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  1. When you're talking about Mother Nature, anything is possible. So, yes, this is you assuming that there aren't that many thunderstorms in an area really. Mother Nature can produce any range.
  2. klamal

    What is a 738

    738 is the IATA Aircraft type code for a 737-800. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ICAO_aircraft_type_designators
  3. This has been very interesting as someone who looks at PMDG as ONE of the great developers in our hobby. But not the only one. Don’t get me wrong. For the record, I love PMDG products and would not want to lose them. But, for the first time(?) PMDG has to hear criticism. The people that think PMDG walks on water have to hear criticism. None of you are used to this, it appears. Everything PMDG has done has just been automatically accepted as the “next best thing” before it’s even released. Well, not this time. Again, for the record, I am interested in learning more about this product. I may love it. To me, it sounds like a good idea and something I have been looking for. But, come on, you have to realize that not every one that is a PMDG customer is going to want this or use this for whatever reason. It’s a niche of a niche product in our community. So, why can’t you understand why it’s going to met with some criticism? Why is not ok for people to question it? The reactions to the negative reactions here just seem to me to be a little hypocritical. Maybe that’s not the best way to describe it. But it just is very interesting watching this at the very least. I hope this isn’t taken as a post completely against PMDG and its followers. It’s not meant to be that. Just an observation from someone that doesn’t sit on either side but does recognize the general belief here that PMDG can do no wrong. They are great! ONE of the best! But they aren’t perfect.
  4. Can anyone comment on the latest version of the X-Crafts e175? For normal day-to-day operations, how is it?
  5. klamal

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    Is this something that is broken and will be fixed? Or, in other words, do they plan to make it so that those of us that would like to keep HDR on don't have to turn it off just to use their plane? I'd hate to have to keep remembering to flip back and forth.
  6. klamal

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    We get it...you love PMDG and there can be no other. 🙂
  7. klamal

    Clacton VOR area HUGE stutters!

    So it sounds like the only way to fix this is to buy the Orbx England region?
  8. klamal

    Clacton VOR area HUGE stutters!

    Any idea what this file is for? If I renamed it to .off, I wonder what it would effect? Guess I will have to give it a try and see.
  9. How is the Carenado PC12 in XP? Is it better than their P3D/FSX version?
  10. Wow! That is cool! Yeah, it's these two guys that I've been watching a lot of lately. It seems like BlackBox has been flying in XP w/ FF more than FSLabs, which I know he did a lot of videos in the past with too. So that is helping fuel my enthusiasm as well. :)
  11. But hopefully, since this is probably the biggest complaint with X-Plane, they will tackle this issue right away and we will see it in v1.0. Who knows of course. Remains to be seen. So I guess right now though, buying XP means having to deal with the weather system yet. Coming from P3Dv4 w/ ActiveSky, that is the hardest part about wanting to invest yet in XP. To me, this is the biggest factor that is keeping me from investing time and resources into this platform yet. In almost every other area, I think XP might be the better platform. But the darn weather! :)
  12. Yeah, this might be what I have to do if I can't be OK with the current system. I'm not sure yet.
  13. Hello, I am really thinking about buying XP11 and the FF A320. I have a few questions though... Can you save or does there already exist a "turnaround" state for the FF A320? Everything I've seen on YT always goes from cold and dark. And probably my biggest question...the weather in XP. Is there anything, payware or freeware, that gets rid of sudden weather changes? I've seen posts where some say this add on or that add on does remove the sudden changes and others where they say we are still stuck with sudden changes. I would make use of Ortho4XP too. I would keep this on an external USB drive. I assume XP is totally fine with scenery existing on external drives? No performance hit or anything, right? What about AI traffic for flying online on Vatsim? I think that's it for now. I may think of some more later. Thanks for your answers.
  14. Yes. It totally is. I have over 1TB of photoreal scenery including some MSE stuff and they all exist on an external drive. Performance is actually better than in autogen areas because the sim doesn't need to generate any of the autogen.
  15. klamal

    ORBX Photoreal UK/IRELAND This year.

    Yes. But in photoreal instead of land class. So it will be waaay better/real!!!