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  1. mokeiko

    Polar (DHL) Livery 777F

    Thank you Brian, looking forward to this. fly safe
  2. mokeiko

    Gsync, VSync and FPS

    I use this guide to get G-SYNC to work with my setup. I don't use NVI. No flickering. It works great! fly safe
  3. "Only flightsimmers who have been using FSX/P3D/XP for a long time call an fps below 30 smooth. 😎 No one else will." LOL, how true
  4. mokeiko

    Computer blow-up - Decision crossroads

    8700k gets my vote fly safe
  5. “Will you be adding this to the A320-X? Yes, but not yet. The plan is to add the icing model to the A320-X in a future update. Obviously it’s not a cut and paste job – just like with the A319-X, the A320-X icing simulation will be custom-tuned and verified against a huge number of real-world flights.” fly safe
  6. mokeiko

    Tradewind Aviation's N590TW

    Excellent, thank you Ron fly safe
  7. Thank you PMDG for the update. QTSII is loading fine again. fly safe
  8. Add me to the list. This is with a full reinstall of Windows 10 and P3dv4.2. Loading the Piper Cub first then the PMDG 747 works for me. fly safe
  9. mokeiko

    Brunner CLS Economy Yoke

    Just an FYI, Shipping is around $130 to Hawaii. fly safe
  10. mokeiko

    Scenery management inquiry

    Hi Vic, "Is it necessary to deactivate add-on airports as in FSX to avoid oom?" There is no need to disable sceneries with P3dv4. OOM are a thing of the past now. fly safe
  11. mokeiko

    Brunner CLS Economy Yoke

    Hi all, Anybody here living in the US have this yoke could tell me how much the shipping was? Thank you in advance Fly safe
  12. Hi Gerard, when this happens again, can you go to your menu settings, then general. don't make any changes, just get out of it and see if your FPS goes back to normal. I am having the same issue but only with PMDG aircraft. might be worth a try. I am also using p3dv4.1 fly safe
  13. mokeiko


    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! fly safe
  14. OP, stick to your list and if you can add another SSD as mentioned above. You've spec'd out a really good system. fly safe
  15. Hi Richard, what CPU did you have before? fly safe