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  1. Yesterday I was ready to uninstall MSFS as it was a stuttering laggy mess and I was lucky to be getting 10 - 15 fps whatever my settings in the game. Having watched this video I learned that my NVIDA settings were all wrong and set to quality rather than performance. Following this guy's advice I'm now getting around 40 fps in the cockpit of the 320 and up to 60 fps outside on high-end settings (i7 3700k and 1070 ti). The changes have also vastly improved my framerates in P3D V5.
  2. Another way to see the file system is to turn on the Developer mode in the options. A small menu then appears at the top of the screen. Select Tools then select Virtual file system. A pop out appears, then select Watched Bases from the list. This drops down and displays the file structure. Squirrel explains how to do this in his video about installing liveries for the 320 Neo https://youtu.be/smUGma9M4nA
  3. I bought the Premium Deluxe version in the Microsoft store as well. I then just clicked on the Premium Deluxe version I had in my owned games and it started downloading, (still downloading, 8 hours so far). I don't think you have to install the base version first. I did notice that the first package it downloaded had 787 in its title which only comes with the version I bought. Have you opened the game to see if you have the extra aircraft?
  4. I think you have to re-download the product. If you look on the F50 page it says 1.1 in very small letters at the top of the description.
  5. LOL I just discovered the problem with it keeping its speed and VNAV when I stalled and crashed into the ground from FL200 on my first flight. Up until that point I quite liked it :)
  6. It's a bugger.... I'm getting a Bad Gateway Error 502, and here I am with my credit card burning a hole in my pocket and the missus out of the house... :(
  7. I think Jim must have misunderstood you. I certainly understood you were defending the moderator and agree with your sentiment.
  8. Just bought it. It's a beauty, great job. :)
  9. I've been playing it for a couple of hours on both P3D V3 and the Steam version of FSX. It hasn't crashed at all. It has added a couple of interesting ways of carrying passengers, which I haven't tried yet, and the rewards for cargo jobs seem higher and greater in number than the old version.The interface took a bit of getting used to find where everything is.There are still lots of things to come and it's not complete. Slopey is on the ball with fixes. The game informs you whether a patch is available. All in all I'm very pleased with my purchase.
  10. The VA I'm in certainly don't care, http://flydva.com/. I don't know if it is frowned upon by the more hardcore VAs. I autoland and use the autopilot all the time, where I can. I'm hopeless and cheerfully admit to being a casual player rather than a hardcore simmer. I've just bought the iFly 737 (PMDG products won't work on P3D), and I'm trying to get my head around that at the moment. You can't be bad if you can get the PMDG 777 off the ground and land it in one piece. It's all black magic to me. I don't think I'd even be able to start it up let alone fly it from A to B... I'm having great fun doing long trips in my Captainsim 777 though, which has all the complexity my old brain can handle for now. The best thing about it is that it doesn't immediately crash into the ground because I forgot to flip a switch. Most VAs are more than happy to accept less experienced players and many offer training and loads of advice. Quite a few will also teach you the ins and outs of VATSIM. As another poster has already mentioned. FSEconomy is also a lot of fun, but it's mainly aimed at smaller aircraft, which you buy with your earnings from the jobs you fly, or rent from another player. A good VA to get started with is Worldwide Virtual which basically has no rules. You can fly what you want for whom you like when you like. They have hundreds of flights for Airlines all over the world. You can even use their ACARS thingy to record flights you've made up yourself. Anyway hope this helps.
  11. Why not have a look at some of the Virtual Airlines out there? (I'm a very recent member of DVA), but there are many. The VAs cater to all levels, from the very casual to the very serious, so there's something out there for everybody. Most will ask that you fly at least one or two flights for them a month. DVA, and many others, use something called VAFSS which lets you load cargo and passengers for the flights you do. It keeps a record of each flight with a detailed cost and profit report. Each VA has its own rules and a pay and promotion structure which is normally based on the number of hours you fly. Some VAs will only allow you to fly certain aircraft based on your rank. Others let you fly anything you want. Some will want you to fly on VATSIM or another online server. Many don't. In most cases you get awarded "points" for each flight based on your performance. Points may get deducted if you fly over 250 knots under 10,000 feet for example or you may get extra points for a soft landing. I'm having a lot of fun although it might not be for everyone.
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