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  1. lennie

    Best traffic addon Performance wise

    Guys I have not tried any of the others, so I can't make a comparison. I have downloaded several versions of TG, as they email me when a new version is ready. I am hoping that in the near future some GA aircraft will be included as that is what if fly mostly. It is certainly easy to use, and for me as a computer nerd that is what i need!
  2. lennie

    Best traffic addon Performance wise

    I like TrafficGlobal from Just Flight. No problems with performance. Its still being improved!
  3. lennie

    C 310 Redux

    Agree with that! A great flying machine! Have not tried the rain effect yet, but on the list for later this week.
  4. Keep it on your wish list, Erich! As the sim is my only real hobby i have stuck a lot of money and time into it. I did not go for the Brunner rudders as i bought the MFG last year, and they work just fine. Have a current problem with KTUL. On another post it was recommended to run the Orbx vector tool which i did, both add and remove; and the jet ways are still on the roof of the terminal. Maybe its GSX2 so i need to get in touch with someone there. cheers,
  5. lennie

    Airport upside down

    Yes I have Orbx vector, and also GSX2. Just downloaded that recently. So I will run the elevation tool first and see what that does. Thanks Bill!
  6. lennie

    Airport upside down

    Hi everyone, I flew the F-27 with the new Brummer yoke today into KTUL. A really great flight and i love the new yoke. all went well until i took the taxiway to the terminal. Delta and Southwest were there [TrafficGlobal] but the jetways were on top of the buildings. I don't have any freeware or payware for Tulsa, and never flown there before. Any ideas how I can fix this? Ruined a perfectly good flight. Thanks
  7. Hi Erich, I went for the E and just about broke the bank. However, its probably the best addon in a long time! Brunner has some aircraft profiles for a few planes on the CLS2Sim software, but not nearly enough, and i am not a computer person, and probably can't create any. So I contacted Brunner and Stephan Brunner replied and uploaded a few planes that I asked for: Saab 340, F-27 and a couple others which he did. EXCELLENT SERVICE! I flew the F-27 today into KTUL, hand flying the TO and approach, what a great response from the yoke! I love it!!!!
  8. Looks good to me, Ryan!!! I assume this is the new A2A?
  9. Some really great shots! Thanks for sharing!
  10. lennie

    GSX Level 2 hmmmm......

    Hi everyone I did an FSDT update today, and it stopped and asked to download the GSX full installer which i did, then it ran and updated all, and did not request a payment. Did I get the new version for free, and only have to pay if i wanted to use it at non-FSDT airports? Wasn't that clear to this old guy.
  11. Not sure what your problem might be. I have not experienced this problem. Just got mine working a day or two ago, so maybe not time for that problem to come up. I have logged into the Brunner forum so that might be a good idea for you to do. Today after rotating with the Baron, the yoke turned hard right, then hard left, for a minute or two and i had a hard time trying to take control. Not sure what caused that. And when i disconnected the AP at KRIC for landing, the same thing happened. Planning to get on the forum tomorrow and try to find out why that happened. Other than that, i like the response from the yoke. Let us know what you find out. And BTW, my PPL cost a lot more than $4K!!! Just sayin'
  12. Hey David, Yes, I love it. Works great! The price was a hard one, therefore no more goodies for a long time. Brunner makes a huge difference in how a plane reacts. Take care!
  13. "Bit the bullet" for the Brunner yoke. What a difference from my old worn out yoke. Gotta learn how to fly all over again!! No more goodies for a long time now.
  14. Same here. I have had to uninstall as I was able to only assign views to one aircraft, and would not let me assign an others.