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  1. Hi, Does anyone know if either of the companies that made the Garmin GTN750 are working on a version for MSFS2020? I really miss the 750!
  2. Hi Folks, Wondering why i have to request a new password every time i try to login? What is causing this? Not happening on any other sites i use. Ideas? Thanks!
  3. I had hoped someone would comment on this. If the Thrustmaster with pins will not separate voice from background I have to return it and get one with a UBS connection. Advice please!
  4. Hi Folks, If this is the wrong forum someone please move it. My old headset with a USB connection bit the dust, and I bought a new one from Thrustmaster couple days ago. It has 2 pins that plug into the front of the computer. When plugged it triggers the ASUS mobo thing called "SupremeFX". I am not sure what to do with it. I want all sounds other than voice to come through the speakers, and voice only [ATIS] through the headset. I can't figure out how to do this. Opening sound in P3D doesn't give an option for the headset, and neither do i see it in Win10 sound adjustment. Can anyone suggest a solution? If it won't split sound unless its USB I will have to return it. Thanks much!
  5. Looks like only for X-Plane? is there a P3Dv4 one out there?
  6. Fully agree with Bill. Used the 750 for years now with no problems whatsoever. I have the 650 too but rarely ever have use for it.
  7. Hi Noel, I started a reply a few minutes ago, got pulled off to an email, and i suppose it disappeared. I didn't realize there were so many of us 80+ around on AVSIM. I recall hand propping a silver Luscombe and flying off our hay fields as a teen. And I still have my E6B and a stack of sectionals and terminal area charts. Happy New Year! Lennie
  8. I'll check on drivers, but i thought that SPAD.next was supplying the drivers? Maybe i am wrong. It has not been 7 days as I fly about every day. The FIP's, radio panels, switch panel work; its the multi-panel with the AP that doesn't fire up with the Win update. I'll do some more searching, perhaps there is a way to fix that. Appreciate the help guys!
  9. Hi Guys, So Win slipped another update on me while I wasn't looking. I think its at 1809 now. Some of my Saitek instruments don't work with this update. And following the directions to go back to 1803, it says "you can't go back". Any ideas? If I reinstall windows it will have the latest update? And that won't work for me. 1803 works for me. How can I do this??
  10. Thanks Bill!! Is this something that will fix my jetway signs from going crazy? If so, how do i do that?
  11. Aha, I do have FSDT and other airports, sorry for that. And I have PTA could that be the cause? I really don't know what SODE is, not computer literate.
  12. Hi Folks Wondering if anyone else has a problem with flickering jetway signs. For example Southwest, or United, or other carrier sign on the jetway. Makes for a not too pleasant arrival, being unrealistic. Running P3Dv4.5 - is there an adjustment that will fix this? Thanks for any suggestions!
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