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  1. I’ll echo what everyone pretty much is saying, I was on the fence with the buttkicker for a very long time, decided to finally give it a try and bought one a year or so ago, while expensive, I’d happily buy another one when this one expires without a second thought.. adds so much to the sim, that clunking feeling when the gear on my 737 drops, or retracts, along with everything else of course. Absolutely love it. It packs a real punch though, so no need to use it full blast, If I had to guess I’d say I use mine at 25% levels, which is enough for me, along with sim shakers module.
  2. I’m anxious for the efb. I was never an efb kind of person but after using it in the “other” airliner, I’m missing it in the 737.
  3. Thanks for confirming… looks like i wasn’t the only one. I tried turning off live weather but then because the aircraft was hovering it ended up falling to the ground, so I turned the sim off and went to bed lol.
  4. Looking to see if anyones run across this issue, was coming in to land at CYYZ yesterday in the fenix, about 500 ft above ground the wind started climbing all the way up to 200kts, plane was hovering in place as my speed was obviously a lot lower.. never came across this one before, wondering if anyone has seen this?
  5. Exactly this… 6$ for an upgrade price, blows my mind that people are bent out of shape over it… seriously it’s only 6$, I can probably Find that in change if I look around the house, in the couch, in junk drawers, centre console of my truck.
  6. I received the card today and installed it , got to try it quickly And you are absolutely right, it is like a whole new simulator, the difference is unreal and the experience has been completely transformed!!
  7. Thank you, I ordered the TI model and just reading your comment now, I’m sure the non-ti would have been sufficient but I already hit the buy now and it’s on its way. I appreciate you giving me your experience on the upgrade, you’ve given me confidence in the new card!
  8. Looking at purchasing a new gpu to go with a new build (cpu I7 12700kf), Given my budget, I’ve narrowed it down to the gtx 3060, wondering if anyone would know if there is a big difference between a TI and non-TI model in relation to msfs
  9. Thank you all for your great recommendations, I’m trying hwmonitor, not sure on the accuracy but so far looking like temps are good! Perhaps a successful build 😂
  10. Thank you, my specs below is my old system, I haven’t updated the specs in my sig yet… although I didn’t go liquid cooled in the new build
  11. Hi all, So I just completed my first ever pc build and it went flawlessly, surprised as how easy it was and I’m quite proud of it, I don’t think I’ll ever buy a pre-built again now that I’ve built my pc once. There were moments where I had to google some things but on the overall it’s a simple process, Anyways, now with the new build I want to monitor temperatures for the next little bit to get some comfort in knowing it’s operating in a decent range, curious as to what is out there to monitor temps? Any recommendations? Thanks
  12. Good day folks, I received most of my parts for a new build apart from a few pieces, hopefully have the new build completed over the weekend. I will be starting from scratch with msfs and considering a few things, looking for general opinion 1) previous system I bought msfs through the microsoft store, it isn’t a pleasant experience and contemplating re-purchasing through steam to hopefully avoid update headaches etc. not sure whether the cost of a new copy would be worth it, has anyone switched from the Microsoft store edition to the steam edition that can kindly offer an opinion on whether it was worth the re-purchase? 2) being as how I will be starting with a new OS, wondering whether I should go with windows 11 or go back to windows 10? Again just looking for opinion on those who have made the switch 3) I’m a little worried about transferring all my add-on licenses to a new system, you know with all the serial keys etc…. Anyone who’s been through the process has it been a headache to have everything transferred over to a new computer? I have all the usual culprits in add-ons, just looking for a general idea of what I will be faced with once I get the new system online. Cheers!
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