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  1. I have used them all and am currently with Tomatoshade. I’m using the R&D preset and my sim never looked better. I would rank them: 1. Tomatoshade 2. Envshade 3. PTA Another bonus with TS is the reflection maker, which allows you to add PBR like effects to non-PBR aircraft.
  2. Thanks Jim. I tried optimised defaults In the past and the problem still exists. I even clocked down my CPU and memory vs factory and it still happened. Tried reinstalling my entire system, problem still exists. The OP says that his NTDLL was caused by a USB issue and this caught my intention as I asked myself whether a disconnecting external USB HDD inflight might have the same effect. There’s actually a few people over at the FSL forum with similar issues. Now I know the FSL pushes the system harder than anything else, but it’s also the only time I’m experiencing the NTDLL issues. No problems with other addons like PMDG. I only use native P3Dv4 addons, so not aware of any issues with those. Also got no problems in other applications or games. I’ll have a look at Driver Booster and see if it finds anything I may have missed.
  3. Interesting, thanks for sharing. I'm getting regular CTDs (ntdll) with the FSLabs, usually in cruise. I have tried countless fixes like rebuilding my entire system, removing OC, even downclocking my CPU/RAM and it keeps occuring. Lately I have started to wonder if my external HDD could be causing this when it automatically turns off after being idle for a while. It's always plugged in an on, but it sometimes powers off if idle for a while. Any idea if this might also cause an ndtll and could be the culprit?
  4. The title is very misleading and suggests that the A321 has anything to do with the test.exe controversy a couple of years ago. It has not even be released yet. Can someone please change this to stop it from stating misinformation. As others have said, it was discussed at length at the time, so not sure why it has to be split out as a new topic now. Was what FSL did back then right? No. But it’s done and dusted, they have apologised and I think most people can agree that it’s the single most sophisticated airliner we have for P3D, setting the bar for everything else. So let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Funny enough, some of those same people crucifying FSL defend other developers’ unfinished, overpriced and bugged products like there’s no tomorrow - that’s the real scandal in this hobby, but no one seems to care. Should we dig out every flight sim controversy now that has occurred In the past and start a new topic for it? Might be time to create a new sub forum in that case as it might get busy...
  5. Since you're reluctant to apply logic to your arguments or actually read the dictionary definitions you post here, I will leave it at that. The problem is that people take things out of context and simply ignore plenty of new facts that get released by the developers on a weekly basis. Despite the latest update displaying the most sophisticated aerodynamic physics simulation we have ever seen in a sim, apparently we are still going to get some sort of Flight 2.0. Facts don't matter if they don't fit your narrative...or maybe they're just alternative facts?
  6. Using your logic, 100% of software that has not been released yet is vaporware. That simply doesn't make any sense.
  7. First, that's not what you quoted initially. Second, using your own link you are not helping your case: "[...] has not and may never become available.".
  8. Apart from the fact that the initial post is completely inconsistent, self-contradictory, overdramatic, entirely hypothetical and asking questions no one can answer at this point, it also looks like this has the potential to turn into the next avsim blockbuster thread. Based on some of the initial responses here I'm getting the popcorn ready... That's the first result you get when you google, and it's wrong. Before throwing around words and definitions, people may at least try and do a little bit of research into them without just blindly repeating them. Literally the first line from wikipedia (not the best source in general, but in this case accurate) "In the computer industry, vaporware (or vapourware) is a product, typically computer hardware or software, that is announced to the general public but is never actually manufactured nor officially cancelled. Use of the word has broadened to include products such as automobiles." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaporware So using this in the context of MSFS2020 is categorically wrong at this point in time.
