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  1. If you are using the frame rate limiter in Nvidia Inspector with drivers newer than 399.24 this error is known to pop up.
  2. exeodus

    Can my PC run P3Dv3

    Well, DX10 was incomplete, and runs in DX9 by default unless you turn the preview mode on.
  3. exeodus

    Can my PC run P3Dv3

    You would probably be better off trying FSX Steam Edition and see how it performs. It is DX9 based, so it shouldn't need much to get going. If it performs well, then P3D may be a possibility.
  4. Are you spanning P3D across all three screens or just on one?
  5. exeodus

    Black Default Airport Textures

    Are you running Orbx Vector?
  6. exeodus

    my new i7 9700k is worse!!?

    Before you go the full on reinstall everything method, start small and try to delete your shaders, and delete and rebuild your prepar3d.cfg file and see if that helps. I went from a 4790k to an 8700k without wiping the OS and I didn't have any major issues. You have been able to do the "dirty OS" upgrade successfully since Windows 7, you just need to make sure to remove all of the old drivers before you swap the hardware. Now XP and older was another story 🙂
  7. exeodus

    awful textures after upgrading to V4.4

    If you are running Orbx Global or LC, you have to open FTX Central so it activates anytime you update the P3D client. The screenshot looks like default scenery bleeding through. Granted this only applies if you are running Orbx.
  8. exeodus

    P3D crashes on Backgroundtaskhost.exe

    Which Samsung program updated?
  9. exeodus

    engine auto-start behavior?

    Which aircraft(s)? They all can operate a bit differently.
  10. exeodus

    City Scene Orlando (ORBX) Released !

    T2G KMCO works fine in V4, just most of the runway lights are really dim at night, but it was the same in V3. I just use it only during the day. Even the PR blends fine with OPLCNA.
  11. exeodus

    G-sync 4k monitor

    If you are going to use this monitor for other games besides flight sim, you may want to check out the GeForce forums before you purchase. A lot of long standing issues that haven't been fixed yet.
  12. exeodus

    Bad FPS FSLabs a320

    Have you checked the FSLabs forums? There are a few threads with user tips on improving performance.
  13. exeodus

    Black Taxiways and Ramp Areas

    Try opening up FTX Central, wait about a minute, then start up P3D and see if that fixes it. Sometimes ORBX scenery needs to reactivate itself, which it does each time you run FTX Central.
  14. exeodus

    Zspd imaginesim for P3d v4

    I have this scenery, as well as FTX Global and Vector, i do not recall any texture bleeding issues on my setup.
  15. exeodus

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Sorry, I was on the mobile site and it did not show your signature. It sounds like they are relying on the stock Turbo to dynamically clock your CPU to 5.0 under light or single-threaded workloads. The 8086k and 8700k both only run at 4.3 when 4 or more cores are heavily loaded. I could tell you how to OC all cores to 5.0 but you would have to be comfortable going into your motherboards BIOS and changing some settings.