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  1. Anyone have issues with some of the areas? I have the following installed with no issues: California, Washington, Oregon. I tried adding Utah and Nevada but they refuse to load. below is my scenery packs ini I just started using XP so I'm not sure if I messed things up but why would the first 3 work but not the las two. Thanks for any help. --------------------------- SCENERY_PACK S:\Flightsim Applications\X-Plane Stuff\X-Plane Scenery\Ortho4XP\yOrtho4XP_Overlays/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Global Airports/ SCENERY_PACK S:\Flightsim Applications\X-Plane Stuff\X-Plane Scenery\Ortho4XP\Ortho_Utah_2018\z_ortho_Utah_2018/ SCENERY_PACK S:\Flightsim Applications\X-Plane Stuff\X-Plane Scenery\Ortho4XP\Ortho_California_v5\z_ortho_California_v5/ SCENERY_PACK S:\Flightsim Applications\X-Plane Stuff\X-Plane Scenery\Ortho4XP\Ortho_Nevada_2017\Ortho_Nevada_2017\z_ortho_Nevada_2017/ SCENERY_PACK S:\Flightsim Applications\X-Plane Stuff\X-Plane Scenery\Ortho4XP\Ortho_Oregon_2017\Ortho_Oregon_2017\z_ortho_Oregon_2017/ SCENERY_PACK S:\Flightsim Applications\X-Plane Stuff\X-Plane Scenery\Ortho4XP\Ortho_Washington_2017\Ortho_Washington_2017\z_ortho_Washington_2017/ SCENERY_PACK S:\Flightsim Applications\X-Plane Stuff\X-Plane Scenery\PhotoReal\Hawaii\zOrtho4XP_Hawaii_Islands\zOrtho4XP_+18-156/ SCENERY_PACK S:\Flightsim Applications\X-Plane Stuff\X-Plane Scenery\PhotoReal\Hawaii\zOrtho4XP_Hawaii_Islands\zOrtho4XP_+19-155/ SCENERY_PACK S:\Flightsim Applications\X-Plane Stuff\X-Plane Scenery\PhotoReal\Hawaii\zOrtho4XP_Hawaii_Islands\zOrtho4XP_+19-156/ SCENERY_PACK S:\Flightsim Applications\X-Plane Stuff\X-Plane Scenery\PhotoReal\Hawaii\zOrtho4XP_Hawaii_Islands\zOrtho4XP_+19-157/ SCENERY_PACK S:\Flightsim Applications\X-Plane Stuff\X-Plane Scenery\PhotoReal\Hawaii\zOrtho4XP_Hawaii_Islands\zOrtho4XP_+20-156/ SCENERY_PACK S:\Flightsim Applications\X-Plane Stuff\X-Plane Scenery\PhotoReal\Hawaii\zOrtho4XP_Hawaii_Islands\zOrtho4XP_+20-157/ SCENERY_PACK S:\Flightsim Applications\X-Plane Stuff\X-Plane Scenery\PhotoReal\Hawaii\zOrtho4XP_Hawaii_Islands\zOrtho4XP_+20-158/ SCENERY_PACK S:\Flightsim Applications\X-Plane Stuff\X-Plane Scenery\PhotoReal\Hawaii\zOrtho4XP_Hawaii_Islands\zOrtho4XP_+21-157/ SCENERY_PACK S:\Flightsim Applications\X-Plane Stuff\X-Plane Scenery\PhotoReal\Hawaii\zOrtho4XP_Hawaii_Islands\zOrtho4XP_+21-158/ SCENERY_PACK S:\Flightsim Applications\X-Plane Stuff\X-Plane Scenery\PhotoReal\Hawaii\zOrtho4XP_Hawaii_Islands\zOrtho4XP_+21-159/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/KSEA Demo Area/
  2. I would just try and disable it and if your problem persist, turn it back on. It’s that easy. “The Compatibility Support Module (CSM) is a component of the UEFI firmware that provides legacy BIOScompatibility by emulating a BIOS environment, allowing legacy operating systems and some option ROMs that do not support UEFI to still be used.” i disabled this because I needed to disable the legacy raid “Control + I” feature for my raid 0 setup, if I didn’t my boot into windows would freeze in the boot phase (it thinks windows is installed in the raid). I recently purchased a new PC case and transferred everything (hardware) over. When I setup my three ssd’s in raid, my windows would freeze during boot. I think my problem was that I needed to install raid drivers but you had to do this during a new windows install and not after and I didn’t want to reinstall windows, P3d, add-ones, etc. when I disabled csm, my boot priority would look for uefi boot only. I figured you were running a legacy printer and maybe that was giving you issues during the initiating boot process, disabling csm would fix the issue you’re having. I also updated my bios (ASUS) and there were more features and settings that weren’t available on the older version and I seem to have forgotten the settings I used (bios resets custom settings) hence the issues I was having. fly safe
  3. Exactly, why pay for something you already have. fly safe.
  4. My opinion on this is that DD should be able to help you out no matter where you purchased the product, it is their product. I had the same issue when Flightsimstore became a fiasco and not update any of my many purchases there including a lot of Carenado aircraft. I emailed Carenado about not being able get their latest updates and asked if I could get it through them. Carenado responded saying I would have to purchase my entire fleet again through them if I wanted the latest, updated aircraft. Same issue with my A2A fleet except that A2A instructed me to open a store account on their website and they gave me access to all my purchases, what a class act that company is. Good riddance Carenado and shame on you! I apologize for the rant. fly safe
  5. Yes, it will work. I'm currently on: 4.4 client 4.5 content 4.3 scenery fly safe
  6. I use this same technique as well. fly safe
  7. I am getting the error as well. I am still using P3dv4.3 and don't want to update to v4.4 yet, is there a version of PSXseeconTraffic for 4.3 I can use in the meatime? Thanks for any help
  8. Hi Marco, that means the upgrade from 1080Ti to the 2080Ti was meant to do what it was intended to do. Perhaps a small increase in FPS but more importantly being able to slide those settings up a notch or two. Congrats!
  9. I hear you. When I decided to do SLI with my 980Ti's, I was disheartened with the performance I got. I didn't see the smoothness some were getting (I actually loss some FPS too) but I think it was a driver issue, everyone's system is different. I thought things would be different now.
  10. You're right about finding the right drivers, I had almost the same issues regarding flickering. It seems SLI works for some but not for me, probably something I missed in the settings. Looking for a 2080Ti now. Thanks.
  11. Matt, could you elaborate more on why you decided not to use SLI anymore? What were the downsides? I currently have the 1080Ti (single) and was thinking of going SLI again (used to have 980Ti SLI) but it was always a hit or miss because of Nvidia drivers. I may just get the 2080Ti Thanks in advance
  12. Matt, Nobody has to prove an opinion to you, grow up.
  13. "5 1/4" bays" What's that?...lol Nice setup you have there! Fly safe
  14. Ray, You spec'd out a nice system. You won't be disappointed. fly safe
  15. Yea, I understand about the limited profiles for different aircraft. To me these pedals are only useful for GA aircraft as force feedback would be a little similar I guess. I would use the vjoy USB option (I do this with my yoke) in the control panel to use them for airliners, basically as a regular USB pedal without force feedback. I read about the stripped screw. As for the angle, if you mount the pedals on a plywood base, maybe you could place a strip block of wood the width of the base on the rear or front to adjust the angle. But I guess this would be an ugly way to fix something you shouldn't have to do in the first place. Thank you for your insight on these pedals, food for thought. fly safe
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