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  1. I just did a search and found out I needed to start the stream deck app as admin (thanks Bob). fly safe
  2. Hi, can anyone guide me on how to use streamdeck to use as keyboard emulator to control views for x-camera? For example I have numeric keypad 7 for pilot view , keypad 9 for overhead and so on. I went to the stream deck options and saw numeric keypad numbers but assigning them to the keys didn’t work, I must be missing something. thanks for any help
  3. Way back, I purchased the whole world (cd's) sold by SIMCharts. I printed the most used destinations I flew in and out of. Those were the days. fly safe
  4. Okay give me a sec WSSS Singapore EarthData WSSS Singapore P3Dv5 Prepar3D Scenery 0903 Singapore City Centre
  5. Hovering over the names only works when the scenery names are not greyed out. The WSSS files are greyed out and are cut-off and hovering doesn't show the full name and path. I think the XML method causes this. When opening the XML, this is the order: Imagine Simulation - WSSS Singapore V5.2 City Imagine Simulation - WSSS Singapore V5.2 Scenery 0903 Imagine Simulation - WSSS Singapore V5.2 Imagine Simulation - WSSS Singapore V5.2 EarthData fly safe
  6. The names in the scenery library gets cut-off. Can you direct me to the file where this information is? When I installed the scenery, it was installed in my C drive which I didn't want and uses the xml method. I have to change this later on. I do not use the Lorby Addon manager. fly safe
  7. “What order are your WSSS files in?” Can you clarify what you mean? fly safe
  8. Hi Steven, Just took off from this airport (WSSS-VHHH) at the same gate and I don't have the water issues as shown in your photos. I am on P3Dv5.3 as well. It has to be a scenery priority issue? (mine is on Priority 5). Hope you get it sorted. fly safe
  9. There is a click spot at the base of the ALT knob to change from 100/1000 fly safe
  10. This is so wrong in so many levels...I must be doing something wrong then. fly safe
  11. Hi Wayne, Go to the assistance options and under piloting, make sure everything is turned off. Hopefully, that should get you sorted. fly safe
  12. I think it took an agonizing month to get it, lol. By the way, how do you like the TBM900 Panel, I've been thinking about getting that for awhile now. fly safe
  13. This is what I paid back in 2018 with shipping to Hawaii. Product Quantity Price Subtotal: €1.890,00 Shipping: €105,00 via Versandkostenpauschale Payment Method: PayPal Total: €1.995,00 CLS-E YOKE 1 €1.890,00 fly safe
  14. Sorry to bring up an old thread. So in order to use FS2Crew with the A330 Pro I need to have RAAS installed? I did not install RAAS when installing the A330. Thanks for any help
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