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  1. Since this "turbulence problem" was added in SU9...I would assume that if one could theoretically "uninstall" SU9 from the sim...then at the same time you would be getting rid of the turbulence...only I am pretty sure there is no way to roll back or uninstall updates which means that we are pretty much stuck with the issue. What if I completely uninstall the simulator...would I at the same time be uninstalling all the updates that were in it?...how does this work?...and even if all the updates were gone with an uninstall and then clean install...would the updates still automatically come back?...something tells me they would.
  2. There is one thing that keeps boggling my mind though... Lately I have been watching quite a few YouTube videos of people flying GA aircraft doing vfr at different world locations and sometimes they use the external camera to show the airplane and I notice that the airplane is really "flying on rails" as they say...super smooth...not an inch of turbulence!...and...by the looks of the weather its blue skies (maybe summer or spring)...also flying above land (not water)...and not as suggested to fly only at night or at dusk/dawn...or only in the month of January if you want to avoid turbulence. So after watching several videos depicting 0 turbulence with super smooth and steady flights in all sorts of weather conditions...the same question keeps rising to me...how is that possible?...arent we all using the same simulator after all?...which means that it is true what a lot of people say on this thread that they don't understand those of us who are complaining because they are experiencing super smooth flights with absolutely 0 turbulence and the proof is all in the videos that i have been watching. And for that reason I keep saying that something fishy is going on here...we are all "seemingly" using the same sim...yet still there are those who don't have this problem at all!...that for me defies all logic!...unless some one can come up with the million dollar answer.
  3. I have seen "wish lists" in some places in which people put all that they would like to be implemented in the sim. My question: How can this wish to have an adjustable slider get on those so called wish lists?...how does that work?...or...where and how can I submit this wish?...
  4. I mean for the life of me I don't understand why on earth they don't want to implement a simple slider that gives the option from 0 turbulence to maximum?...I mean there are weather sliders right now for almost everything...its like they are reluctant somehow to do this...if wind is set to zero="less turbulence"...thats not enough...should be: 0= no turbulence 1= moderate 2=. turbulence 3=. high 4=. maximum 5= extreme I am not a game programmer...but is this so difficult to implement Asobo?...why so reluctant to do this?...im mean this way everyone is satisfied...plain and simple.
  5. That's exactly what I was afraid of...no toggle/slider...which means that they are not interested in the least in satisfying the wishes of those of us who are annoyed by the ridiculous "turbulence" that they have added. in other words this proofs that they could care less if it has totally ruined the vfr experience for some of us... what Asobo essentially is communicating is..."those of you who are not satisfied with what we have implemented...too bad...then don't use the simulator"...of course not in those exact words...but that is the vibe that I am getting from them. And also on a side note...I can't help but notice how some members (without mentioning any names) here on this topic show a total disregard to what is really bothering some of us...by the nature of their comments I sense mockery and disrespectfulness which is totally uncalled for...I mean I know for a fact that this turbulence is in ALL simulators which means that it affects every one!...the only reason that most are "claiming" that they are seemingly not affected is simply because it does not bother them in the least to see an airplane bouncing around like crazy...hell, maybe they even enjoy it!...and that is why they are all saying that for them its not a problem...well if you all are ok with it...good for you...more power to you!...but that does not give you the right to mock and disrespect those of us who really are seriously affected by it...arent we supposed to support and encourage each other?...other wise what is the point of these forums...if someone comes here with something that clearly bothers them and asking for help and support...but all one gets in return is people that laugh at your problem and make fun of it... I must say I am disappointed...I honestly expected much better. Most people are really supportive and helpful here...but there are some very rotten apples amongst us. And of course after this rant of mine I expect tons of negative reactions again...let them come...who wants to be first?...
  6. Nailed it!... Next: Mission impossible: Convince Asobo.... I mean, yes I saw the twitch video where Sebastian said that "they probably should" implement an on/off switch...real question is...are they really going to go through with it?... On the other hand...one thing that I am noticing much to my surprise...is that this issue is getting its long due attention after all...something that I did not expect to be honest...since it appears that the majority of people "claim" not be bothered by the turbulence...I thought that this topic had come to its end...but it seems that some people are coming out of the woodwork...and to me that is a good sign!...the more this is stressed the bigger the chance that Asobo might consider implementing a solution. Thanks guys for the support!
