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  1. flyinpilot212121

    Odd problem, ntice a few others have as well

    I thought that might be the problem, So I turned the windows firewall and UAC off but still becomes broken upon update..Its very odd... I also have their 747 and have no issues with it .
  2. Hello all, I just purchased the ngx today and after a few attempts of installing I finally got it to work, however everytime I update it through the ops center the aircraft becomes broken as in it loses is validation code and doesn’t give me the option to enter it. When I uninstall after the update and reinstall using the download link provided by PMDG everything works fine...unless I update it as per the ops center. Its very odd, Not a big deal as it’s usable in its state but thought I’d mention it. thanks Gerry Soulliere
  3. flyinpilot212121

    card declined

    Hi, Ive had this problem when I purchased P3D with a prepaid credit card, I’m also from Canada and what I had to do to get it to accept it was go to the prepaid cards website and add an address to the card..sounds weird but it worked once I tied my address to the prepaid card. maybe worth a try
  4. flyinpilot212121

    jet for low end pc?

    Hello, I'm using P3D, Flying with PMDG 747, Active sky + ASCA, ORBX Global, Precipit FX on an old I5 650 @ 3.2ghz with a GTX 660 and 8 GB ram..Very slow compared to today's computers but I get about 25 FPS, Granted I don't use any add-on scenery for airports as well as no AI traffic but it gets me by for the time being. I'm planning on picking up the PMDG NGX in the near future. I also fly the Majestic dash 8 every once in a while and get about 35 FPS... However as good as the Majestic dash 8 is as an add-on, for some reason I just don't enjoy the dash 8 to be honest, I guess not my type of aircraft.
  5. flyinpilot212121

    Freeware scenery for P3D - AI Traffic?

    Thanks for the replies! I’ll dig into these products a little deeper. As for updating to V4.3, I don’t really see anything that would be of great benefit in the way I use P3D to update, So I was thinking of waiting till the next update. Thanks Again everyone Gerry
  6. Good afternoon fellow simmers, I'm running P3D V4.2 stock other then Active sky, ASCA and orbx base package. I did an internet search on freeware add-on scenery for p3d but didn't come up with anything clear and concise. I'm wondering if there are any freeware scenery airports available for P3D? I come straight from FS9 and remember FS9 having a plethora of scenery airports freeware, having said that I also don't want to "Break" my P3D either, I'm very cautious in what I install in P3D to avoid frustration.... Should payware be the only avenue to take in order to keep my P3D safe? As well, figured Id get 2 birds with one stone, When it comes to AI traffic, I also couldn't come up with anything clear, everything I found online regarding AI was pretty daunting, but is there any easy to use real world AI that can be injected in P3D painlessly? Again going back to my FS9 days, I remember using world of AI which was incredibly easy to use, does something like that work for P3D? To sum up: 1) Are there any good freeware airport scenery that wont break my P3D 2) How does one go about installing AI without having to do any hardcore programming? Thanks Gerry
  7. flyinpilot212121

    PMDG 737 or wait?

    Thanks everyone for the great insight, I think I'm going to go ahead and grab it,as a member mentioned in an earlier post, over a year of usage it really is cheap looking at it that way. I wont leave the 747 in the hanger as it is a wonderful aircraft, but with the 737 it will give me variation. back in the fs9 days I use to litter my sim with aircraft that I didn't fly, this time around I want to invest in a few aircraft that i will fly and focus more on making the sim environment shine.(just purchased ASCA and giving it a first time go, what a transformation!!!) Thanks again
  8. flyinpilot212121

    PMDG 737 or wait?

    That’s exactly it, The 747 is fantastic and really enjoy flying it, But it has its specific uses whereas the 737 has its specific uses as well. Most tones I only have 2 hours or so to use the sim where the 737 would provide that type of flying. after using the 747 from PMDG I have no issues with their pricing, Get what you pay for. Having said that if a PMDG new version of the 737 Were to happen I would wait, unless it is 2 plus years out, which is anyone’s guess really.
  9. flyinpilot212121

    PMDG 737 or wait?

    Good day everyone, Having recently switched over to P3D from FS9 I’m wondering whether I should spend the 90$ on PMDG 737 or wait for a possible remake that’s been mentioned every now and again. I did purchase their 747 and it’s an amazing aircraft, Last PMDG I’ve purchased prior to the 747 was their 737 for fs9. They have made great advancements since then and am very impressed by the quality and immersion of the 747, And would imagine their other offerings would offer the same however I’m worried I would spend the 90$ and don’t want to have a new release 2 months later etc. this is more of a “What would you do” type question? Thanks
  10. flyinpilot212121

    Is P3D V4 lacking a regional jet

    Thanks, I’ll look into these.. anyone try Carenado pc12? Or any Carenado aircraft, Seem to have quite the product line of aircraft.
  11. flyinpilot212121

    Is P3D V4 lacking a regional jet

    Hi all, Im usually the type to fly airliners but thinking about getting a regional jet for the shorter hops, I have the pmdg 747 as well as the majestic dash 8. Id be looking for something like an CRJ or something similar... perhaps even a single engine turbo prop to fly the simulated medevacs type. So, Is P3D lacking a decent regional jet or single engine turboprop? Thanks
  12. flyinpilot212121

    Looking for a tropical destination flight tonight

    Ive just hit TOD into TNCM from YYZ as I type this, I’m about 130 nm NW of the airport coming in for the RNAV approach runway 10.... hope to grease it!!!
  13. flyinpilot212121

    Looking for a tropical destination flight tonight

    I'm quite Jealous!!!
  14. flyinpilot212121

    Looking for a tropical destination flight tonight

    No havnt made the trip yet, Had to work all day ;) Planning TNCM as we speak from the cold cold Toronto. But Now I have a few places to see!!
  15. flyinpilot212121

    Looking for a tropical destination flight tonight

    This is also my fovroite type of themed flight, Leaving my home-ish airport CYYZ and head to a warm tropical destination, Fun to see the snow go away and temperatures rise, Amd simulate the return into the cold and snow