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  1. To TS: With SmartStarter w/Maplog you have the very best PMDG start procedure.
  2. roarkr

    sdk ?

    I do not know what kind of hardware you are using when building your flightdeck, but using the Opencockpits hardware, you can build complete flight decks of all PMDG 7XX jetliners with OC4BAv4.
  3. roarkr

    GoFlight GF MCP PRO

    OpenCockpits MCP is good and affordable. Works with all PMDG jetliners and Aerosoft Airbus. Soon also with QW787. ( with OC4BA in FSX/P3D) and with B737 in XPLANE(with OC4BA_XP)
  4. roarkr

    I want a PMDG 787 Dreamliner

    I do not mean that the QW 787 is bad, I like it a lot and find it nice to fly, but I want a PMDG 787 Dreamliner. If my wish will come true, I really do not know.
  5. I recently bought the QW 787 and yes it is a beauty to look at, but the aircraft systems ( FMS, Autopilot) have a long way to go before it is on PMDG quality. When can I load up a PMDG 787 Dreamliner? I know, I know, PMDG will never tell, but nevertheless I want it now. Anyone else also want it?
  6. roarkr

    Simstarter NG for P3D v4?

    I use SimStarter NG and have 4 profiles that I use depending on my flying: - 4K flying in Europe( flying and using my 4K TV as main screen) - 4K flying in USA( flying and using my 4K TV as main screen) - Home cockpit flying in Europe( flying in my full size cockpit and using a 100 inch projector screen @1920x1080) - Home cockpit flying in USA( flying in my full size cockpit and using a 100 inch projector screen @1920x1080) With these profiles I also have different add-ons and sceneries that are loaded. - ActiveSky, Pro-ATC-X, SmartStarter w/MapLog in all profiles - CFY TQ, OC4BA in Home cockpit profiles Both SimStarter NG and SmartStarter w/Mapalog is a must have for me. Everything is started via these programs.
  7. Your are not alone. I have the same issue when trying to update.
  8. I have never OC any of Nvidia cards as I do not believe it will have any noticeable effect. If your CPU is already the bottleneck, as it is in most system, you will not gain anything from it. At the best you could maybe get a few extra FPS, it all depends on your overall system.
  9. OK, no one knows, so I have to do more coding:(
  10. I am developing an C++ app and need to read the ORIGIN and DEST airports that are set in the CDU's RTE page1. I can't find any VARIABLES in the SDK for this, as this would be the easiest way to get the info. I know how to read it from the SDK CDU data structure, but that will make a change to the actual page that is in view, as I first have to make sure I have the RTE page1 in view before reading the data and there is no way to set the page in view back to its original view. At least not an easy way without a lot of code lines. Any other way to get the info?
  11. roarkr


    Due to issues with the latest PMDG updates mentioned in this thread, users of SmartStarter w/MapLog will also have problems with MapLog functions. In a day or two, after a new update is released by PMDG, MapLog will functions again.
  12. roarkr


    Check here to get som inspiration.
  13. This is what I would do (not saying it is the best way, but this is my way of doing it) Uninstall Addon airport Check that addon airport is compatible with P3Dv4.3 Delete any leftover folder for the uninstalled airport in the .....\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Addon\ and other folders it has been installed to Delete Prepar3D.cfg in...\users\<name>\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 Install addon airport following the addon airport's installation guideline Rerun P3Dv4 to create a new Prepar3D.cfg and make necessary changes to it via the Options menu in P3Dv4
  14. Take a look Here to get some ideas.