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  1. Anything special I need to do to have it work on p3d V4? I have the latest installer for it but still no official v4 support.
  2. Do we have any news regarding installers for ESSA and YMML airports, to make it compatible with v4?
  3. Just went over to Drzewiecki's website. A statement has been released regarding the V4 upgrade: "Several days ago a new flight simulation platform has been released - Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4. The main change is a 64-bit architecture. We are currently working on providing you upgraded installers compatible with the new sim asap. New installers will be provided for free!" http://drzewiecki-design.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=394 This is a good addition to the comprehensive list OP has created.
  4. Will I be missing out on much if I don't upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7, AND, if I do end up upgrading to windows 10 somewhere down the line, will I have to uninstall my sim as well as add-ons and reinstall? My sim is on a dedicated SSD.
  5. I have been flying with ASN, ORBX global base, vector, and openlc europe and NA along with REX textures and softclouds. But I am not looking to enhance the visuals. I need to know what is the next step to achieving more realistic views. I've seen screenshots, and had I not known this is a flightsim forum, I wouldn't be able to tell whether the pictures I see are from a simulator or real life. I have heard terms like "ultimate realism pack" and "p3d shader pack" and I don't really know what they are. Is it software? Or are they some .cfg file modifications created by particular users? I also heard that it is not recommended to tweak the .cfg files, but from what I read, people are changing settings around and are much happier with what they see. In any case, I am looking to make things more realistic, and I need to know where to start. If you could link me to some forum posts that explain these things, that would be great. I have read the tweak guide, and I have somewhat of a clearer understanding of playing around with graphical settings. I have core i7 4790k OCd to 4.7 ghz with a gtx 1070 gpu, if it helps. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey guys. I am getting a new SSD, and I figured it would be easier to ask if there are any add-on developers that would NOT honor a second installation of their product(s) on another SSD. So far I know: PMDG and ORBX have license information saved in the registry FSDT has an in-game unlicensing Aerosoft, DD, and FlyTampa have no licensing issues. Are there notable add-on developers that would force me to make another purchase when installing P3D to a new SSD? Does anyone know the verdict on LatinVFR and TropicalSim regarding the matter? Thank you.
  7. From the posts I've read, it seems that the FSLabs A320 seems to be superior to Aerosoft's Airbus 320 series, in terms of how you control the plane. This is rather a debatable topic, especially now that the FSLabs product has only been out for such a short time. I haven't done much research on BBS airbus, but it nonetheless seems like a valid contender among the three. My question is about the widebodies. Aerosoft is deep in their A330 project, BBS's widebodies are also getting better by the day, and I read somewhere that FSLabs hinted and making a widebody series, but I could not find any info on that. In any case, the argument is that once the A320 series has been designed, it will be a smaller hurdle to jump over to make the subequent 330/340 widebodies, as the foundation has been laid. The question I would like to ask is, which developer should I wait for to complete their widebody project before I buy? But as these products haven't come out yet (we don't even know if they will come out), which developer would you prefer if you were to buy a widebody plane, and why? I would appreciate your opinions based on your experiences flying the a320 products, and what do you expect from them. All the best!
  8. How are cities with notable skylines depicted (New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles)? Are all the buildings there?
  9. Have you contacted HiFi regarding this matter? Would you be so kind as to share what they have said? PMDG stresses that uninstalling and reinstalling the software doesn't necessarily fix problems, and may even make them worse. Another question I have is...have you tried running ASN while flying other, non-PMDG add-on airplanes? What was the result?
  10. Hello. Although I don't see any issues, I have read about something about placing ORBX sceneries on the bottom of some list. Can anyone explain this whole thing about scenery items, what difference does it make if they're in different positions, how to change their positions, and what are the downsides of a misconfigured lists? Thanks.
  11. Is steam mostly the reason why younger people got into simming?
  12. Hey guys. I wonder, is the flight sim community expanding? shrinking? or is it stable? I spoke about this topic with a friend, who has been simming for way longer than I have. He says that the number of people simming around the world is in the "hundreds of thousands" area, out of an approximate (and seriously this is just an estimate) of 2 billion people (out of 7 billion) in the world who play games. This topic came up as a result of prices of add-ons. The prices, in my opinion, are in the medium range, with many add-on airports costing somewhere between $20 and $40, add-on aircraft between $50 and $150, and large scale ground scenery $40 - $100. Obviously the higher end of these ranges being the higher quality products. What does that say about supply and demand of such products? In any case, I do understand that these require tons of work and resources, so I would say most of the costs of products are.....reasonable. How would you assess the status of the flight simming community? I am looking for both facts and opinions.
  13. Very well put dehowie. Thank you. A quick search gave me a quick response, not as elaborate as the ones I see here.
  14. I'd like to hear opinions of users as well as from the developers themselves. After being a member of the community for a relatively short time, I noticed that people like various planes, whether or not they're obsolete. But how was it decided that some old propeller airplane will be the plane that PMDG would dedicate it's time and resources to it? Needless to say, PMDG does not half-&@($* anything. Despite not owning the DC-6 nor X plane, I can say with confidence that the product is very precise. But why the antique?
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