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  1. Hello, Ray. Have you heard anything yet in regards to John's intentions on what he will do with the source code?
  2. I assume you have heard of Carenado? Never ending supply of "lite" aircraft. Though, I guess if you want at least the basics to work(autopilot, etc), then maybe you can't even count them as "lite"? Just flying pretty textures.
  3. klamal

    Turn off GSX boarding sounds?

    They seem better to me. I think. But, remember, this will be subjective. We each have our own idea of what sounds good. I've only done one flight with them so far. They do seem to get rid of some of the bad repetitive phrases I mentioned in my original post. But again, with only one flight done, I can only say that I didn't hear them for this one flight.
  4. klamal

    Turn off GSX boarding sounds?

    Thank you so much! Definitely wasn't using the right search terms in Google because I have never seen this before. Downloading now and will give them a try. Anything is going to be better than the default!
  5. Hello. Is there a way to turn off the horrible FA/PAX boarding sounds only in GSX? If I have to "I'm right next to her. Thank you." and "Good evening, ma'am, How are you? I'm doing good." one more time... I can't believe a product that is focused on this aspect of a flight can have such horrible/repetitive sounds. That and add in their terrible icing logic...well, that's a different story. Anyway. Is there either better sounds that can replace the default ones or a way to turn the default off without losing the ground crew too? Thanks.
  6. klamal

    Flight Planning API

    There are API services for route details(flightaware.com, flightradar24.com and others) but I don't think any of them include fuel. I could be wrong though.
  7. klamal

    P3Dv4.4 night time flying

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Isn't there a way with all this technology we have these days to "copy" the numbers from actual night and use those instead of someone(or worse yet, many someones) trying to interpret it? That's what I'd be striving for in every aspect of the sim. Who cares what users thinks look the best? Simulate the real world down to the 1s and 0s instead. Otherwise, if you ask 100 simmers what image looks the closest to real night time, you'll get 100 different answers. It would be nice if we could just "copy" what's real and then tell everyone this is real, now shut up! 🙂
  8. klamal

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Hmm, I have sound issues as well. Will have to check this. Thanks, Jim.
  9. klamal

    A New Long Haul 787 Flight: Auckland to Chicago

    Totally!!! They so should have done the 787 instead of the soon to be dead 747!!!
  10. I think this may be more due to Windows itself and not P3D. I'm not sure though. But I seem to remember reading this somewhere along the different iterations of Windows over the years. I think Windows "caches" recently used/accessed files so the next time they are needed, that "lookup" is quicker. So the entire re-launching of P3D itself should load faster than the first time after a reboot because Windows already has the files necessary to run P3D(or any app) "cached". I could be totally wrong here there so if someone knows better, by all means let me know. 🙂
  11. klamal

    Pauses Finally Cured?

    Hello Chris. My heading is usually east/northeast(I don't recall the exact heading). The route I'm flying is usually EGKK-ENGM when I fly over this VOR though I know other airports in the London area also have departures over this VOR. So if you have access to charts, check the SIDS out of EGKK that are named CLNxx. I don't recall the exact one as it's been a while since I've flown out of EGKK in that direction. I believe that if you stick to the altitudes in the SID, by the time you reach the CLN VOR, you are somewhere around FL100-FL150. The pauses happen within I'd say a 10nm radius of this VOR. And they are long pauses and usually multiple ones.
  12. klamal

    Pauses Finally Cured?

    I mentioned my scenario too in the other thread that's currently going here on Avsim...Does anyone get severe long pauses around the Clacton(CLN) VOR on the east coast of the UK? For me, any flight departing London area airports that use this VOR is a horrible experience. I had posted on this a few years ago and someone pointed me to a post on Orbx forum regarding this and Vector, I believe. Unfortunately I could not log in to my Orbx account at the time and just gave up. So I don't really know for sure if there is a fix or what that post said. I just learn to live with it now or bypass that part of a SID if not flying online.
  13. klamal

    Orbx causing long pauses in v4.4

    I wonder if this is the same thing that's happening around the Clacton(CLN) VOR in the UK for me? I know others have reported it too and I think I remember it having something to do w/ Orbx Vector but I'm not sure. Anyway, flying any departure out of the London area airports that cross this VOR is a complete "long pause" affair for me for about a 10nm radius around this VOR.
  14. I think this is it. No offense at all is meant here. But, yes, there can be so many bad weather areas at such high altitudes. It's one of the reasons for ground holds and flight routes that are 50% greater than they would otherwise be as you have to go way around them vs a more direct route. So as long as the real weather is showing that and you have AS set to use live weather, than yes, I'd say this is correct and definitely possible. It's mother nature. Anything is possible.
  15. This, in my opinion, is both a pro and a con. Of course we all want everything to be free. But, most people can't or don't want to work for free. If you're happy with the scenery gateway airports, great. But they are not payware quality either. You get what you pay for. For some of us here, we are happy to pay someone for their time and then use these beautiful products in our sims. For some of us here too, we are happy just to have correct layouts of airports and really don't care what the buildings look like or if it truly gives you the look and feel of being at that airport. So I don't really consider the 'payware blackhole' a negative for P3D. In fact, I see a lot of posts wishing for good quality payware developers to come to XP. And that seems to be happening. Which is good, in my opinion. Because that is what XP lacks - quality products.