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  1. Thanks Frank! Looks like i have a lot of work to do. Lennie
  2. Hello Last week after the windows update, one of my Saitek radio stacks does not power up; and the AP on my multipanel lights the switches but not the panel above where you set ALT. I sent a ticket to Ulrich at SPAD and he thought maybe a power source problem, and to switch USB ports. But that did not help. If anyone has the same problem, or a suggestion on what to do, i greatly appreciate it! Does windows have a way to check power to usbs? Pardon if I have posted to the wrong forum.
  3. Hi All, I am running 3 monitors connected to 2 video cards with HDMI cables. After the update finished only 2 monitors were alive. Somehow the update doesn't like 3 HDMI cables, so now i have to connect one monitor with DVI. Does anyone know why this would happen? Or how to fix it?
  4. lennie

    Switching from 4.1 to 4.2

    Martin So I only had it in FSX; and not available to me at all now? Lennie
  5. lennie

    Switching from 4.1 to 4.2

    Buffy Pardon me for butting in. I see you have the RealAir Duke. I thought it was not available for P3D4. I had it in FSX and would really like to get it back!!! How do I do that? Lennie
  6. lennie

    Airport Not Recognized As Airport

    I don't have P2A, but glad to see some folks other than me like flying around NC. I fly out of KTDF often, and to/from RDU! I will have to try NC14 soon.
  7. Sounds like good advice, ZMAK. At 82 years now, no medical, sold Warrior, little computer inside experience, i may have to lean on my son to do some fixing. Thanks much!
  8. Thanks w6kd! i will check that. In the meantime i took the other advice to get Driver Booster. It found some outdated drivers. On reboot SPAD would not start, Active Sky has regained the sound [good] but P3D will not start now. i get a message: Living World, whatever that is, is causing a problem. its asks to remove/delete LWcfg.xml from a hidden directory. I don't know enough about computers to do that. So now basically out of business until someone can tell me how to repair this.
  9. No i dont have that. Does it automatically update all drivers?
  10. Hi Everyone Just recently in the last few weeks I have lost sounds: No seatbelt sound in Carenado Caravan; no start up sound in Active Sky, no thunder; no TAWS sound in GTN750; no seat belt sound in Phenom 300. I do have aircraft sounds like engines, etc; I have ATC sound in the headset. I am stumped. Can anyone suggest a setting change or something? Not sure this is the proper forum either?
  11. Ok Many thanks! Will give it a try!
  12. Hi Alex! i was wondering if it needed a tablet because i don't have one!! So I guess i would be ok using to plan and load to the sim. Thanks!
  13. Hi folks, I am not aware of this product, first time i have heard of it. Does it have to run on a tablet? I am running 3 monitors, spreading the flight image over all of them. I have always used Skyvector for flight planning. So is this Map better for planning? Any advice appreciated!
  14. lennie

    Guys who fly the Heavies

    Some interesting websites: http://brandedskies.com/ See the Wings section, i guess some folks collect them! http://www.gcmap.com/
  15. lennie

    RTW flight plan help

    Great! Thanks Paul!