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  1. Asobo has already shown us what we can do with Worldhub and spud is absolutely correct.
  2. 737-700 was my first foray in to PMDG products, I must say, with the delay to the EFB, the choppy animations, the awful LNAV. I won't be buying the 777.
  3. No idea if this is a new game or paid expansion, nevertheless it looks awesome!
  4. The Orbx version, at least V1 had some custom scenery around the docks. Not sure if that is going to be part of V2 or modeled in the UK2000 version.
  5. 15th May - was said in the Q&A. Might get delayed but who knows!
  6. I suspect that the updated roadmap will be shown on next Wednesdays live stream and then included in next Thursdays development update.
  7. I agree, the upgrade process doesn't make any sense. You should pay the difference between standard/premium and premium deluxe.
  8. £10.74 if you are a premium deluxe holder like me :D
  9. Anyone else with this bug? Thermals showing when they are turned off. Edit: CFD visualisation was switched on for some reason.
  10. This year!? Exciting times Matt. Thanks for your hard work.
  11. You've missed it, it's at the bottom of the patch notes.
  12. I wonder if this issue affects the wing flex, it also appears to have low FPS animation.
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