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  1. Thanks for posting..I’m also wanting St-maarten, I already have their Boston and Montreal, I think I’ll pick up their klas
  2. Nah I wouldn’t blame you or anyone else, I’m looking at upgrading the ol system in the near future!
  3. Thanks for the info, I don’t play these games nor do I download from them, I saw it in an ad and thought some members could take advantage if they have interest in these games...maybe this thread should he deleted just in case.
  4. Civilization 6 is now free for a short time, I know its not aviation related! But free is always good! https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/sid-meiers-civilization-vi/home
  5. Any thoughts on changing the “like” feature symbol...The heart thing is really odd, be nice to change from the heart to something else like a thumbs up or something 😃
  6. Same here, haven’t purchased V5, I wanted too and was planning on but it seems that it needs to mature a little before I take the plunge, but it will be dependant on the timeline that it gets to the stable level.
  7. I agree, I have their Kelowna and Calgary, I’m quite happy with their work. Next purchase will be there CYEG. I think they also do a cancun in which I’m looking for, but I could be thinking of another developer....anyways highly recommend their Canadian scenery as well.
  8. Glad your enjoying it. I myself truly wanted to give it a go but with all the issues I’ve been reading, and the lack of ported over aircraft, I will be sticking with 4.5. I’m getting the feeling that I’d be about at least 2 months from now before feeling confident in moving over if I do decide to switch.
  9. Issues here too..I’ll start it up and sometimes after 30 seconds it automatically closes, I then try to start it back up using desktop shortcut and says it doesn’t exist. I recently deleted orbx central, and reinstalled orbx central along with chase plane and it now seems to work properly, for now anyways. And yes it seems it’s ever since orbx took over as I’ve had no issues with it previously under old prop.
  10. And it’s been on for a while now, so your right, it may end at anytime....They have some fantastic Scenery!!
  11. Thank you...I wasnt aware that they had a dedicated forum here....I don’t scroll down to far usually on the main forum page, I should spend some more time looking around, my mistake.
  12. It’s not overly clear where to get this from? I’ve googled it and looked around but must be missing something...Is it here at avsim? It could just be me overcooking it though as I tend to do that so apologies if it’s apparent as to where it’s available.
  13. Thanks for pointing this out...I would have missed the boat on this.
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