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  1. In some parts of italy, the live snow is completely missing. In sicily, on Etna, no snow at all, even though on Meteoblue is showing accumulating snow.
  2. Yesterday I upgraded the RAM (32GB) and i noticed that Flight Simulator was using almost all of that. Looking at the processes, I noticed that Flight Simulator is double, with a copy. https://ibb.co/fnt3K9n I am sure that i'm running it once. I'm not sure if it is normal. Opinions?
  3. I noticed too, that in Milford Sound freeware addon is snowing at all time.
  4. If I buy the actual version, i'll be able to download all the future versions and updates?
  5. I was thinking... for those who love to flight long-very long flights, what if a smart tool is developed to decrease the graphic settings (maybe scheduling it, or after a specific time of "inactivity") in order to reduce the stress for our computers?
  6. yes. it is not ready at all. i believe on it and i'll buy it, but now it is not ready. it is very far to be a simulator.
  7. good to hear that, but i saw better images around the web.
  8. Why with ultra setting (original) I'm seeing something like this? Everything is smooth, good fps.
  9. Hi guys, nice to be here, registered. i was not but i was here every day since october :D I saw the last leaked videos What (Inop.) message means, where the user goes on some switches? Really we cannot control the pumps on the default 747??
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