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  1. klamal

    A320 Family - Aerosoft or FSLabs ?

    Absolutely agree!
  2. I don't think difficulty is the question here. You may be happy to edit it yourself. Fine. But we pay for this. So I would expect this to be done by the developer! If it was free, fine. But it's not.
  3. Just did a 2 hour flight yesterday after updating to 11.30 and TBM 1.0.8. No issues.
  4. True. Good question. I think if the zoom level and other properties are the same in Ortho4XP are all the same, it would be fine because it's basically a tile that should cover the same area on the planet and thus would have the same coordinates for the tile that gets created? But I am not 100% sure.
  5. Yep. Exactly. Just create a scenery directory somewhere. For example, I plan to create a scenery folder for each continent I do. So Europe\scenery and place all bgls for Europe in that Europe\scenery directory. Then just add that single entry to your scenery.cfg file and done.
  6. klamal

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    Absolutely agree! The best GA aircraft in X-Plane!!! Maybe in all sims? Anyway, it is definitely worth every penny!!! Go get it!!!
  7. klamal

    Airlines that no longer exist--interesting

    And, yes, United still exists.
  8. klamal

    Airlines that no longer exist--interesting

    Midwest Airlines - The Best Care in the Air! I used to work for them too! Rumor has it, they are coming back!
  9. klamal

    Quality Wings 787 vs PMDG 747-400 (800)

    If you want quality, of course you are best off going with the PMDG as they always produce quality aircraft. However, due to my OCD in wanting to fly real world routes with real world aircraft, the 787 wins hands down. The 747 is a dying model in the real world. Where as the 787 is the present and the future for Boeing. So you have way more route options to fly with the 787. But, that's just me. Of course it's a sim and it's anyone's preference as to how they use it. If you want to fly the 747 on routes that normally a Cessna would fly, have fun! There's no one stopping you. :) I so wish PMDG had developed the 78 instead of the 74 though.
  10. klamal

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    Once again, this is all relative to the perspective of the flight simmer. To some that can't afford another "car payment" in a given month, this is a very expensive choice. To those that have plenty of room to spare after making their car payment, this becomes a much easier decision. So "making sense" all depends on what boat you're floating in.
  11. klamal

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    You don't "need" to buy a suitable joystick. Only if you want to have it physically feel more realistic - like what an actual airbus uses. But otherwise your Saitek yoke can still be used. Just set up the axis the same way you would for a Boeing. Setting up the throttle quadrant is very easy as well. You can set the detents in the MCDU exactly where you want them to be - i.e. a range of where you want the various hardware positions to fall into the various gates on the airbus throttle.
  12. klamal

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    This is very subjective. The answer to this question could very well be both. The way FSLabs textures look could match exactly to the particular plane they were modeled after. Which in turn, could be slightly different to the real one Aerosoft was using. I'm sure in real life, every flight deck does not match exactly the same?
  13. klamal

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    Yeah, I think only you can really answer if it is worth it to you. Worth is a relative term. Like others have mentioned, if you only care about normal day-to-day operations, you will probably be fine with the Aerosoft buses. However, if you really want to dive deep into the systems and/or want the "extras" that FSLabs has in their model(bugs on the windshield, icing modeled, etc), then FSLabs would be "worth" it to you.