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  1. Ok, but it is something that I don’t have with PMDG.
  2. Performance during take off and landing are very bad, compared to the apron and cruise ones. someone has the same issue? Please
  3. Yes I was speaking about "performance" setting. But the point is another. I understand that displays suck a lot of resources but is not acceptable to propose an outdate resolution of the displays in order to give more fluidity to the simulation, when around you have an incredible number of details that you barely or never see during a flight.
  4. The proposed "performance" setting suggested by Fenix looks wired form me. Honestly, a FS2004 quality for the display is not a solution in my opinion. With a lot of things with extremely high quality of the details around the aircraft it is strange that it is proposed to reduce the quality (too much, this is the problem) of the item that you look at for the 80% of the IFR simulation, the displays. From their Discord Support Thread seems that a new update is very close. It should contain some improvements.
  5. Unfortunately have to observe that I am not the only one with a not enough performance given by the Fenix product. I was ready to see a difference with PMDG product, as expected, but it is too much. From 35 to 28 fps it means 20% less, in an easy scenario. In the runway there is a further drop. I didn't try yet in a big airport and i suspect that it will be dramatic. I hope Fenix will make something. I remember @Aamir saying that the performance back in autumn (during their tests) was similar to FBW and actually it's not. So I think it is something that they can improve.
  6. Do you think that in the future we can have chances also for the MSFS live traffic? Moreover, do you have any release window for MSFS?
  7. If this software can manage to have in some way the real traffic, in real time, and to be able to managing it with me inside, i have no doubt to buy at day 0.9. At that point dreaming to have a system able to give a holding pattern is not so far. Who knows in the future.
  8. This a very great news. Probably I'm wrong but I remember that for you at the moment managing the MSFS traffic (injected from the real world from MSFS itself) was not possibile. Am I wrong?
  9. I noticed the same thing. So also no maintenance status. What about the service based failure?
  10. Since you are informed, what about the free meshes available on flightsim.to? Are they well integrated with the sceneries?
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