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  1. Thank you all very much for helping!!! it seems to me there were mentions of 3 main Add-ons here (APLv2, Onair and Newsky), and I have studied quite a bit about them, but there are some things which I could not find the answer to. So whoever uses it (you guys), are the best source there is 🙂 A few questions (namely, 3 questions): As far as all those 3 add-ons mentioned - Can you really start with commercial jets (Boeing & Airbus) from the get-go (Onair, Newsky & APLv2)? because I heard that you need a specific license for each type of aircraft. Another thing is - can you change the things your flight will be rated upon (i.e - turn some off)? As far as Onair - Can you manipulate the money you have to buy a jet (Boeing & Airbus)? Any help will be appreciated, Thank you very much!
  2. Hi there! Was looking for an alternative to FSPassengers for MSFS 2020 - For 3 main points that I liked about the program for FSX: 1: You can fly commercial aircrafts from the get-go (Don't remember if it was an option or rather an altering of the file/config - does not matter to me). 2. You're flight is rated AND you can control the various aspects of the rating and determine which ones you want to be rated upon and which one you do not want to include. 3. OPTIONAL - You manage the airline, as in, you get Money from your flights to purchase new planes (But, in FSPassengers you could change the modifier so you wouldn't have to make 100 flights to get enough money to buy a new Boeing/Airbus). Do any of you know something like that that might fit? Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks!
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