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  1. The exterior dynamic lights do work in V5, but not very well. There are no interior dynamic lights, as the used Realight, which is not compatible with V5. They are just textures but do not look very good. I only fly it in daytime to avoid these issues with the 717.
  2. You can try to go into the main sim folder, open "redist", then "Interface", then trying reinstalling simconnect via the ESPv1 folder.
  3. I agree with Maxime. 5.3 is far more stable than 5.1 was, and the EA enhancements are much improved. A well worthwhile update.
  4. If you use ORBX FTX scenery, make sure to reinstall the ORBX Libraries and verify the files for any regions that you use.
  5. You can try to run a repair on the client and content portions of the P3D installer to see if it fixes it.
  6. Are you using a ORBX region in that area? If so, look in the scenery folder for that region and .off to the end of any file that contains KSEA.
  7. Believe it or not the keyboard, mouse, and or joystick can cause random issues like this. I would try to change each out with a different unit (keyboard/mouse), and try to keep the joystick unplugged and use a different joystick or gamepad if possible to see if it eliminates the issue.
  8. It has been like this since the FSX days, and many of their sceneries for P3D are still based on FSX files. For example PHNL will have most objects floating above the ground if you use 2M mesh. Switching back to 5M fixes the problem. Also causes issues with KDFW. Here is a link with more information: http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,24718.0.html
  9. For FSDT sceneries, you will have issues if you use 1M or 2M texture resolution. Stay at 5M or higher.
  10. You probably did this, but just in case you may not have, did you delete your prepar3d.cfg file and let the sim build a new one?
  11. Try to reinstall the 5.1 client and see if that fixes the problem.
  12. What you are seeing is a texture, not a true light. It looks like the developer is trying to simulate a volumetric style effect to make the light look brighter. No way fix this without changing the texture being used.
  13. That is how they are supposed to look. Keep in mind that these clouds are not volumetric, and are 2D sprites that rely on coloring and shading to appear to be three dimensional.
  14. That looks like a PBR ground texture issue. I believe V4 had an issue like that in 4.4 in which PBR textures would be floating above the scenery similar to that. 4.5 fixed it if I remember correctly.
  15. I am not sure why use the P3D internal frame limiter to 120 and use 33 outside of the sim through the driver. Does this give an advantage over no frame limit in P3D and using the external limiter se to 33?
  16. Another thing that might work is if you still have the installer for whichever P3D version you are running, try to repair the Client through the installer program and it may write a fresh copy of the file for you. Then once it scans the addons folder it will add those entries when you start the program.
  17. From what I have read in other threads, I believe it is the PBR updates to the scenery and autogen probably has something to do with it.
  18. I believe that if you have your addon folders with the xml file for that addon in the P3D Addons folder in the My Documents folder on your PC that it will prompt you to enable each addon it finds when you start P3D. This will start the process of recreating the addon.xml file that it uses at each startup.
  19. Orbx lights are linked to autogen, so if your autogen is not loading you will not see 3D lights. Try re-syncing the simulator in the Orbx Central options and see if that helps.
  20. In my opinion MSFS is marketed more as a game than a simulator. I believe that the majority of the current user base doesn't really care about complex airliners and proper real-time weather injection, in much the same way as Call of Duty or Battlefield players could care less about proper firearm realism and mechanics. They jump into the landing challenges and sight seeing tours and the default aircraft are perfectly suited for this task. And just like every other game, eventually people will get bored and move onto something else. Then all that will be left will be the simmers that will demand a more complex sim experience. And for MSFS' sake, hopefully by the time this happens complex airliners and other systems will be usable and stable. If not, the old standbys (P3D and XP) will come back to the forefront. And when they do so will the developers.
  21. This scenery is very PBR heavy, so if you are running anti-aliasing try to reduce the amount of turn it off to see if that fixes the studdering.
  22. Can you post some screenshots of the default land textures?
  23. Have you checked the Crash to Desktop subforum? Should get some good ideas in there. This error can be a tough one to narrow down.
  24. Try turning down the cloud texture on the Rex options to 1024x1024 or 512x512 and see if that helps. Also try turning off anti-aliasing to see if it makes a difference.
  25. Running volumetric clouds on high instead of ultra gives double the performance on my sim with no visual difference that I can see. Try high settings and see if it gives you acceptable FPS.
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