  9. Did you even read my post? I’m clearly saying there will most likely still be scope for enhancements, like detailed aircraft and airport scenery addons. But to keep with the naval references, if everything goes well those enhancements will be some racing stripes on the side or a golden anchor chain, not bucket upon bucket to keep the whole thing from sinking because the hull has more holes than a Swiss cheese... I really cannot fathom all this negativity in here. Just seems there’s no pleasing some. Shouldn’t this be a massive opportunity if you’re a developer? I have said this before, this is generating some significant mainstream media coverage and it will be released as a state of the art platform by a renowned software company which without, funny enough, we wouldn’t even have the sim this forum is about. There is lots of potential for a much bigger market once this goes live, as new and younger people get involved that just don’t fancy installing an essentially decades old sim which then requires thousands of pounds in investment to make it look just about acceptable and may or may not let you complete a flight without frustration. If you have a strong addon product then this should be great news to Mr Developer (more people to sell to) and in turn great news to the customer. The only reason to explain some of the behaviours here is that of course this has the potential to upset the market, make it easier for new, talented entrants to start developing as well as they don’t need to understand a jurassic core platform with all its intricacies and then code something with a hundred workarounds to make it function in the sim. A bigger market also means it becomes more attractive to developers that today don’t take notice or don’t care enough to get involved. More competition means developers need to up their game and cannot charge ridiculous amounts of money for addons that shouldn’t be required in the first place anymore. So yeah, I guess you can see why developers don’t like this.
  10. It's a unique situation, because while I and many others are very grateful for all those third party addons, the need for a lot of them is only created by the countless flaws in our core simulator, which - despite what some say - dates back to the early 2000s. Don't get me wrong, it's amazing what LM have done with P3D, but it's a bit like a 737MAX - we are at a point where there's so much lipstick on a pig that we can't plug all those holes any longer. A lot of the third party developers' bread & butter is plugging those holes with their software, so it's quite frankly normal they don't like that shiny new next gen A350 or whatever in the form of MS20. Because it removes the market for them to sell all those hole plugs... I love my sim, but it also drives me crazy. For every one flight where everything goes to plan, everything looks nice and is immersive, nothing hangs/crashes/doesn't do what it's supposed to do there's another 9 flights were something goes wrong. And with that I mean one of the 10+ addons I have running in the background does somethings silly, something in sim looks bad or glitchy totally killing the immersion or the fact that I even have to run all those things in the background causing the sim platform to crash and leave me frustrated halfway through my flight. Again, I'm grateful there are all those things I can run in the background, but as a consumer I shouldn't have to! Why do I have to purchase an addon to fix time zones that are wrong in the core sim? Why another one to dynamically manage the FTFF so I can actually fly into big airports on top notch hardware without seeing a slideshow on reasonable settings? Why another one to simulate something resembling ATC? And why do I need half a dozen addons alone just to make it look acceptable via shaders, textures, effects, cameras and whatnot. Not to mention all the time spent on researching, purchasing, installing, setting up, updating and maintaining all those different tools. My hopes for the new sim are that it embraces current technology and provides a good enough experience out of the box. Does that mean there's no need for addons? Absolutely not! I am convinced we will still want more detailled airport sceneries and aircraft - good news for any scenery developer and the big aircraft studios. Weather? Maybe the standard engine does the job, but I'm sure there's more that can be done with it. That's ok. What I don't want is a dozen apps fixing things, running in the background at all times and causing instability because the core software is so stretched to its limits and flawed that I cannot enjoy it otherwise. So all those developers currently providing things that will probably be redundant will just have to find another way to add value to the new sim or find something else to do. I for one am quite impressed by the open approach Microsoft have chosen for this, and without them we wouldn't have a flight simulator to begin with.
  11. I can only add my thanks! The team at AIG (OCI. model conversions etc), FAIB, the various gifted repainters and I would like to add Nico and his PSXseecontraffic to the list. All of them are amazing and free - thanks for populating my skies and airports!
