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  1. Some good comments and suggestions here, I appreciate them all. A few things that I find most important in a sim is the depiction and integration of real world weather, which by the sounds of it, is still not up too par in msfs. also being able to properly plan a flight and execute the flight in a somewhat realistic manner(airliner operations). ATC is not one bit important to me as I never used it in p3d or previous Flight sim offerings (I’ve started with FS95). I am making a list on what to try and look at with all these suggestions. I do feel this can and will be the sim of the future, just hoping I’m not wrong.
  2. No I definitely have no need to spend money, but willing to in order the get the best possible experience with this sim. I will be sure to check out the cj4 and their GPS mods. Thanks
  3. Hi all, So when msfs was first released, like many I purchased it and was in awe with my first few tries, but given the issues that became apparent after a few uses, that feeling quickly went away and I haven’t used the sim since probably a month after it was released. I decided I would give flight simulation a break for 2 reasons, first, MSFS just didn’t seem at the time in its base offering what I was looking for in a sim (awaiting on mods and add-ons) and second, while at the same time the sim left a sour taste in my mouth, ill admit it ruined my enjoyment using p3d because I was seeing what msfs can truly be visual wise(No arguments please, this is my personal experience). So as I said I left the computer sit since then. I’m now getting an urge to give it another go in hopes that it’s matured a little bit since release, so after all this, I’m looking at seeing what the “must haves” are for add-ons as it sits (I’m planning on getting the payware crj) What would you consider the must haves right now(freeware or payware), and more importantly has the sim matured a bit since release? Cheers
  4. Every time I let p3d sit without being used for any length of time I seemed to have always been plagued with issues when I try to start up after a while of being idle, I compare it to my vehicle, If it doesn’t get used, it starts to cease up.
  5. I’ve been using msfs exclusively, I can’t bring myself to boot up any other of my sims, in fact I removed them from my system, and not longing to re-install them. For me, even if the PMDG or FSL were to never make an appearance into msfs, I still wouldn’t be able to go back and would simply stick to GA flying. I very much enjoy being able to fly by simply picking out landmarks be it a major highway, a small town, that little gas station on the corner etc. something I was never able to accomplish no matter what add on I seem to have had installed (while keeping a playable FPS). For me it just works. But isn’t it nice that we have choices depending on our individual likes and dislikes!!
  6. Is there a way to use this for the metar depiction? I don’t want to change the textures (the look of the default clouds) as I’m quite happy with the default textures, but would consider it for the metar depiction.
  7. She flies beautifully now (flew a couple circuits)..Only thing I did different was move all the control surfaces in every direction before even turning on the battery, Not sure if that was it but it worked! Very well done, I appreciate your 150+ hours of work put into this(see I did read the second time around lol) and hats off to you..I can’t wait to take her on a small cross country flight around my area and put her through it’s paces!
  8. Hi Robert, I don’t doubt that it’s a working mod, it’s definitely something I’m doing at my end. Besides, I’m a male, I don’t read instructions until something like this happens and I absolutely have too lol.. I don’t have many mods installed at all, none for the bonanza, only other mods are a Niagara Falls mod, the liveries mega pack mod, G1000 mod that’s going around as well as a tbm G3000 mod (new g3000) style upgrade. that’s about it. I will give it another shot, I will do as you mentioned, and I will read up a little, I will report back. thansk again
  9. I tried it out, weird thing happened, when I started the engine, the airplane flipped upside down and went for a cruise upside down on the ground at about 100 miles an hour...Granted I didn’t do any trouble shooting, but I will try it again and see what happens. either way, thank you for the work put into this, it’s very much appreciated when people take their own personal, valuable time and pump out these mods at no cost to us!!! kudos to you!
  10. I’ve never had such an immersive feeling flying any other desktop simulator than what I get with msfs. It truly reminds me of my old days when I was IRL flying,. I couldn’t go back to any of my previous simulators. Even if we would not get airliners (PMDG etc) in this sim, I still wouldn’t see myself being able to go back unfortunately.
  11. Being Canadian, Had to give CYBW-CYGE, great suggestion, was a great route to fly, coming into CYGE i had a hard time locating the field, flew over what looked to be a rail yard and caught it off to the right. I did exactly as you said, follow the trans Canada highway and it led me right to it...What a sim when you can pick out a landmark, follow it the whole way without missing a beat, and picking out small towns on the way..would have never been able to perform that flight in the way I did with my previous simulators!! I’ll be sure to try KASE-KEGE on my next one. Cheers!
  12. I just realized this setting a couple days ago, I’ve been having control problems since day 1 to the point where it wasn’t really flyable.I just recently changed it to legacy and now having a great time with the sim....So for me, I agree, switching to the legacy setting may help others.
  13. All that and the performance comparison. I would not be able to run p3d with all those add-one and get the same performance as I do in msfs...I’m not sure why I get such good performance in comparison, but I do.
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