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  1. Ray, You spec'd out a nice system. You won't be disappointed. fly safe
  2. mokeiko

    Quality Wings 787 vs PMDG 747-400 (800)

    PMDG all day fly safe
  3. Yea, I understand about the limited profiles for different aircraft. To me these pedals are only useful for GA aircraft as force feedback would be a little similar I guess. I would use the vjoy USB option (I do this with my yoke) in the control panel to use them for airliners, basically as a regular USB pedal without force feedback. I read about the stripped screw. As for the angle, if you mount the pedals on a plywood base, maybe you could place a strip block of wood the width of the base on the rear or front to adjust the angle. But I guess this would be an ugly way to fix something you shouldn't have to do in the first place. Thank you for your insight on these pedals, food for thought. fly safe
  4. Very nice setup!!! Fly safe!
  5. How do you like the Brunner pedals compared to the MFG? I might pick up a set as well.
  6. Does the FSX installer work with P3dv4.3? I would hate to purchase this and find out the installer wont work with P3dv4.3. fly safe francisco
  7. Does anyone have Overland’s RKSI installed in P3dv4.3? I want to purchase this from Simmarket but not sure if it will install into P3dv4.3. I see that it has an FSX installer. I really want to get this until PACSIM releases theirs, which who knows when that will be. Thanks for any help fly safe francisco
  8. mokeiko

    P3D v4 worth the investment in my case?

    LOL!!! fly safe
  9. mokeiko

    Prepayment suggestion

    We’re really beating a dead horse, you win Mikael fly safe
  10. mokeiko

    Prepayment suggestion

    No, I don't feel I'm better than anybody. In fact, I'm a nobody who knows nothing but loves this hobby as much as the next guy. fly safe
  11. mokeiko

    Prepayment suggestion

    What if every eager customer starts the prepayments on Monday and clogging the servers? You're back to square one. Maybe PMDG can have a prepayment to the prepayment on a Saturday for example, oh wait, that wouldn't work because every eager customer would prepay on Saturday as well. Doesn't start to sound logical anymore, huh? I guess you will have to wait like everyone else, nothing illogical about that. Think about it. fly safe
  12. mokeiko

    Prepayment suggestion

    I smelled this as well fly safe