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  1. "The first asteroid sample collected in space and brought to Earth by the United States will be unveiled at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston on Wednesday, Oct. 11" "During the event, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx (Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification and Security – Regolith Explorer) science team will discuss an initial analysis of the sample,"
  2. Bennu is the interesting one for me as it is a C-type asteroid and may contain some interesting organic chemicals. I did not know that over 200 molecules, mostly organic, have been detected in interstellar space so far: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_interstellar_and_circumstellar_molecules
  3. The only Andromeda I know is "A for Andromeda" so I was thinking I'm not entirely against Earth being overrun by beautiful blonde women.
  4. "(Jason Dworkin, the project scientist for the OSIRIS-REx mission,).. added that the sample return is considered a Category 5 "Unrestricted Earth Return," which means the incoming samples have no restrictions, including those pertaining to biology." "Bennu is a small, dark object with a very dry and very hot surface. This means there is no evidence for flowing water on the asteroid, so it is not the type of object we expect to be conducive to sustaining life" As a precedent, samples from the Moon were found not to have any microbial life, so "NASA decided it was safe enough to stop further animal testing or quarantining astronauts and lab technicians working with lunar samples after the Apollo 14 mission in 1971" The clean room is to prevent chemical and, presumably, biological contamination of the samples, rather than to protect us.
  5. Although, I don't think you'll ever see him doing this: https://www.welovecycling.com/wide/2020/12/11/dutch-royal-family-cycling-in-the-netherlands/
  6. Why are the crosshairs so fuzzy from 0:46 to 1:53 while others are so sharp? Is that just older technology?
  7. This week's exciting episode: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-12546951/NASA-contractor-study-alien-corpses-presented-Mexicos-Congress-according-ufologist-brought-world.html
  8. If I am interpreting correctly, several of these UFOs were from 2 to 7 nm from the cameras. From 12:32 to the end, I couldn't see a thing and I was starting to get eyestrain. I thought the guy on the bike was actually this:
  9. Actually, the aliens were asking for directions to the Devil's Tower in Wyoming. They said they were supposed to meet some people there.
  10. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-66873982
  11. I thought the aliens just spent a short time out of their craft talking to the USAF officers but, in this linked report, it was supposedly much more than that; "Emenegger claimed that he personally visited the landing site and inspected the area where the extraterrestrial craft had been stored, and that the US military and the alien visitors had held meetings that lasted for several days."
  12. If they were aliens, at least they seem to have taken the trouble to learn the language before coming, unlike certain heptapods I might mention.
  13. These are the most common definitions of "Creationism". The very word has religious connotations: “At a broad level, a Creationist is someone who believes in a god who is absolute creator of heaven and earth, out of nothing, by an act of free will.” “Creationism, the belief that the universe and the various forms of life were created by God out of nothing (ex nihilo).” “Creationism is the religious belief that nature, and aspects such as the universe, Earth, life, and humans, originated with supernatural acts of divine creation.” “Creationism is based on the belief that the Bible is a credible source, which gives the story of Creation.” “Creationism is defined as the belief that a deity created life out of nothing. This includes humans, plants, animals, planets and stars, and the entirety of the universe.” “Creationism or Intelligent Design is the belief that life and the universe were created by a supernatural being (an "intelligent designer"), an omnipotent, benevolent God.” “Creationism, a religious theory encompasses the belief that universes were created by a Supreme Being.” “Supreme Being: the most exalted being; God” However: “It is important to understand that Biblical creationism is not the only theory of creation, however; humans do have other theories regarding the creation of life by a supreme being.” Are you saying that Creation Theory is not necessarily the same as Creationism?
  14. I am not even slightly philosophical so I am probably misunderstanding your arguments but I have to ask, if you are looking at a person on a webcam, does the person exist or is it only the monitor and its display which exist?
  15. Your definitions of Creation Theory and omnipotent beings seem to be a bit different from all the definitions I can find. Perhaps you could say that your version of Creation Theory is not religious. For the purpose of this topic, would you say that Creation Theory allows for alien life on exoplanets, which were also created by an omnipotent being but possibly in a different form than ours?
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