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  1. As a grateful member of this international community please allow me to express my condolences in my native language: Ruhe in Frieden und deinen Familienangehörigen mein tiefes Mitgefühl und die nötige Kraft für die kommende Zeit. Tobias
  2. I noticed your conversation over at the "unoffical non technical airplane forum" and the way those guys are treating their customers is a shame. There products are still full of bugs, even after Service Pack 3aIVxyz - or like they call it, the products are "ultra realistic", "very accurate", a "truly immersive sound experience" and of course "tested by active Airbus pilots and instructors".Fortunately they found the ultimate, ultra perfect way to solve the remaining problems - they are developing another product at there well known standards - the Embraer E-Jet Series. :-lol Toby
  3. Yup, you are right. Readable but with a kind of black border. I'm no expert, what is the difference between Multisampling and Supersampling? I've been testing AA Multisampling 8xQ and AF 16x. Quality looked pretty good to me, fonts were fine.Toby
  4. After reading so many posts about the 8800GT I decided to spent some money on that myself. I'm pretty impressed about the performance and image quality, but I have some driver problems. No AA in FS without nhancer, seems to be a known problem but nvidia didn't solve it till now. It's also a bit strange that the most recent card isn't supported with the newest driver builds. Anyway, I don't regret my buy and my old X800GTO has finaly retired:)Toby
  5. According to many forum posts in various forums they didn't even solve one single bug of Vol 1 in the new release. You pay another time and wont get a anything but some new gauges, panel bitmaps are almost the same, they didn't even change the center post. A330 has old style CRT displays, A340-300 and -600 has the new displays, PW engines on the A330 aren't included. The exterior models are the worst I've ever seen, it's a shame to charge money for that. Save your money, maybe one day we will see a serious Airbus release for FS.Toby
  6. Anyone noticed the new screenshots? No words :-erks :-erksToby
  7. Sherv I've always been a big fan of your work starting with the 777 a long time ago (hope I dont mix things up here). Your A330/340 series with Posky was a milestone including the flexing wings and I was looking forward to another update even as you decided to go payware. Unfortunately for some reason you had to stop that project and later joined CLS. The good thing is that we now have the chance to fly another great model by you. As I can't accept the concept behind that group I wont buy it nevertheless. I wish you all the best and whoever decides to spent money on that release will get some amazing models, thats for sure.However, I still disagree with your opinion about the good value. There are serious addons on the market at about the same price range and talking about a direct competitor, what about Missi's "Fly into the sky series". Maybe it's ironical as all "CLS products" till now (except the DC10) are parts of this product with better marketing and higher price, but this package offers the whole Airbus (or Boeing) product line for 19
  8. Hi.If you're interested, there are two shots over at the flightxpress forums. It's pretty much the same as the -500/-600 panel ("lite" or freeware quality) but with old style standby instruments. As much as I like the look of the models I think there pricing policy is very self-confident, maybe even exaggerated. Just my opinion but 33
  9. I'm no expert but I think it's difficult to make general statements concerning performance. On my system there's no real FPS improvement but the loading times when changing views are definately faster. The downside is of course the quality loss when converting the textures to dxt3. My advice would be make a backup of your aircraft textures an try it yourself. Toby
  10. I didn't only try to merge the Posky model with the PMDG panel but also the Overland model which I personaly prefer. Anyone noticed the different flap sections on those models? At least on my system I didn't find a way to get correct flap and slat movement with the PMDG flap sections on both models. If I use the sections that come with the models landing pitch and speed isn't correct.Any solutions?Toby
  11. Removing the file solved my frame problems too! Not 100% sure, but this file might be the TCAS module from CLS A340 panel?Toby
  12. I'm quite impressed so far, looks like you guys are back on track!As the 757 is a rather old plane you might consider a little more "used" look.Keep up your great work,Toby
  13. Airbus A340-500/600Airbus A320 familyAirbus A380Thanks for your work!Toby
  14. Great, thanks for your fast help!Now I only need the Australian leg, anyone?Toby
  15. Hi guys,I'm looking for some recent flightplans for Austrian's Australia flights.Vienna-Melbourne-Vienna via SingaporeVienna-Sydney-Vienna via Kuala LumpurAny help would be great!Thanks,Toby
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