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  1. Thanks for adding the parking brake parameter in the latest version. Unfortunately I still can't get the jetways to move - if I find out what parameter is triggering this I will let you know.
  2. Thanks for the response. I don't know much about this topic other than that default jetways (CTRL+J) and SODE jetways work with "regular" parked BGL AI traffic as long as exit points are defined for the model in the aircraft.cfg. That doesn't seem to work with PSXseecon but I have no idea why and what the difference in parameters is for BGL parked traffic and your parked traffic. Could it indeed be the setting of the parking brake and engines off? That's a wild guess...
  3. Hi Nico, I have just recently started to experiment with jetways for AI. I can't seem to get them to attach to parked aircraft anywhere - is this a limitation of PSXSeecon or should it work? The aircraft in question are those that are definitely flagged as "parked" in the log and I also tested with static parked ones set through the ParkPos generator. Exits are correctly set in the aircraft.cfg. Thanks
  4. Hi Nico, maybe I'm a bit thick but I can't find any option to attach a file here?
  5. Hi Nico, I just tested with your 9.6 but still have the issue that the program stops and disappears. I had 3 crashes during a period of 30 minute testing. Where do I send the crashdump.dmp from the last one? Thanks
  6. Please add BEG (Bulgarian Eagle) and FGG (flyGlobal). Thanks!
  7. Thanks Nico! Hate to say - just found another one...HKC (Hong Kong Air Cargo).
  8. Thanks for all the updates, it keeps getting better and better!! Just found another one - CXB (Comlux Aruba) is missing.
  9. Hi Nico, can you please add VOC (Volaris Costa Rica) and NGT (Armenia Aircompany) for the next version. Thanks
  10. Hi Nico, can you also please add FBU - French Blue? Thanks
  11. Yes to both. The only way to be able to run FSUIPC on my machine is if I reinstall it and then start P3D. The next time I start P3D it doesn't work again - essentially that means I have to reinstall FSUIPC before each session. Something must happen during the installation that fixes this bug for one-time use only.
  12. It's definitely FSUIPC. As soon as I either disable it in the xml.dll or removed the FSUIPC.dll from the modules folder the sim starts up normally. Clean install, nothing but the sim and FSUIPC installed.
  13. Having the same issue here. There are also threads on the P3D forums over at LM and on the FSUIPC forums. Disabling (in the dll.xml) or reinstalling FSUIPC normally works but after running P3D once the issue comes back. Let's hope Pete can shed some light on this when he gets back on the 5th.
  14. Care to share what you did to fix it? I also get this issue with a clean install. Normally reinstalling FSUIPC fixes it, but each time I run the sim it breaks again. The only other suspect I have is AS16...
  15. I have exactly the same problem!! Disabling FSUIPC in the dll.xml fixes it. This is with a complete fresh install (incl. Windows reinstall).