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  1. I wonder if anyone is interesting in an exchange of 2 Microsoft Betas for 1 Microsoft FS2020 Alpha? I have the Minecraft for Windows 10 and No Man's Sky Beta invitations and want to trade it for a Microsoft FS2020 Alpha invitation.
  2. As LM's business model is commercial customers, the private non commercial users have always been beta testers. I believe LM has been very clever by having us pay for beeing beta testers since the very beginning of the P3D. development.
  3. Which parts in the MIP and Pedestal are you missing in the OC4BA you are using today. The OC4BAv5 comes with scripts for OVH-AF, OVH-FWD, EFISs, MCP, CDUs, MIP and PEDESTAL. OC4BAv5 works for both the NGX and the NGXu. In addition you can use FSint to interface PoSKey, Leo Bodnar and other "Joystick" cards to connect to any B737, B747 and B777 Events(inputs like switches, buttons etc.). Only for P3D.
  4. http://www.flightsim4fun.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=352
  5. Go to http://www.flightsim4fun.com/Forum/ and ask for support there and you will get help.
  6. Still highways with P3Dv5 Hotfix1. It is Highway 1 from San Francisco to Los Angles:)
  7. You can use FSUIPC5 with FSX. It has all the PMDG offsets.
  8. I have seen both cars and fancy colored cubes floating in the air
  9. I am afraid that it is going to be much less air pollution in the coming months. To early for air photos, maybe end of May:(
  10. Check out FSInt. This utility will let you use the Leo Bodnar (and other joystick cards) connected switches and knobs for any functions in the PMDG NGX/NGXu, PMDG 747 and PMDG 777.
  11. NGX is good, but NGXu is better. In more detail: NGX is based on "old" code, NGXu has much more new innovative code solutions. For both system and graphic wise, NGXu is much better. NGX has reached its development end and won't see any improvements. NGXu is going to be be supported for a long time and see more updates.
  12. I believe will will see a major drop of flight sim add-on sales during 2020 and long into 2021 When most people that are lucky and and now have a secure job will loose 40% of their income and those that are not that lucky will loose even more, there will not be much left to buy "unimportant" flight sim add-ons.
  13. I believe in 2021, we will all think about MSFS2020 as a dream that never got release:(
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