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  1. That would be the main usage I believe. You can get the sim up on you Ipad; Iphone or Android when your away from your PC. You can use you device as a remote MCP, CDU OVH, Radios etc
  2. HI, Just wanted to tell that it is possible to run your PMDG airliners on your Ipad, Iphone and Android devices for free. It could be known to all of you already, but I was not aware of this possibility until today. It is easy and totally free! 1. Run Chrome on your PC 2. Download and install Chrome Remote Desktop 3. Download and install the Chrome Remote Desktop app from either Apple Store or Android Play Store That all, enjoy!
  3. It is in the SDK unsigned char FUEL_annunXFEED_VALVE_OPEN; // 0: Closed 1: Open 2: In transit (dim)
  4. Some will say at least a GTX 1080, but I have a MSI GTX1070 Gaming X that is more than good enough for me.
  5. PIC had his first attemt as the Captain in a PMDG B737NGX during take off from ESSA. Almost crashed during take off.
  6. Hi, I have a PMDG B737NGX home cockpit with a complete OVH, MIP, MCP, EFISs, PEDESTAL, TQ ++ In my cockpit I would like to have a FO that do some of PM tasks, but not those that involves flipping switches and turning knobs, so that the cockpit hardware gets out of sync in respect to the virtual cockpit. Is it possible to define which functions the FO should take care of and let me as PF do the hardware moving tasks.
  7. Hi, Take a look at this short video
  8. I know what is stated in the doc. But, I asked if a solution was "going on".
  9. Hi Rob, At some point in time you said that PMDG was looking into the issue that not allows any PMDG planes to be loaded on top of each other or directly without first having a default plane set to the initial P3D scenario setup page. As you now gave us a brief view of what is going on at PMDG I just wondered if solving this issue is "going on at PMDG" or has been thrown in the Bin. This is an annoying issue that I hope PMDG will solve.
  10. Just unlock, move and resize and then save a scenario. No need to lock.
  11. You can not undock any PMDG B737 DUs to another PC over the newtwork. If I am wrong, please tell me how.
  12. I do not know this airplane. But, normally it should be easy to move them after you have undocked them. Once you have done that, you should save a flight scenario. Then everytime you want to fly this airplane, you just load the scenario and the 2D windows should be where you once saved them.
  13. I have the same throttle in my OC4BAV4 controlled PMDG B737NGX home cockpit with Windows 10 and P3D 4. You can contact me via a PM and I can try to help you get it working if possible.
  14. Hi Nico, Thanks for your fine program. I have tested it now on my PC and have some issues I like to address. My setup spec: 1. Windows 10 2. P3Dv4 3. AI liveries based on UT Live and built with WRMGenerator. 4. The PSX programs are the latest version avaiable at 2017-10-06. At the airports I get a lot of liveries that should not be there ( Southwest at ESSA as an example). Shouldn't I get only liveries that is correct for this airfiled? Do you have any idea of why this is happening? Does it set up parking airplanes with random liveries? Airplanes are taxiing outside the taxiways. Airplanes are landing on the side of the runways. Airplanes are landing short of the runways. Airplanes are landing under the runways. Airplanes disappear suddenly after landing ( Transponder off ?) I find the program very good for airplanes in the air, but on the ground it is an immerive killer and not very useful. Is it possible for you to let your program take control over the airplanes at a certain distance from the runways and make sure they make a proper landing and ground handling. If that could be acheived, the program would be fully operational and be the best AI program on the market.