  7. One thing that crossed my mind last night...all of us who are affected by the excessive turbulence we are hellbend on saying that this is a "baked in"...and "hard coded" effect that Asobo explicitly implemented in SU9...but here is the thing...is there not a list somewhere that shows and highlights exactly what is added and fixed in each update?...isnt that the "Release notes". ?... Because I have gone through the latest release notes and nowhere I can see the implementation of turbulence...unless of course there are things that they implement but don't put them in the release notes... I mean we keep saying that this is baked in...but do we have actual proof?...we only deduce that it is baked in because of the fact that there seems to be nothing at the moment that we can do to get rid of it. I mean...what if...something else is at play here?...take for example the fact that some are affected and others not at all... The other reason that we "think" that it is a baked in effect is because it all started after SU9...which according to our "logic"...makes us conclude that Asobo implemented it in SU9. I guess the only one that can truly answer this million dollar question is Asobo themselves...I wonder when the next Q&A is...
  8. The mission now is...to convince Asobo!... Any ideas?...
  9. My final thoughts: After reading all the reactions it is obvious that opinions are clearly mixed on this...to say the least. It is obvious that there is an exaggerated baked in turbulence effect...but it is also obvious that a lot of people (if not most) are totally not affected by it...or simply just don't care that its there...well that being said...good for you if it doesn't bother you in the least...but please have some respect and consideration for those amongst us that are deeply annoyed by it...I mean we can't force you to see what is obviously clearly there...because if it was not there...then I would be the only one complaining...which is not the case...becuase many others like me are complaining...which means it definitely exists!...so call all of us crazy if you want to...but we are not seeing ghosts...we are reporting an issue that is deeply disturbing for us who are affected...yes... we might be in the minority...but we are there!...and we are the ones who have to deal with the issue...so we humbly ask all of those who don't see this is as a problem or who are equally not affected by it to at the very least try and support our cause and help us to convince Asobo to implement an adjustable option for this. Furthermore it does not make much sense to even continue with these discussions because like I said before the opinions on this matter are very mixed amongst the Community...and just to avoid any further friction and disagreements lets just all for the sake of peace and harmony just try and support each other and help each other. My final wish for Asobo: Please implement a user adjustable option/slider/parameter so that everyone can set their own stipulations for what concerns turbulence. We all know you guys can do it...just like we have adjustable sliders for everything else, this can also be implemented. I rest my case Thanks for your time and support. Capt747 out.
  10. Yes!...and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it to get rid of it...Asobo needs to fix this...soon!...but I need more supporters for this cause...we need a lot of votes for this to go through...can this be added to a "wish list" somewhere?...
  11. Finally!...one supporter!...I need more!...
  12. Well...to be honest I am truly disappointed that not a single person who previously also claimed to be truly bothered by this is reacting in support of my argument... it is obvious that the people who have reacted so far are not affected by this issue... Where are all the ones who just like me were complaining about this?...unless they have fixed the issue somehow (which I strongly doubt)
  13. Well...ok then please answer me this: How do you explain that many others are experiencing the same problem?...I mean they have all said it on this forum that they are experiencing the same problem...are they all lying then?...I don't think so... If only all the others like me who are also complaining could also post videos so that everyone can see...only they are not posting...I am the only one posting...quite peculiar...I wonder why...
  14. I am sorry but for me to go back and edit all these clips and look for specific time stamps is going to be a lot of work and somehow a waste of time to be honest... the overall effect is pretty clear to notice in all of the clips...with a little patience one can see the obvious...I recommend watching the second clip from above (freeware aircraft over Egypt) as it is pretty clear to see the effect from the very beginning. Also the first and last clips...from the very beginning its also noticeable...one would have to be pretty blind to not notice this!...unless of course some of you do consider this plane wobbling "normal"...well trust me its far from normal...I have watched real airplanes during flight and none behave like this...unless they are flying through a hurricane or a twister!... btw...sorry for the caps at the intro. And can those who are not experiencing this problem please let us know your in flight settings (e.g. weather...in game general options etc...and which simulator version you are using)...because clearly you must have something we don't...only the big mystery is what?....
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