  12. Some very narrow minded and short sighted views in here. I also find this pointy finger attitude displayed by some in here quite patronising. Yes, I am considering myself on the side of caution for spending my hard earned money on my sim hobby at this point in time. It doesn’t mean I’m not spending any money at all on my sim, but it means I’m thinking twice before making a purchase, weighing price vs potential quality, use and time. Let’s use the hopefully soon to be released FSL321 as an example - I will buy this on day of release because I have been enjoying their 319/320 immensely and I know that even if FS20 will be the best sim ever, we are extremely unlikely to have an Airbus on that level for at least a few years to come. On the other hand there are sceneries, tools, aircraft and other environment addons that I’m holding off on buying because I simply don’t know how much use I will get out of them. And that’s absolutely fine and perfectly within my right to do so as a consumer. That is completely normal behaviour in a market, considering that a new product has been announced and I’m not going to invest a lot in something I may or may not be using in a year’s time. Now, how will all this pan out? Nobody knows, and either FS20 is going to be the best thing since sliced bread or not. However, some of the suggestions in here are quite frankly ridiculous. Let’s imagine we are living in the golden age of VHS right now and someone has just come out and said there’s this new format coming out called DVD/Blu-ray and you’re standing there arguing that everybody should keep buying those wonderfully bulky VHS tapes. Because if not, you say, you’re putting all those passionate and dedicated film makers out of business. Same thing as what’s happening here right now and you have to admit you’d be pretty foolish if you had followed that advice. Last time I checked there were also still lots of passionate and dedicated film makers out there... Now, is FS20 our DVD/Blu-ray moment? Who knows, but there’s a fair chance, so why risk it? The addon developers need to keep moving with the time, just like all other aspects of business and life. Quite a few are already working on or announcing they will be working on FS20 and they’ll be the ones coming out on top. If you want me to buy addons for a potentially soon to be dying platform, discount them and I will reconsider. Or offer me credit, like PMDG did recently so that I know my investment is future proof. One other point I’d like to raise and something that has been bugging me for quite some time on here. Addon developers are businesses and they’re providing me a product/service for a price. I’m a customer. While there are some incredible developers out there who constantly raise the bar and do display all this passion and dedication talked about here, there are also a lot of mediocre developers and some black sheep. I don’t understand why I often see developers, no matter the subject or suggestion, lifted on a pedestal and being told to be nice because if not they will stop developing. I’m paying for a service here, so I’m well entitled to complain or make suggestions. If that’s enough to make them “stop developing” then that’s quite frankly bizarre. I also don’t have to be grateful for whatever they put in front of us, bugged and unfinished. I’m paying a lot of money for this product, so I have rights as a consumer as well. Of course there is a balance and we absolutely should praise and encourage those that deliver us products of the highest standard and constantly keep updating them, even adding new features (FSL, Flightbeam, FSDT to name a few). Which brings me to my final point: money and access to this hobby. When I was young and started simming, addons were cheap and yes, maybe not as sophisticated. There was also tons of amazing freeware around. That means, it was relatively easy for me to really get into this hobby, build a nice catalogue of sim products, and start exploring a lot of different things in this virtual world with the little pocket money I had. Skip forward to today and I count myself lucky to have a salary that allows me to keep up with how expensive this hobby has become. I imagine myself trying to maintain my hardware and sim on the little pocket money I had disposable back when, and I struggle to see how any young person today can really become involved in this hobby of ours unless they either have very deep pockets, get all their stuff in illegal ways or have some sort of family ties to the hobby. When addons run into the hundreds of $ and I have to buy a dozen different tools and addons just to have a basic sim platform to use then that certainly doesn’t bode very well for the future of this hobby. I would argue that’s a far bigger threat to our hobby than some buyers caution and a new sim, and don’t forget that many of these young people may become the addon developers of tomorrow...and obviously that will never happen if they can never get involved in this hobby in the first place. That’s where Microsoft come in and they certainly have the experience and scope to make flight sim affordable and accessible for young people interested in our hobby again! That alone should encourage us to look forward to what’s coming, it’s called progress.
  13. Try turning off any overclock you have and see if the crashes stop. If they do, slowly try to overclock again - step by step - until the point where it's stable.
  14. Could also be that a lot of traffic is overloading your system to a point where it becomes unstable. What is your hardware and do you have any overclock?
  15. The problem with the FSPXAI models is that the developer doesn't follow the SDK for P3D. It's also causing a bunch of issues with the newly released FSReborn AI Lights product and means the models are not compatible with it. Quite sad that a payware developer cannot seem to figure out how to follow SDK, when all the freeware AI models and AIG conversions for old FS9 models work perfectly and in lines with the SDK. My guess is that this is causing the erratic behaviour mentioned in this thread for those models - I myself am well aware of the FSPXAI A380 taxiing and taking off with spoilers deployed. I'm currently in the process of reverting back to TFS models (look over on the Alpha India group forum, they have done a lot of work to convert them for P3D, incl. adding PBR and dyn lights to them) and UTT for the 787. It's a real shame, especially considering that I paid good money for the FSPXAI models and yet have to go back to freeware because it's better.
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