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  1. Windows 11 and MSFS always worked very well on my old Nvidia 1070 machine and they continue to work even better on the 3090 machine I bought myself for Christmas.
  2. Mine went well. Since Windows 8 I've been using a little programme called Start 8,10, and Now 11. https://www.stardock.com/products/start11/ It more or less reverts the interface back to that of Windows 7, the one I liked 🙂
  3. PMDG 777 (years away) or Aerosoft 330 (maybe only weeks or months away)
  4. Like many I mostly use MSFS, but I often come back to P3D V5.3 to fly my PMDG heavies. Qualitywings for the 787 and the Aerosoft 330 (which I particularly enjoy). I also fly using FS Economy so I'll use P3D to swap between my large collection of much maligned, (unfairly so in my opinion) , Carenados. I've tried X-Plane but just can't it get on with for some reason. I don't see these planes arriving in MSFS anytime soon (the 330 perhaps shortly) so I'll be jumping back and fore between P3D and MSFS for the foreseeable future.
  5. I'll second that. I've been using it for long haul flights for my VA and I'm quite impressed by it. It imports Simbrief flight plans and while not at the so called "study level" it's complex enough to keep my old brain satisfied. Of course the best thing about it is that it is completely free.🙂 Here I am flying over India.
  6. Charts have always confused the Eff out of me. I've got the Navigraph Ultimate subscription, but I tend to use the App as a moving map. I use Sim Brief when I have to, (PMDG and Fenix), but use the MS flight planner whenever I can get away with it. I used to take my flight simming far more "seriously" in the past, but nowadays I just like to get in the air as soon as possible and watch the scenery and clouds pass by. 🙂
  7. The experimental version. TOD marker and Autoland, (a godsend when you're flying drunk) 🙂
  8. All I know is that I spent hundreds of Euros over the years with P3D, FSX and X-Plane on the various versions of Active Sky, Rex, Sky Maxx etc, trying to get a decent depiction of live weather and clouds. MSFS gave me beautiful clouds and live weather for free right out of the box and as far as I am concerned they've done an excellent job.
  9. Well I finally solved the issue. I use a Chrome based browser called "Brave" because it provides me with ad-free browsing right out of the box, but for some reason the store server doesn't like it. I switched over to MS Edge for the download and it downloaded normally. The other thing I learned is not to use a download manager at the Flysimware store as these more or less instantly use up your download quota.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I'll try again once I get my download limit reset.
  11. LOL, now the site is telling me I have reached the maximum amount of downloads allowed.. This is probably because I tried to download the file several times using various solutions in an attempt to increase the speed. Aren't online stores able to discern when a file hasn't been fully downloaded? The last time I cancelled the download it had reached 25 kbs and was going to take 9 hours or so. :) Happy days
  12. Has anybody else having or had problems downloading Flysimware's 414? It's a 1.4 Gb file which my computer is telling me will take anything up to 20 hours to download! I contacted Flysimware and was informed (in capital letters) that my internet connection (40 Mbps) is to blame. Needless to say over the years I've downloaded literally 1000s of Gbs from sites like simMarket, ORBX, Just Flight etc. without any problems so I'm at a loss.
  13. As all ready mentioned your poll is broken. You're forcing people to answer both questions 3 and 4 when they might not have the Steam version (for example).
  14. The blurb on Just Flight says this: "The accurately modelled aircraft features full G1000 NXi integration". So I'll assume it's working.. I'll be finding out for sure very soon, (once the missus is distracted).
  15. According to their Facebook page it should be released at 16.00 GMT today. It's going to be an instant buy for me. :)
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