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  1. OK I got it working... with P3D v5 YOU MUST EDIT YOUR DLL.XML manually... You can have the server working, the pfd buttons there, but unless you add: <Launch.Addon> <Name>WebSimXML</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>.\WebSimBrowser\2.1\64\WebSimXML.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> to the DLL.XML file in your AppData/Roaming/LockheadMartin/Prepar3d v5 directory you'll get nowhere/ Frankly, paying 25 bucks for an add on and having to code it to work for 3 hours sucks. I should invoice them for the fix.
  2. I too am having woes with this.. I have P3D v5 and Carenado claim via support it will work.. they also mentioned some vague thing about changing some P3Dv4 to read v5 manually but totally failed to explain what they mean and closed the case. I can see the pfd thinks it's there and the icon is in the corner without complaint.. but still have TER ERROR They also claimed that it is absurdly heaving on VRAM but I have 8GB and am using barely 3 for P3D 5HF2 svs problem by Dave Woodford, on Flickr
  3. I raised this with the A2A tech forum but the problems seems to be more Reality XP related so here goes: I'm Running A2A Piper 180 on P3Dv5 with all When on RNAV / Vectors to Final the GNS tracks the AP like it is on rails.. I landed twice absolutely fine. No issue. However.. when I try and follow an active leg of a flight plan, the plane wanders off course like a drunk walking home on a country road. Doesn't matter how close to the line, how straight to the line.. dam thing just slowly meanders off course. I'm using the same settings for approach.. not a problem.. But plotting a flight plan heading, It seems to think about it when I turn on HI trk, turn a bit towards the mark and then just stay there.. not correcting. Help!
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