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  1. Thanks for the replies. Swe_Richard: What made you go with the 7950x3d vs the 7800x3d or 7900x3d? Was there some future proofing for MSFS 2024 or other use issues? Mine will only really be used for Flight Sim. Other's have mentioned that the 7950x3d is better when using other programs with the sim like AI Traffic and Flight Planning software or other addons. Looks like about $270 price difference between 7800 to the 7950. VirtualChris and TurboMax: Thanks for the nudge on the RTX4090. If I'm understanding you guys, the difference in the factory OC isn't worth it considering I can do it myself or not do it at all and still achieve similar results? Saving $300-$400 is always welcome. Tom's Hardware mentioned that the ROG Strip OC will produce the best test results but really may not result in actual use noticeable better results. Thanks for the rec on the 180 degree connector for the video card. I saw some were having issues there. I like that cube case too. Generally, why do some I see go for 64gb of memory? Keep the recommendations coming. Thanks, I'm learning a lot. Coop
  2. Hello. Im looking for advice on building a flight sim computer. It’s been several years since I built the last one with a 1090ti. It will be used for flight sim, gaming, no work functions. Currently using a single 55” tv for a monitor. Run MSFS 2020/24, X-plane and maybe DCS. Possibly grow into either a triple monitor setup or a VR setup. Air Manager is of interest. OC a bit. PBO and Expo. Would like to build as quiet and cool of a system as possible. The current one is very loud and generates a ton of heat. Enough to overheat a small bedroom. Would like to run other apps while flight simming. Traffic, Flight Planning, Navigraph, Foreflight, Weather mods PMDG 737 and Fenix A320 and ORBX. No RGB. So far, I’m leaning towards: AMD 7950x3d ASRock X670E Tachi EATX AM5 Motherboard or the Gygabyte X670E Aorus Master. Seems like the choice comes down to (2) 4 USB slots & (1) M.2 Gen 5 with the Tachi or No 4 USB & (2) M.2 Gen 5 with the Master. How important is USB 4? Do I need 2 M.2 Gen 5 sockets? Maybe an upgrade down the road. Seems the Gen 5 SSD just aren't that much faster...yet. Asus ROG STRIX GAMING OC GeForce RTX 4090 24 GB Video Card Samsung 990 Pro 2 TB. G.Skill Trident Z5 NEO RGB Series (AMD Expo) 64GB (2 x 32GB) 288-Pin SDRAM DDR5 6000 CL30-40-40-96 1.40V Dual Channel Desktop Memory F5-6000J3040G32GX2-TZ5NR Is there a faster 64gb setup? I saw there was a bios update that allows ddr5-7200. Cooling? CPU? Case? Case? Just looking for a simple closed case with good airflow. Totally open to suggestions, modifications and thoughts. Thanks! Coop
  3. This is timely. I’m getting back into simming after 20 years, building a new system and trying to pick a monitor. I’m leaning towards a 1080ti and have a few questions for you guys with the big tvs. It looks like you are all running at 4k: 1. How far back from the screen are you? Are you having any issues with pixilation? Are you trying to hang at the optimum/retinal distance from the screen (55” tv = 43” viewing distance for retinal) 2. How are the frame rates? Any stuttering? Is it a smooth experience? Are you using orbx scenery and other add ons? I keep looking and a 27-28” screen seems too small. A 32” looks good, but really expensive. Frankly, for the same $ as a really great 32” 4k gaming ips, a 49” - 55” tv looks way more compelling. Just want to get some input from people who have the bigger tvs. Thanks! Coop
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