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  1. Referring to simbrief flight plan generation (using the Horizon simbrief profile), is anyone noticing that the fuel consumption is very accurate for the first 8-10 hours and after the consumption appears to be higher in the last hours for a very long haul flight? Is the simbrief calculation or the simulator the problem? I know that i can carry more fuel to be sure but I'm one who likes to push to the limit the plane, crossing the entire planet, so every kg counts 😄
  2. Maybe my message was not written clearly. Impossibile to compare aircrafts from different simulators. the only comparison here could be before and after the avionics update.
  3. I’m a little confused reading some messages. Someone is comparing 787 e 747 with something that is not in the sim yet. Really? The only comparison allowed is the standard old version against the WT version. the verdict is: WOW!! An incredible improvement for free!THANK YOU.
  4. Thanks! Someone know if it is possible to see from littlenavmap the route details for the AI generated with FSLTL? I mean, the traffic is visible, and also the correct name of the flight is visible, when i click on the airplane, but months ago i saw a sort of spotting on youtube with these info visible.
  5. From flight1 agent, go to download FSHud. You will find a dropmenu where to select the beta version to download. Install it, activate it (the certificate requested is where there is the dropmenu) and update it.
  6. Good job FSHud. I'm using the beta version and I'm still understanding the new items introduced. So far very good. What I like more from you is that you are a user exactly as us and you know what we know. I see this from the way you are progressing knowing where to improve first. As i said other times, the best aspect of this addon is the capability to regulate the AI traffic and we are part of it.
  7. Which ATC addon is able to give you a published holding pattern?
  8. Oh! Finally un update, and more important a very good update, reading the list. In particular: The application will automatically adjust departure/arrival runways and procedures according to the environment. Moreover adding speed instructions for separation is a small but very important contribute for the realism.
  9. Weather is the part which improved less then others in this 2 years. The level of the weather started very good, to be honest, with some normal issues. They solved them but never really improved the system.
  10. At the moment, I'm honest, I'm using FSHud only because it's the only one to manage properly the AI traffic from FSLTL and it's very nice to have it. Despite this some big lacks urge to be implemented, starting from what you are referring till the SID and STAR assignment process.
  11. How can I open the door for the passengers, using GSX? Before last update they open automatically. Now I'm not able and I don't know if there is a manual way.
  12. If we don't see any screenshot it means that we are far from the release. Considering the timeline for the 737-700 we are more than 6 months distant from a potential release. I hope I'm wrong.
  13. I did a test this night but I experienced an issue with the fuel consumption. Basically no fuel consumption. I departed with 101.500 kg and it remained at around 99.000 for hours. Someone else?
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