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  1. Fs95,98,2000,2002,2004,fsx… kind of expected, I’ll buy it day one if only to support the flight simulation genre and to play my part in progress.
  2. Coming back to flight sim after about 3 months and am interested in the A310, lots of information here, in a nutshell, I’m planning on taking it from Cyyz to kmia for its maiden voyage, is it ready? or should I just take the fenix or pmdg
  3. At times it can be. I usually spend my summers away from the sim as I enjoy the sun, warm weather and my motorcycle riding. However in the winter is when I usually sim as I don’t like the cold weather, or winter in general. I think if I used the sim all year round I would get bored of it so my on and off again system works out pretty well for me.
  4. Thanks, No purchased apps. Technically no real need to upgrade, however I only have the regular size screen and would like the bigger screen size, so pretty much the reason I would upgrade phones. The iPhone 14 now offers a plus size without having to dish out for the max version (kudos to apple for offering this) but the plus is pretty much the same size as the S22+. I would just sell my 12 to recoup some of the cost.
  5. Good day all, not aviation related, but sorta is as tech works hand in hand with aviation 😀 So I’ve been an iPhone user since the iPhone 4, I’m now on the 12 and was holding out on an upgrade until the iPhone 14 was announced to see if there were any changes. Pretty disappointed with the offering so I’m thinking of switching to the Samsung S22+, it seems to offer more for less money. I’m pretty happy with iOS but getting rather bored of the very small incremental updates where I may end up trying the android for a few years. Im not heavily invested in the so called “eco-system”. I do have an iPad that I will be keeping but that’s about it, no Iwatch, no mac book, no AirPods. Im enjoy tech, and know there are no right or wrong answers, but figured if anyone else is into this kind of thing maybe we can have a healthy discussion on what you prefer to use and why. Might sway my decision on sticking with the Apple brand 😂 Cheers!
  6. Ya that’s pretty much exactly what is happening in that video, glad it’s not just me. Thank your posting this!
  7. After updating my driver, I’ve tried it a few times and there was no screen tearing like I was having, I can’t say for sure it’s gone completely yet but I’ll see within the next few flights.
  8. I’ve used both but prefer tobii and it’s what I’m using full time, as mentioned, for me the selling point is not having to wear anything on my head, the downfall is what was mentioned above by someone, when you freeze the camera it reverts back to the original head position… I haven’t seen any hard evidence that they are fixing it, but it would seem like common sense that they are aware of this and will fix it I would hope, but even if they were to not fix that, I still much prefer it over track ir…. It’s good to have options!
  9. Thanks all, I will start with updating driver, I was on 471.41 so it may be that, I will also look into this freesync thing… not even sure what free sync is but I’ll google it. Edit: just googled freesync and it looks to be an amd thing, so it wouldn’t affect me.
  10. I’m curious to see if anyone has seen this at all, every once in a while I get some screen tearing, it’s always at the top of the monitor, maybe about 4 inches from the top and appears when I pan around, it’s like a strip of multiple cubes across the monitor horizontally (from one end to the other) is best I can describe it, and the strip is about 2 inches wide vertically. What’s odd is that sometimes it doesn’t appear for a whole sim session, and sometimes it does, and if it appears it’s there for the whole flight. It’s probably like 50/50 on when it shows it’s ugly face. Curious if anyones had this issue happen? And if not wonder if there are any opinions on what could cause this. as a side note, when it does appear I can still fly the flight as it’s at the top of the screen, but just looking to diagnose the possible issue. Cheers
  11. Holy jeebus!! Digging up my old thread that I had forgotten about lol I might as well update everyone, I’m back to my old ways and not using anything, it was fun using such a program for a littl while but back to just flying the skies with no purpose in mind!
  12. I’m disappointed, I was hoping this iteration of x-plane was the one I would get my x-plane start in alongside msfs, unfortunately reading these comments and watching a few videos has made me decide to stay away yet again. I hope those who dove in are enjoying it though as I’m not an “us versus them” type person. Cheers folks!
  13. I’ve used both, both work but I so much prefer tobii for the fact that I don’t have to wear anything on my head, for those that say “well the hardware is light and you barely notice it”… don’t really care if it’s light and barely noticeable, I prefer nothing, and tobii offers that.
  14. Thanks, I am noticing 2 414 in my airplanes list within msfs, I’ll try removing one.
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