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  1. That's the hard part for me - the thinking - but now I understand. Thank you. "Words of wisdom from one who knows whereof he speaks."
  2. I was going to ask about the airspeed. 100 knots makes sense as it seemed to be between 80 knots and V1. Thank you.
  3. What is the logic for when the wind direction/speed values are shown on the B777 ND? In my case, they are not displayed at take-off until about 4400ft altitude. In some videos, they are shown just after V1. In the case of the PMDG Tutorial video, they were not shown at all. Videos of real life take-offs don't usually focus on the ND but the few that I could see showed the values displaying at around V1 or VR. There are similar differences during descent and landing, including real life videos.
  4. dmwalker

    ORNJ = ORNI?

    Maybe it was ORNJ when it was a military base.
  5. dmwalker

    FMCZ, FMEE runway elevation problem B777, B738

    For the landing on Rwy 14 at FMEE, would it help to see what happens from the Control Tower viewpoint? Also, if you position the aircraft on the ground at the very threshhold of Rwy 14 and taxi along the runway, does anything happen?
  6. dmwalker

    FMCZ, FMEE runway elevation problem B777, B738

    That's true. Even Homer nods. I shall try to improve.
  7. dmwalker

    FMCZ, FMEE runway elevation problem B777, B738

    Some problems I have had with various airport sceneries have been solved with a mesh resolution of 5m.
  8. dmwalker

    Gate assignments

    The next flight will be landing at about 9.50 am this Sunday, if it doesn't get impounded first.
  9. dmwalker

    Gate assignments

    RyanAir uses Gates 1 and 2.
  10. dmwalker

    Gate assignments

    Can you give me a flight number or a tail number?
  11. dmwalker

    Gate assignments

    FlightRadar24 clearly shows G-TUIE at Gate 26 on October 26th and 28th.
  12. dmwalker

    Mouse Wheel Offset Problem

    For some time, I have had a problem with using my mouse wheel function to rotate, for instance, the Altitude Knob in the PMDG B777. If I hover over the knob, I get the little hand symbols but the knob doesn't rotate. At a zoom of 3.0, I have to place the mouse pointer just below the Cancel/Recall button on the Display Select Panel in order to use the mouse wheel. At higher zooms, the offset location varies somewhat and, at lower zooms, it disappears. It's not a PMDG problem because it happens with other aircraft as well. With PMDG aircraft, I use the alternative method of holding down the left or right button but some aircraft don't have that option. Does anyone have any (polite) suggestions? Thanks. Dugald Walker.
  13. dmwalker

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    Did anyone mention "A Gathering of Eagles" (1963)?
  14. dmwalker

    Things I don't understand.................

    Equally nutritious, I'm sure, and the taste is out of this world.