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  1. Many thanks for that, do you have a link for the fixed gauge?
  2. Does anyone know how to integrate the GTN 750 (but ONLY the 750 without the 650) into the Milviz PC 6, because so far I only had failed attempts even messing up the plane so bad I had to reinstall ( I only blame myself here to be clear)
  3. In a video from "Captain Mac" I think I spotted it, a faorly large red handle but I can't seem to find it in my cockpit
  4. Now that Milviz gave a bunch of aircraft away for free I finally tried their KA350i, after a few frustrating hiccups (I found out I very unfortunately had to disable WXR to avoid the inevitable CTDs) I think I got it working now, but one thing that bothers me is the alternate gear extension placard, which is quite prominently visiable in the VC standard view, is this actually modeled, I read that it was but cannot seem to click anything
  5. It seems to work now. I just tried it again. But thanks for the help !
  6. Thanks for the tip, but the version still won`t update
  7. I used the GTN FltSim.exe, which atomatically recognized there's a new installer, the process went well it seemed, but apparently the update was not properly installed. I tried it three times.
  8. I just encountered a strange but decisive problem: I tried updating to Ver but looking in the log during flight (beacuase the AP was not working) it stated I still had Ver
  9. Here's the gau.log,it says AP not supported: 22/04/23 15:58:14.151 06044 - ] # rxpGTN.dll version 22/04/23 15:58:14.151 06044 INFO ] 22/04/23 15:58:17.010 06044 WARN ] Autopilot not supported on this platform (vers:
  10. I recently updated the sim to version 5.3. All of my A2A GA aircraft have the GTN 750 equipped, and it worked perfectly fine in 5.2. Today I decided to take out the A2A Bonanaza out for a quick cruise, for the first time in 5.3. But unfortunately I had to find out that the GTN did power up as it should and load the FPLN correctly, however the aircraft does not follow the fligthpath. The AP of the Bonanza seems to work in general, meaning it can be switched on and all other modes esxcept NAV are followed correctly by the aircraft.
  11. Yes I agree wholeheartedly, the 2D panels indeed look nice, but to clarify: your 3D overhead looks the same as in my picture, because then it has something to do with P3D v5, as I have, like I wrote in a previous post, seen a video where the plane was flown in P3D v4 and the textures were just so much better.
  12. https://imgur.com/a/r0w5jF9 This is how it looks like, at least I got the CB panel aligned correctly now.
  13. Hey I've got another question, the overhead textures in the DC 9 seem quite blurry, now that I've seen some videos where this is not the case I have to ask: Is there some kind of texture pack, does this have to do with P3D? Also, I have discovered that the 2D circuit breaker popup panels seem to be skewed
  14. One question about the interactive tutorial (I am going through it right now) , is there a way to turn off those 2D panels popping up? It was quite helpful for the before start items but now at takeoff it's not exactly pleasant. And also: How does the AT work?, because clicking the handle does nothing
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