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  1. I really found this interresting: “So basically less than 1 percent of people in the world who own a PlayStation gave enough of a word not allowed to get the subscription,” van Dreunen said.
  2. An interesting article about cloud gaming which puts the new Xbox and Flight Simulator into perspective. https://gizmodo.com/maybe-microsofts-xbox-chief-didnt-say-the-stupidest-thi-1841494677?utm_source=gizmodo_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow&utm_campaign=socialflow_gizmodo_twitter
  3. I'm just gonna cruise at 2000 ft AGL and look at our beautiful planet in all its glory with some great music in the background. And if that's all MSFS is good for I'm OK with that. With all the spots on the map I'd like to see it will probably keep me occupied for years. I couldn't care less about detailed airports, extra aircraft or real weather. I already got that pretty well covered in P3D v4. So you see, we're all different.
  4. At least I didn't see any vector roads going through buildings and no "melted plastic" mountain sides... But the videos are pretty useless in terms of getting a feel for the scenery and simulator. The cockpits and aircraft look smashing (but we knew that), but the menu system looks sweet.
  5. You're right. I didn't respond since I never included you in that group of "preachers", and I had nothing more to add. What this thread clearly shows is how different we value and judge the progress made by LM from ESP to the current version of Prepar3D. From those who find it an extraordinary achievement to those who have the lipstick on a pig mindset. Admittedly I might be too vocal about my own stance, and I probably should clean up my own act, before I pass judgement on others. 😞 But Prepar3D v5 seems to be imminent and I'm sure we're all eager to see what LM has to offer. For some it will be great, for others, meh... But times they are a changin'. It will be really interesting to see if Microsoft can win back the heart and minds of the hard core simmers, but even more interesting, how many current Prepar3D users that are willing to make the upgrade to v5.
  6. Not everyone. To me graphics are everything at this point in time. The simulation part has been as good as I needs to be for a decade already. The only exception to the rule is when I use VirtualFly's full motion simulators at my local flight sim center. Then you have motion, a cockpit and a much more realistic experience, but when I'm home in my office/spare bedroom, the only thing that suspends my disbelief is what I can see on the monitor, hence the need for it to be ultra realistic. I do however know and accept that people see things differently from me. This is a fragmented hobby where people have different needs, so to each his own. Prepar3D has been the best option for me personally since they released v2 in 2013, but I doubt it will have anything to offer me once MSFS 2020 hits the streets. What I don't get is all this "preaching" where people present their own wants and needs as the truth, and as something that should apply for the flight sim community as a whole.
  7. 2010, November: v1 - essentially an ESP service pack, and some minor scenery updates. 2013, November: v2 - major improvement of the "DX9" rendering engine, and increased performance. 2015, September: v3 - HDR lighting and avatar mode. Later VR support. 2017, May: v4 - 64 bit architecture. And we've lost some default aircraft and gained some new ones along the way... It has been a slow and steady ride. Good for us with essentially no other alternative, and even better for the X-Plane fans who surely benefited from Laminar getting more competition.
  8. In any event, it will be interesting to see what P3D v5 has to offer at this point...
  9. Unless you refuse to believe in any information provided directly from the developer, I'd say we know quite a lot about FS "2020" already. The Alpha is now spread around and if you know someone, or know someone who knows someone, you can go have a flight in it today. Prepar3D v5 on the other hand is a big unknown as there seems to be a pretty small test group amongst the "entertainment" crowd.
  10. I really fail to see your logic... Why on earth should anyone skip or move on to anything? Each platform has its merits.
  11. I'm sure you will need the greatest hardware money can buy to get the best possible experience, but how is this different from the current situation? If you want X-Plane or Prepar3D to be as rel as it gets, you need the exact same hardware. Possibly, the only difference is the need for broadband Internet, but it seems Microsoft has been kind enough to include such users too by having an offline mode - and the ability to pre-download scenery. Every flight sim since FS 2000 has been a pain in terms of hardware requirements, but I wouldn't want any software developer to make software adapted to the least common denominator.
  12. Probably, but somehow that doesn't make me hover with excitement. But for those who think Microsoft's in development simulator is a big conspiracy theory made only to disappoint fans of the genera, I guess new and improved FSX graphics and plausible scenery on the horizon is a huge relief. Good thing is, seems like we'll all get what we want finally - which is a big change from the present.
  13. I don't get it. We've got nothing to lose. Prepar3D v4 and X-Plane 11 aren't going anywhere. If MSFS is good - hurrah! - if not, back to normal. But there surely is great stuff to be had. How much better it will be to explore Barcelona in MSFS than using Google Earth. Even if the flying is word not allowed, I'll be happy to use it for geography and map exploration.
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