I've had ASN for more than a year, never saw this before?? I'll check to see if there is a place to "agree", thanks!
  8. Hi All, When I try to start AS all I get is the privacy policy. Can someone help??
  9. lennie

    Unstable ZOOM

    Sorry to take so long to get back on this. The keyboard was not dirty, i did use some compressed air. Then I assumed that perhaps some keys were not working correctly. I bought a new keyboard today and tried the first flight. Same problem: after a couple minutes the zoom changed itself. Added to that problem I have F1 GTN750. When i pop it out to enter a flight plan, i hardly get a plan in when it decides to disappear. Maybe the two are somehow connected, and there is something else causing it. Have to say that I have not added any new stuff. Nor made any changes within P3D. I did have chaseplane but removed all that i could find several months ago. Doesnt seem logical that this problem would have just appeared that chaseplane remnants could have caused it. Hoping for some ideas from the great computer guys here! Thanks!
  10. lennie

    Unreallistic Oceans - no white foam

    Yeah, I remember!!! What a laugh now!!
  11. lennie

    Unstable ZOOM

    Thanks folks! Let me try your suggestions tonight and report back. I did install chaseplane several months ago, but had problems and tried to uninstall. it would only let me assign views on one aircraft, and not any others?? also a strange problem!
  12. lennie

    Unstable ZOOM

    Not sure if anyone understood my question. Since having P3D for several years setting the zoom in P3D stayed where i wanted it. No longer. In a minute or two, it zooms way out until it looks like a fisheye, automatically without me doing anything. I am hoping for a solution as i cannot fly like this.
  13. lennie

    Unstable ZOOM

    Hi Folks Zoom problem started yesterday. I have tried 3 different aircraft and this happens with each of them: I set the eye point and zoom level with the plus and minus keys to where I want it. In 2 minutes or less, the zoom changes by itself. I correct it with the + key, and less than 2 minutes later it changes out [minus direction]. I am running AS for weather and using P3Dv4.2, 3 monitor setup. Have never experienced this before. Any suggestions on what to do? Specs below. Thanks!
  14. lennie

    Exciting approaches

    Yes for sure! I especially like SFO 28R! Nice to do in a slow GA plane.