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  1. Anything special I need to do to have it work on p3d V4? I have the latest installer for it but still no official v4 support.
  2. Do we have any news regarding installers for ESSA and YMML airports, to make it compatible with v4?
  3. Just went over to Drzewiecki's website. A statement has been released regarding the V4 upgrade: "Several days ago a new flight simulation platform has been released - Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4. The main change is a 64-bit architecture. We are currently working on providing you upgraded installers compatible with the new sim asap. New installers will be provided for free!" http://drzewiecki-design.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=394 This is a good addition to the comprehensive list OP has created.
  4. Will I be missing out on much if I don't upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7, AND, if I do end up upgrading to windows 10 somewhere down the line, will I have to uninstall my sim as well as add-ons and reinstall? My sim is on a dedicated SSD.
  5. I have been flying with ASN, ORBX global base, vector, and openlc europe and NA along with REX textures and softclouds. But I am not looking to enhance the visuals. I need to know what is the next step to achieving more realistic views. I've seen screenshots, and had I not known this is a flightsim forum, I wouldn't be able to tell whether the pictures I see are from a simulator or real life. I have heard terms like "ultimate realism pack" and "p3d shader pack" and I don't really know what they are. Is it software? Or are they some .cfg file modifications created by particular users? I also heard that it is not recommended to tweak the .cfg files, but from what I read, people are changing settings around and are much happier with what they see. In any case, I am looking to make things more realistic, and I need to know where to start. If you could link me to some forum posts that explain these things, that would be great. I have read the tweak guide, and I have somewhat of a clearer understanding of playing around with graphical settings. I have core i7 4790k OCd to 4.7 ghz with a gtx 1070 gpu, if it helps. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey guys. I am getting a new SSD, and I figured it would be easier to ask if there are any add-on developers that would NOT honor a second installation of their product(s) on another SSD. So far I know: PMDG and ORBX have license information saved in the registry FSDT has an in-game unlicensing Aerosoft, DD, and FlyTampa have no licensing issues. Are there notable add-on developers that would force me to make another purchase when installing P3D to a new SSD? Does anyone know the verdict on LatinVFR and TropicalSim regarding the matter? Thank you.
  7. Rob, thank you very much. The guide is comprehensive and easy to follow.
  8. How are cities with notable skylines depicted (New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles)? Are all the buildings there?
  9. Have you contacted HiFi regarding this matter? Would you be so kind as to share what they have said? PMDG stresses that uninstalling and reinstalling the software doesn't necessarily fix problems, and may even make them worse. Another question I have is...have you tried running ASN while flying other, non-PMDG add-on airplanes? What was the result?
  10. Actually, I ask because I don't know the extent of the features. Of course to me at the moment it all sounds too good to be true, to have exact cloud locations, but I just don't understand what's going on. Either AS16 + ASCA are so awesome ... or ... they are only minor improvements to what we already have. AS16 is a weather engine with some nice bells and whistles...okay, I get that. But ASCA....I don't know. I already have softclouds, and people are saying such good things about it that it makes me wonder what is it that I can expect. I know they seem to "work well together" but I don't want to go redundant with my add-ons.
  11. What is it that ASCA can do that Softclouds cannot? What is it that Softclouds does that ASCA cannot? Also...it seems to me that ASCA has a "live mode" which portrays the clouds the way they look at the present moment. Now...if I use historical mode on AS16, will the clouds also look the same as they did at a given time and location? I am looking at screenshots and reading your replies (greatly appreciated), but still confused as to what each component brings to the table.
  12. What if we are going to be thrown a shocker and PMDG picked up Next Level Simulations's A380!!!??? :-O
  13. Everybody review posts from a year ago and look for possible hints for PMDG's future products. QUICK!
  14. I would say the ASUS DVD burner is the most important component, not only due to its importance to the nature of modern file transfer and storage but also the fact that you have listed every possible specification of the product. tehehe seriously though, good build.
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