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  1. I think I may have had the same problem.What a brilliant solution!!-You learn something everyday .Thankyou
  2. That now makes sense as I was using one of SF PTA presets and didn't like the result.So glad I asked the origal question!
  3. REX td and soft clounds hasn't been mentioned .I am assuming its pretty well redundant as far as clouds are concerned?
  4. Very clear thx
  5. Very helpful.Thx
  6. Definitely want to keep Sky Force and Active sky too.Just completed a flight into LEPA overcast and the clouds looked tremendous .Left EGKK in fogging conditions and that look good too.I just feel something is missing
  7. Hi.I have Sky Force, Active Sky,ASCA,PTA .Rex TD with soft clouds and Envtex..Have people reached a conclusion as to the best way to integrate each program that works.Obviously peoples themes will be different but its the actual dovetailing that confuses me .Reed at Rex has said that it is strongly NOT recommended to use another texture product with Sky Force.That has completely floored me I hope what I'm asking is clear but I'm really confused now. At the moment I'm running active sky-I have deleted asca-havent toched Rex TD and soft clouds for a whilel ,a PTA set and Envtex with all cloud boxes off. I try to use google and you tube for answers but I cant seem to find anything appropriate Help!
  8. I have installed SF on my network pc along with ASP4 and ASCA.But that hasn't answered your question !
  9. exactly what I have done and the result is outstanding
  10. I've installed it into P3D v4.1 by pointing it to the sim.Seems to work fine as far as I can see,Make a backup first through the interface
  11. Thanks start all over then
  12. Cant seem to connect to real traffic.Is it still working?
  13. Good to see some objectivity on Black Marble .I take it you like it and its worth the money!Hope the new P3D v 4.1 doesnt break anything!
  14. Thank you Mike .Do the installers include the patch now and include instructions in a read me concerning what has to be accomplished vis a vis Orbx