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  1. greenie95125

    Another LINDA install problem

    Well, this is strange. I was going to delete the linda installation per your suggestion and decided to try it one more time, and it's working now. I really wish I knew what was going on in case this happens again. But I guess I'll just be happy for now. Thanks to everyone who offered up help. Mike
  2. greenie95125

    Another LINDA install problem

    Everything is correct... mcp panel is boeing, and linda reports everything OK. The plane is correct. This happens on both a stock plane, or my 737NGX. Some new info though. It seems that the buttons are not working, but the switches are. If I hit the ap disconnect switch on the MCP it registers in FSX. Same with FD and AT. Are there settings for the com port that need to be changed? Thanks again in advance. Mike
  3. greenie95125

    Another LINDA install problem

    Thank you. I will try that as well later this evening. I will report back. Mike
  4. greenie95125

    Another LINDA install problem

    No, I don't have orbx installed. I'll try the reset. Thanks for the reply. Mike
  5. greenie95125

    Another LINDA install problem

    OK, at one point I had my MCP cpmbo II working fine with LINDA and FSX. For reasons I don't need to get into I had to re-install everything. Now I just can't get them to play well. I have the latest FSUIPC and it is registered (paid for), and I had the latest version of LINDA, and the FSX Acceleration pack. Com ports are set and verified. When FSX loads, the panel initializes, but then nothing happens, the panel and FSX just weren't talking to each other. I troubleshot this for what seems like an eternity. Then it had occurred to me that the only thing I changed since the original working installation was that I upgraded my Linda version. So I went back to Ver 1.11 and tried it that way. Now it initializes on FSX loading up and if I change a dial (alt for instance) on FSX it changes on the MCP panel... progress! BUT, if I try the same dial or any dial on the MCP panel, nothing changes on FSX. The buttons seem to be working although I haven't really set anything up since it's not working yet. I thought the older version of LINDA solved my problems, but not quite. Any of you folks have any idea what's going on? I appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thank you. Mike