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  1. Open Cockpits MCP Problems with P3D V4.2

    What is your Interface software? Are you using OC4BAv4?
  2. 4.2 update glitch?

    The best way to do correct updating is to read the excellent installation guide given on the P3D download page. There is a reason why they have written it
  3. 737NGX sinks into runway due to fuel overload

    Even if it is not a bug, it is a very annoying thing. I give PMDG a 100 % score on everything else, but this is has a 0% score in my opinion. Hope PMDG are able to sort this out in the coming new B737NGX or MAX.
  4. RAF 100 years, 100 cockpits

    Here is the Spit where you can sit in the cockpit
  5. Does anyone have Afterburner overlay working in the P3Dv4.1. On my system the overlay info ( FPS,CPU load etc.) shows up during the Loading texture screen in P3Dv4.1, but when it change to the real display the overlay disapear. Any ideas what it wrong with my setup?
  6. Is P3D V 4.2 release imminent?

    1. Rain on windows 2. Improved FPS 3. Improved ATC
  7. Is P3D V 4.2 release imminent?

    What is the main issues that are going to be in this 4.2 release? Let's have a competition here. The winner will be named the "P3Dv4.2 wizard"
  8. Dear PMDG, AS I have a PMDG B737NGX homecockpit and sure will update it to the NG3 I am wondwering on how I can implement the new RAINMAKER feature. As I use the outside view in my cockpit( that is outside the window) and not the 3D Cockpit view, how can I have the window raineffect? Will you release a sprinkler system that spash out water from top of my Homecockpit?
  9. Yeah, the NGX is probably the most flown aircraft ever in a flightsim. It must go into the Flightsim's HALL OF FAME I also believe that PMDG has earned a little fortune on the NGX which is very well deserved.
  10. Curious to know more about the NG3.Is it an improved B737-600/700/800/900 or is it the B737MAX? Anyone knows? PMDG?
  11. I want to build a PMDG B737NGX home cockpit

    I see no reason for adding another PC to run a B737 Homecockpit with good FPS, The PMDG B737NGX is more than capable to be used as a homecockpit running on only 1 PC.
  12. Whenever I fly the PMDG B737NGX in my homecockpit, I use both NAVIGRAPH and FSiPanel. These 2 add-ons make my flying experience so much fun and real. With Navigraph I have full access to all the worlds Airport charts with a few mouse clicks. With FSiPanel I can set up any STAR and fly it down to the runway and practice landings in all kinds of weather. The combination of PMDG B737NGX HomeCockpit , Navigraph and FSiPanel have made my dream come through.
  13. Nice images. What is the scenario you are flying over? ORBXGlobal?
  14. The pilots did not trained with PMDG B737NGX

    Live video has now closed.
  15. This was the result. See video after commercial is finished.!verbatimId=5a6077b35152f7c22b6150f0