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  1. I totally understand, I too like to wait for potential sales on software that I’m interested in.
  2. I’m not sure, but one thing I’m sure about is that chaseplane is well worth the full price. I was on the fence on purchasing it but I’m so glad I did. No regrets at all and couldn’t imagine using the simulator without it!!!! P.S not affiliated with chaseplane, Just an extremely happy customer.
  3. flyinpilot212121

    Just purchased the PC-12...Looking for Bert's modification

    Thanks Martin, I will contact him sometime in the next few days, Cant wait to learn this aircraft. Gerry
  4. Good afternoon everyone, I finally purchased the Carenado PC-12 since they are having a sale going on, I have been lurking this forum for a while trying to get a feel for the PC-12 as I knew it was only a matter of time before i would purchase it. I keep reading about Bert's wonderful modification and without having tried the pc-12 yet im looking at installing the mod as it seems to gather much praise. Where would one find this file? is this something I need to contact Bert for? Looking forward to flying this bird :-D Thanks Gerry
  5. flyinpilot212121

    Carenado sale on now over at FSPilotShop

    Thanks for the heads up, I’ve been pondering getting their pc-12 for a very long time and now would seem to be the ideal time.
  6. flyinpilot212121

    Reality XP Thanksgiving Sale

    That’s what it was, The store tab doesn’t show it but The home page does. thanks for the help, I’m looking at upgrading the avionics on the ol’ PC-12
  7. flyinpilot212121

    Reality XP Thanksgiving Sale

    Yes your are right, I’m looking at the “store” tab... ill go take another look. I accessing the page from my iPhone but that shouldn’t make a difference. thanks
  8. flyinpilot212121

    Reality XP Thanksgiving Sale

    It’s odd, I don’t see a strike through with the link provided in the OP. Only a price of 49.99.
  9. flyinpilot212121

    Reality XP Thanksgiving Sale

    Hi, not being too familiar with the product but are these prices on the link in the OP already reflect the 30% discount? thanks
  10. Hello, I’m not too familiar with cpu’s But is a I5 8400 any good? They have a sale on one at a local computer shop but not sure on how these cpu ‘s are. im currently using an I5 650. thanks
  11. flyinpilot212121

    Correct way to load payware A/C

    That is how I do it, never had issues in this way with any payware planes.
  12. flyinpilot212121


    Good insight Konrad, Had I had EZDOK I doubt I would have tried chaseplane, and I would imagine ezdok has its things it does really well. We are a spoiled bunch with the options of products we have today to inject into our simulator platforms as to compared to before..... at a price of course, I have no issues with this cost. I started with MSFS 95 and it was “out of the box is what it was”. Cheers
  13. flyinpilot212121


    Hello Folks, I'm not one to come on here and praise any one product individually, but for anyone considering this software, don't hesitate!!! Ive just purchased it and all I can say is... BRAVO OLD PROP, BRAVO!!!!!! My goodness, what a program, kick myself for waiting this long, easy to use and easy to setup. P.S, I'm not affiliated with them whatsoever, just a very impressed and happy customer.
  14. flyinpilot212121

    Landing Rating Calculator

  15. flyinpilot212121

    an idea

    That’s thinking outside the box for sure, however I personally wouldn’t like that idea, I enjoy Knowing that right now I can start the flight sim and use it for 4 hours and it won’t cost me anything (other then my “overhead” cost you can say)