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  1. Go to their support forum. They would be happy to walk you through it. https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/771-rxp-x-plane/
  2. Jean Luc, I found the key so nothing is needed. Likes2fly, you need to go to the F1 support page and request a reinstatement of your key. As long as you can prove your ownership, they are very quick in reinstating the key.
  3. I've recently updated my computer and changed my hard drive with Reality XP order #1416261. Somehow I can't find my key and now I'm in demo mode. How can I get my key back? Thank you.
  4. OK. I see now I was looking at the 1st page that has the items at 25% but if you scroll down you get to the older stuff at 50%
  5. I haven't found the 50%. I did see 25% off on a few items. Do you have a link to the sale?
  6. When you say "it worked", did you actually do a flight to see if it worked or just put a route in and hit the nav button and got "armed" and not "on"?
  7. I just finished conducting 3 short flights with the Citation (only aircraft I have the GTN750 with). KRNT-KPDX LPV approach to 10L, KABQ Lorat KABQ LNAV+V approach 08 and KROA Monat KROA ILS approach to 34. The GTN750 worked for all the approaches and did fly the Navigation portion as it should. Thank you Jean-Luc and company. I'm satisfied.
  8. Well, I have the latest xplane 11, gtn750 and Citation II. I've only had a chance to get 1 flight in before bedtime but it looks like it's working for the Citation. I was able to conduct an LPV approach into KPDX with no problems and I didn't have to go through the workaround to get it working. Of course, I'll do some more approaches tomorrow to make sure the fix is consistent but it seems to be working for me now.
  9. It works all the time for me. When you disable the GTN750, are you going to the RealityXP plugin menu and disabling the gtn750 there?
  10. Thank you Jean-Luc. Whatever you're doing does seem to be improving. I used to have to reset xplane to get gtn750 to work. Now it's just a matter of #1. start xplane and gtn750, #2 imput at least starting point and 1st fix in flightplan #3 Make sure CDI is on GPS #4 Hit the NAV button on autopilot. If it comes up ARM then GTN won't work right. If it comes up ON then everything works OK. If it comes up ARM, then I just have to disable the GTN750 and re-enable it and this has worked for me 100% of the time. I'm sure you'll get it. Keep up the good work.
  11. Just installed the new update with the carenado citation and the gtn750 xplane. STILL THE SAME. Nav will not go to On and stays Armed until you disable gtn750 and then re-enable it.
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