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  1. Understood. Excellent. I must admit I like fiddling with the CPDLC function in PSX.
  2. Since the screenshot NDA is lifted (according to FSElite), can someone please post a screenshot regarding how CPDLC/ACARS will work in PMDG products? In Aerowinx PSX you can actually talk to yourself on CPDLC via the instructor's station, and it also has some form of random control, with varying levels of restrictiveness. It's a very nice option for those who doesn't want to go online and perhaps subscribe to paid ATC services like PilotEdge. Here's a pic of how it works on the Aerowinx version:
  3. I'm not sure how popular the "persistent universe" would be especially with a monthly subscription fee, but getting ACARS/CPDLC to work with online ATC would be great. (Actually I correctly guessed that back in April) Maybe a purely single-player option could be introduced for ACARS/CPDLC i.e. talking to yourself via datalink for the more online ATC-shy folks.
  4. If you find reading documents a bit dry, here's a little video of what it can do:
  5. They should have. At least in Twitch with a media partner like FSElite. The organizers should've had a dedicated Wifi just for the stream so FSElite doesn't have to scramble for an LTE connection. Also they should've made the presentations available on Youtube for later viewing, maybe in 4K.
  6. FSExpo (or a media partner like FSElite) really needs a professional video setup for the presentations, and have an official Twitch HD stream filmed from the back with zoom lens, on a big tripod, and a mic at the podium or a direct audio line-in. Also the audience really need to get tripods if they're going to stream from their phones. The shaky cam is rather annoying, but still better than the FSElite stream.
  7. Does anyone have a decent quality video of the presentation? I can't read some of the stuff on the screen in the FSElite stream.
  8. I called this with my post on Avsim way back during the first few weeks after the crash, when evidence emerged that the aircraft disappeared exactly at the airspace boundary between Malaysia (or Singapore?) and Vietnam, during the very short ATC handover period. The 777 is a very reliable machine and to have a massive catastrophic failure in that short 5 to 30 second window is highly improbable, to the point of impossibility. A catastrophic failure would have to cut the transponder, cut the radios, kill the pilots and cabin crew, but leave the autopilot working for many hours, and make turns on its own to waypoints that reasonable pilots wouldn't have entered in the FMC CDU flight plan page. Another post from back then. My guess back then was that to completely vanish, the person responsible would preferably go to the Southern Indian Ocean while staying away from the Diego Garcia and Perth military radars, or go to the South Pacific between New Zealand and South America, which is so remote that it is used as a spacecraft junkyard. he/she would also want to put the airplane down beyond the range of land-based maritime patrol aircraft, because AFAIK there ain't any Americans on board for the US Navy to bother dispatching a carrier task force for an expensive search operation. However I was a bit surprised with the satellite pings that the aircraft didn't keep changing course (using lat/long waypoints) after the turn south, so as to end at around the midpoint between Australia and South Africa/Mauritius. And you should take into account data from the captain's own flightsim rig in the final Australian report, the keywords are "Southern Indian Ocean" and "exhausted its fuel".
  9. I think it's some implementation of a CPDLC & ACARS interface, with clients for VATSIM, Pilotedge or even some custom ATC software, like Pro-ATC/X. An tablet-based EFB app with failures (i.e. an Instructor's station) would also be great.
  10. Recently I noticed a glitch with the default airports, where the default airport ground texture would be black when view during cruise, and then replaced by random landclass and night textures when one gets closer. (Default KPSP shown) I checked it wasn't a shaders problem as the glitch persisted after I deleted the shaders folder and prepar3d.cfg. Maybe it's a landclass problem?
  11. Just saw this at CES 2018, it looks like some sort of light refraction gimmicky that makes bezels in multi-monitor setups look seamless. It apparently works with all brands of monitors. https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2018/1/8/16860118/asus-rog-bezel-free-kit-gaming-pc-monitor-light-refraction-ces-2018
  12. As Mike777 mentioned, Boeing is in talks to take over Embraer...
  13. Nice to see you here Morten, I'm looking forward to seeing more updates for the IXEG going forward as XP11 matures. X-Plane is definitely rapidly moving foundation for addon developers, if you look at FlightFactor they're pumping out updates all the time, which is something FSX/P3D developers are not used to. I mean FSX's code is practically fixed for many years, and relatively few simmers use the Steam Edition.
  14. Unlike FSX, P3D is being continuously improved performance-wise, and I would say the performance difference between FSX and P3Dv4 is now night and day. 30-35fps most times are definitely doable if you: 1) Fly light GA aircraft into small airfields. 2) Fly PMDG-style airliners into less detailed areas, and avoid places like NYC, London, Paris etc. 3) Fly PMDG-style airliners anywhere, but lower the sliders a bit and avoid flying into big airports with dynamic lighting at night. I would also suggest looking into X-Plane or even Aerofly. They fly very smoothly if you have decent hardware.
  15. I was in the same boat as you 6 months ago, with a 2700K @ 5 GHz. I'm currently on the 7700K @ single core 5GHz boost + GTX 1080ti. You will not get 35 fps minimum in any situations with P3Dv4 because of 2 things, dynamic lighting at night and AI traffic. Coffee lake is currently suffering big supply shortages (and price gouging) so that's another minus. However I still think you should consider upgrading your system, maybe next year when prices for Coffee lake & Z370 stabilize.
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