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  1. Wow, just checked it out. Very nice addition to FlightAware.
  2. It has always appeared to me that the ATC was exactly the same as FSX. They just cut the ATC out and inserted it into MSFS2020 with no changes or upgrades. It's been a long time since FSX came out and, with better and better technology, they should have figured a way to make ATC better by now.
  3. Thank you. I've downloaded the latest version, which I believe I already had but will try the new one. If it CTD then I will give the layout generator a try.
  4. I seem to have the same problem with Gaist. It will CTD when loading at beginning after picking my flight and before the aircraft on tarmac screen. Where is this layout generator, you're talking about? Is it a proprietary generator for those in the beta program or can I download it myself to see if that helps.
  5. Isn't the new WT G3000 supposed to capture the Vpath for Rnav approaches? If so, I can't figure out how to get it to follow Vpath. Can someone enlighten me.
  6. I thought it was FPRealistic. That was one feature I really enjoyed. I will wait till they're able to incorporate it in the present MSFS program.
  7. I seem to remember that I had flight sim (xplane, fsx or earlier) that used a predictive cockpit view (not sure what the name of it was). Basically, if you started to turn right, the cockpit view would turn about 35 degrees right automatically and then straighten out when you turned straight and level. I thought it was FSRealistic but I don't see that on the new FSRealistic Pro. Does anyone know what program allowed that predictive view?
  8. Has anyone been successful in updating Orbx Burbank KBUR to version 2 through the Marketplace? I purchased Burbank a while ago and Marketplace had an update to version 2. After downloading, everytime I go there I only get the default airport. I've deleted and reinstalled at least 2 times but it still doesn't work. I've also checked other purchased airports and they work fine. I've opened a ticket with Microsoft but was wondering if anyone else had this problem and if and how they fixed it.
  9. Thank you for responding. I checked that after I posted and found that I had to set it back to on. The new SU7 changed it back to off. Thanks again.
  10. I'm trying to use the base TBM930 after SU7 using a flightplan through msfs. Upon takeoff, I cannot engage the autopilot. I've tried the AP button and also the keyboard shortcut. I haven't seen it mentioned and wondered if I'm the only one or is this an SU7 bug with the TBM930. I've only tried the Airbus 32nx and that worked.
  11. I noticed the upgrade to city night lighting also.
  12. I tried leaving apu master on but the engine still cut out. I'll give the fuel thing a try.
  13. I'm with Bert. I just flew the rnav approach to runway 35 at KLNK with the TBM, just as Adrian said he had success with, and was at Saice at 3000 feet, per the chart. My glideslope dot was still pinned on the bottom. When I get to Saice, I have APP, FD, AP and YD lit. I disconnect ALT when I hit APP. Is this the same procedure you do, Adrian or is there something we're missing?
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