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  1. 16 Golf bravo you are cleared for takeoff (See the MS post) surely that could mean 16GB gang getting invites...
  2. Hell, people even laughed at having to buy an dedicated graphics card... We all know how that went...
  3. 986 Mbps down 836 Mbps up Copenhagen 😎 Fiber 1000/1000
  4. But then again, nobody really knows. So that would be very a very bold move..
  5. You could add the documents to the common documents of the efb that’s what I do with FP etc Im not aware of any other solutions tho...
  6. And you succeeded at finding the NGX ?🤠
  7. Yes, correct afaik Consider it a part of all other preparation work 😲
  8. 4 - valid point but remember that the cost of VR has been significantly higher. Now a decent VR headset is 3-400 usd the cost is the most important thing to mass consumption markets. Then add the better stats, more content etc etc and things might start snowballing very fast. i was reluctant for years. But when rift got down to 350$ I bought it just to try it, and I was massively surprised by the sensation of space.. You are literally there in the cockpit..
  9. Does it matter what the pax # is if the total weight of the payload is ok?
  10. Interesting, and how would you manage it so it would be somewhat real? Vatsim is backed by a huge community which both counts RW experience (pilots and controllers who might be local to the FIR) and enthusiasts who wish to learn how to control. I have a hard time seeing how you would implement that and *poof* get rid of the need for such services.
  11. Would be awesome.. flying the addons we have today (fsx) in msfs 2020 would keep me busy the next 5 years
  12. Well, I did read that the UI pos function is like zooming in on the globe and place your airplane at any pos.. That will probably get many flat earth believers to complain 😂
  13. Thanks even though I’m disappointed with the fact that it doesn’t come with VR out of the box, I think they did an very good job.
  14. Sorry you feel that way.. my vatsim organization is very professional and helpful, so you might wanna generalize less.
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