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  1. Thank you for the link, quite a read. fly safe
  2. I'm not going to lie, when I first saw this I thought I was in the MSFS thread. Then I thought it was a comparison between XP12 screenshot and a life real photo. Not trying to cause any issues here. fly safe
  3. I'm sure there are other ways to employ DRM without constant internet connection and way better implementation. It just seems odd. But, we're skating on thin ice on the subject so I'll let myself out the door. fly safe
  4. You're right. Perhaps it may be used for data collection which seems to make more sense as they may want to study constant usages. Almost like a crash detection report being sent after a failure of a sim, but this being more of a "black box" situation. fly safe
  5. If I can put up with the frame counter, a little watermark isn't going to bother me. I know ..... hides under rock fly safe
  6. The two versions of images do happen in real life as I've seen them before. That doesn't mean they both happen where one resides, but at the same time I do believe they don't happen either. I personally never like the orange/pruplish sunset thing when XP12 was introduced, 12.06 is a positive step in the right direction. We can agree to disagree on a lot of things but Sethos did explain his "real life comparison" situation certainly well, at least that's what I understood. fly safe
  7. Internet for MSFS is required to download scenery, Internet for V6 will be to check licenses, a very big difference. edit: Psolk answered already fly safe
  8. This might be a moot point as live weather, live traffic, ForeFlight, Navigraph etc. rely on constant internet capability. I know some aircraft developers require weekly license checks. If you don’t use any of these then it might be an issue if you fly with limited or no internet. fly safe
  9. I thought the same but I understand and see where individual circumstances may come into play. Maybe some are in a better situation to just pay someone else to have it built, and get what they want. Sometimes convenience is priceless to some, others not. fly safe
  10. I know everyone frowns on Dell Alienware. I think they upped their game with the current iteration of their Alienware line. Their R15 13900KF/4090 was going for $3,200, with free shipping, at one of their rare and unusual sales event a few months ago that I contemplated on purchasing. Dell didn't announce the sale on their website, rather it was through a tech website that had a link to getting the discount. I was undecided between building versus a turn key solution as I didn't want the hassle of building one myself again, being that I am not getting any younger. When I decided to purchase the Dell the promotion was over. The thing about ordering PC parts is that not one website will have all the components you want. I had to source them through various vendors and pay shipping as well, I'm outside the CONUS. I used a tracking app to monitor deliveries so taking time off early from work, so I could rush home to retrieve the parcels before thieves get them, was challenging at best. So I ordered the individual parts and built my PC but I'm of the opposite situation where building my own PC actually costs more. But, I got better quality and faster memory, motherboard, M.2 SSD.s, Power Supply, Case, and Fans. Was it worth it is subjective. I think I would've gotten the same performance in stock configuration between the two. Maybe next time I will give it a go and get a pre-built when it's time to upgrade. Am I happy with my build? absolutely! fly safe
  11. But will the ROI of their time make it worth it? I think not.
  12. I don’t see any compelling reason, financially.
  13. What did you expect? The cast from “the view” always need something to pile on about.
  14. I was called out? I don’t remember that. Like I said every argument out of you is out of context. You seem to be good at that. You seem to be upset again.
  15. You seem to be triggered about everything as well.
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