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  1. Yes it is, and I using that driver with 4.5HF2 with no issues.
  2. Try resetting your NCP profile back to default by clicking the Restore button and see if that fixes the problem.
  3. Have you made any changes or new addons recently? Also you can try to delete your prepar3d.cfg file and let the sim build a new one.
  4. Yes I do not believe it does calculate them for you. I only ever use step climbs if they are included in my flight plan. You can input them the same way on the LEGS page as you do with PMDG.
  5. It pretty much works the same. Just make sure that the option for Auto Step Climbs is selected on the Config page of the FMC.
  6. Do you use a weather add-on like Active Sky or Rex? If so, trying not running it and select fair weather in the P3D menu and see if it does it.
  7. The update seemed to have done the trick, and it is now working. Thanks for the help.
  8. I only installed the RXP GTN, and the Saab is the only plane I have tried to use it with. I did select as the replacement for both in the menu.
  9. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I have the Carenado Saab 340 for P3D and when I try to install the GTN750, it shows the panel but it doesn't power on. I ran the installer for the panel in the Sim Objects folder as admin I ran the Reality XP GTN addon menu in the sim, setup aircraft, then selected "replace gauges with reality XP GTN (auto-detect), clicked continue to update both Window08 and VCockpit06 The panel shows but will not power on. What I am missing?
  10. Is the color black? If so, if you are using FTX Vector, uncheck frozen streams and rivers ( I am not sure if that is what the option is called as I no longer have Vector installed, but it will say something similar).
  11. Just for giggles, I tried going to orbxdirect.com/ftxcentral, and it redirects you to download ORBX Central, so be careful.
  12. Try right clicking on your Prepar3d icon, then select Properties. Click on the Compatibility tab, then check mark the box next to Disable Full Screen Optimizations and see if that fixes the problem.
  13. Are you using FTX Global or openLC? If so make sure your scenery library order is correct in FTX or ORBX Central. This will cause the issues you are experiencing if they are on the wrong sequence.
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