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  1. since it's open to speculation here, I think the game will be available as a game pass or sold alone for 60 euros. and there will be no subscription to get all the scenarios at max capacity on pc. multiplayers and all feature free. my reasons: the cloud is largely profitable by microsoft on other projects, and this one is a future showcase of Azure's capacity. My second reason is microsoft's will to make this kind of simulator popular, and not exclusively used by a few people corresponding to x-plane's target. Now I'm going to speculate fully, since this is the favorite sport of this forum. and I'd be all for opening bets between all the detractors here. Personally, I'd bet $500 on my speculation. Who's going ? Dare?
  2. In this way you lost azure AI with color correction, homogeneous landscape and building based on footprint
  3. what we have to say is that there are places in the world completely forgotten or not feasible by addon producers, for which bing has good data. I have an example in mind, I googled, no addon producer in any simulator has anything to offer. And where Google and Bing are pretty good. An addon producer could do something on this place but you'd have to think about it. Or do it yourself, outside of my skills or the skills of the general public... so in a traditional simulator most of the time you just have to hope and wait... that one day an addon producer will come up with the idea to develop this location that you like and that you've already visited in real life. And since this location bing is pretty well endowed, well in the game it will certainly be beautiful. this place I'm thinking of is Zhangye Danxia. So if a alpha tester passes in this area I hope it will have the chance on a next update to be published to verify my speculation.
  4. So yes this simulator will be well suited to the professional world
  5. I wonder how the .org would react if a few people would go there just for the pleasure of writing false facts about vulkan and the future of x-plane. I seriously doubt that the moderators there would let that happen... Anyway, I don't see a public amator installing a whole cokpit 150000€ in his living room, so one wonders why Asobo is developing compatibility with this kind of device, as they showed in a video.
  6. You can do nothing more, either counter-argue ad infinitum and without any result, or go back to the concrete and be moderated. in short it will continue, either ignore or accept to read things that many here consider as nonsense. At least he doesn't have access to the private part of the alpha forum, I'm not allowed to say anything concrete, but in this private forum, everything is much more argued and constructed. It's one of my main joys, to be able to take part in conversations on this simulator in a peaceful place. The fun part will be at the release. It'll even be entertaining. Because many, including in the "pro" world, will take part in this new simulator, full of videos will flood the web... and all nosence will become minor things. So I tell you what, I'll see you in a year. In the meantime, I'll follow the moderators' recommendations. I'm not going to say that I agree 100%, but it's either that choice or the way out. The worst part of all this is that I haven't seen in this space anyone openly criticizing the other simulators.
  7. I only half agree with you on that. I'm against the censure, and I'm just like you, in agreement with the critical postures. Besides, it is the critical postures that can improve the project over time. On the other hand, I disagree when the criticism is intentionally there to denigrate a project, rather than to advance it. And concretely, many criticisms are only justified by the desire not to see a competitor to what already exists. It's a great disappointment, because the more successful the Flight Simulator project is, the more the competition will make progress. Some messages have been deleted here, but these messages were a demonstration of what I have just said. There are many forums in AVSIM, P3D, X-plane, FSX forums etc... This one, for the new Flight Simulator, would be much more pleasant to read, if those who participate in it really share a desire to see this project succeed. With critics, of course, but constructive, not closed. It's all in the sentence : for example saying, reducing the light a little would make the number of windows better, is more constructive than saying, the light is painted by a 6 year old child for a children's game, look at me I have better, my simulator, it's a real pro thing. I'm caricatured, only to make me understand, those aren't exactly his words, but the second sentence is like saying that everyone who is interested in this project is an enlightened person, and that this project is a scam.
  8. Do you follow the alpha news of this simulator to the millimeter? You are aware that it is not planned to release helicopters and that it is not planned on Linux? Why not wait release, and write all thinks you not like it? I think it will be a long write... If xplane is so good, and as you said many times for many reasons this simulator does not meet any of your standards, why not leave this forum in peace with all its poor souls who obviously make a bad choice?
  9. no simulators arrive at the foot of fs2020 cloud level. Leak clouds correspond to a specific weather setting. Promotional clouds correspond to another weather setting. Clouds are calculated in relation to real physical parameters and dissolve or not in relation to natural physical parameters. In nature you can sometimes find beautiful and sometimes average skies. Same here. The weather parameter, the time of day and the position of the camera does everything.
  10. Too much hype about any product leads to disappointment. My own definition of the term is to project a utopia a dream onto something real. But a utopia is still a utopia. It's still a simulator, not a magic trick.
  11. There's a lot of speculation about a video of an alpha-stage simulator. I look through my window (real view) and find the clouds rendering very not beautiful. Again, what was the weather selected at the time he made his video? You prefer xp12, it's great because we're talking about something that is not even in alpha stage. So to prefer a software that doesn't exist to a software that only exists in alpha stage is a concept... So I leave you I'm going back to do a little vfr flight in alpha in Spain near ronda ) But a little info: all the screens of the alpha testers chosen by Microsoft are without post-processing and real.
  12. Just because an amateur is in the alpha doesn't mean the alpha is empty of real pilots. But they know how to respect an NDA And they know how fly a plane...
  13. But that's just nonsense!!! Ok there's a leak with a video of the alpha with in it good, very good and average. It's not like promotional videos that express the goal of a finished project. If everything is like in promotional videos at this point then why isn't it commercially available? i am in alpha. So I cannot say if you are in true or not. Is not FairPlay for me. But alpha is an alpha. This guy play with how many bandwitch, ram, settings ? you know? No.
  14. Perhaps they want feedback from different types of targets, as the simulator is intended for both experienced amateurs and those who want to discover this genre.
  15. when I see the panic and aggressiveness of some people because of the trees a little too big in central park, imagine without NDA, the pressure and the permanent insults for the slightest small defect in any place on the planet? On a simple video published by ASOBO, we also manage to produce 10 pages of discussion on avsim about stall behaviour. Working without public pressure is more comfortable. They had the choice between shutting everything down, like some productions where nobody has access to anything before release, or opening everything up, and suffering criticism all the time during the development phase. They chose the middle ground. a happy part of the public can test but with a mission: Help build this project, produce feedback. But if you read the faq, they talk about several alpha phases, so there will still be invitations, and the term BETA is also mentioned in this FAQ, so we can assume a bigger opening this year. I seriously think that everyone will be able to build his opinion before the release, so before a possible purchase.
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