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  1. A report from last September says they have back orders with 26 airlines for 2200 units and are just waiting for FAA certification.
  2. Since our radio transmissions have been travelling through space for about 50 years, then some advanced alien civilisation within a 50 light year radius could have detected them and come to investigate. If they have some exotic form of propulsion, like warp speed, travelling here would be like us flying across the Atlantic. I like to think of us as being in the fashionable suburbs of our galaxy.
  3. There must be some geological formations on Earth which look like a face when seen from space.
  4. "Duct Tape Forever" - The Red Green Show.
  5. See the end of this clip. I'm not sure why Ashford sinks down after exiting :
  6. My point is that opening the door to the vacuum of space would be more like what we saw in “2001 A Space Odyssey”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpwvJzcfL1w  There would have been a violent outrushing of the air and both Naomi and the other person would have been sucked out within a couple of seconds or even sucked against the partly opened doorway and injured. Are there not cases of passengers being sucked out of airliners at cruising altitude? What I see in the clip is Naomi moving to the door as it opens, pausing momentarily until the door is almost open then, after a slight backward motion, launching herself into space, the same way that ski jumpers do to get a fast start out of the gate.
  7. In season 2, when the debris from the orbital mirror falls onto the agricultural dome at Ganymede Station, massive amounts of fragments of the dome are showering down to the surface. Since Ganymede has virtually no atmosphere, I would expect the dome fragments to be sucked up into space. In season 4, when Ashford is being spaced, he drifts smoothly out of the airlock, still singing for a few seconds before freezing to death. In season 5, when Naomi is about to escape to the other spaceship, she is in the airlock at normal temperature and pressure with another person. She opens the outer door and uses her arms to launch herself smoothly into space. The other person moves to the outer door to try to stop her and stands at the doorway and freezes to death. It's as if the vacuum did not exist.
  8. Did nobody like Dark Matter? I quite liked it and was disappointed when it was cancelled. I must say Firefly and Serenity were my all time favourites. Maybe I just liked the space western format but I also liked the interactions between the main characters. The episode "The Message" didn't make sense because the character Tracy Smith was smuggling contraband internal organs in place of his own organs. I couldn't understand how he could have his organs removed at point A and have them put back in at point B. Although The Expanse is my current favourite, I preferred the early episodes involving the discovery of the alien civilisation. I wish it had a more realistic representation of the hard vacuum of space. I thought I was going to enjoy Star Trek Discovery but the development of the spore drive seemed to be too unbelievable so I gave up.
  9. I couldn't find this in your reference. Is it from a different article?
  10. I need to read the printed book because I often find I have to look back a couple of pages to refresh my memory before going on. I think it's the onset of senility. Especially if it's out of date. I have sometimes found myself driving where there is a blank space on the navigator screen because I skipped the updates for 3 years.
  11. Are they mostly orbiting in the same general direction since all the launches are done in the same direction?
  12. I think I saw something about that on TNN, the Terrozian News Network.
  13. I believe all experiments so far are designed to capture dead satellites rather than debris. One experiment uses a net to capture the satellites and the other uses a magnetic capture method. The magnetic capture method won't work for existing satellites as as it requires the satellites to have a special docking plate. There was another method involving a tether but I don't know what happened to that. In any case, all of these methods involve capturing satellites one at a time. I don't know how many dead satellites there are but, even if you capture all of them, there are still hundreds of thousands of potentially damaging pieces of debris. I don't know how you could deal with them.
  14. It reminds one of Futurama.
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