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  1. mokeiko

    Tradewind Aviation's N590TW

    Excellent, thank you Ron fly safe
  2. Thank you PMDG for the update. QTSII is loading fine again. fly safe
  3. Add me to the list. This is with a full reinstall of Windows 10 and P3dv4.2. Loading the Piper Cub first then the PMDG 747 works for me. fly safe
  4. mokeiko

    Brunner CLS Economy Yoke

    Just an FYI, Shipping is around $130 to Hawaii. fly safe
  5. mokeiko

    Scenery management inquiry

    Hi Vic, "Is it necessary to deactivate add-on airports as in FSX to avoid oom?" There is no need to disable sceneries with P3dv4. OOM are a thing of the past now. fly safe
  6. mokeiko

    Brunner CLS Economy Yoke

    Hi all, Anybody here living in the US have this yoke could tell me how much the shipping was? Thank you in advance Fly safe
  7. Hi Gerard, when this happens again, can you go to your menu settings, then general. don't make any changes, just get out of it and see if your FPS goes back to normal. I am having the same issue but only with PMDG aircraft. might be worth a try. I am also using p3dv4.1 fly safe
  8. mokeiko


    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! fly safe
  9. OP, stick to your list and if you can add another SSD as mentioned above. You've spec'd out a really good system. fly safe
  10. Hi Richard, what CPU did you have before? fly safe
  11. mokeiko


    Awesome! Thanks for the help fly safe
  12. mokeiko


    Hi Bryon, I have the 777, 737, and Q400 FS2Crew (32-bit) and also the FO voice sets for each as well. When P3dv4 (64-bit) came out I purchased the 777, 737, and Q400 FS2Crew (64-bit). The Q400 came with the FO voice pack. Can I still use the FO voice packs from the (777 and 737 32-bit) or do I need to re-purchase these as well for the 64-bit versions of the 777 and 737? I hope I'm making myself clear in the explanation. fly safe
  13. mokeiko

    VNAV and TOD

    Thanks guys, I will try another flight this evening. fly safe
  14. Hi everyone, I am at eg. FL380 and 2 Min. Before TOD I change ALT to next way point ALT. Am I supposed to left click the ALT knob at TOD? The reason I asked is because the aircraft does not descend at TOD, it just keeps flying level. I am following the tutorial and it does not mention if I’m supposed the left click the ALT knob or not. What do you guys do? Thanks for any help. fly safe
  15. mokeiko

    Is my system ok for P3d v4?

    I run a 4770K (OC 4.4GHz) with a 980TI SLI. P3dv4.1 runs really well for me. As Dan mentioned "you will need to balance performance and quality" is key. Fly safe