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  1. For some reason today suddenly the left engine cuts out on taxi to runway.Has anyone experienced this
  2. Very many thanks for responding .I was able to copy over my FLAi xml from Prepar3d v4 to V5 and it is now enabled in the sim,but Im still getting the same error.Can I ask you where I should address this issue.There wasnt a problem in Prepar3d v4
  3. Ive just installed P3D v5.I am getting error 81 -there are too many liveries etc.I am using FLAi and I dont understand how to enable FLAi in the sim
  4. I use Real Traffic/FLAI too and was getting the wretched Ntdll.dll crash and had no idea why.This could definitely explain it.My solution has been to change the compatibility mode of P3D to windows 8 and haven't had a ctd since.Not sure its a perfect solution though but I cant see any difference in performance
  5. I have Active Sky installed on both server(P3D computer) and client machines.You have to run the ASConnect_P3Dv4_Install.exe from the CLIENT machine
  6. I think I may have had the same problem.What a brilliant solution!!-You learn something everyday .Thankyou
  7. That now makes sense as I was using one of SF PTA presets and didn't like the result.So glad I asked the origal question!
  8. REX td and soft clounds hasn't been mentioned .I am assuming its pretty well redundant as far as clouds are concerned?
  9. Definitely want to keep Sky Force and Active sky too.Just completed a flight into LEPA overcast and the clouds looked tremendous .Left EGKK in fogging conditions and that look good too.I just feel something is missing
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