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  1. Well, I'm back, so I haven't read too many reviews, and starting as I am I don't understand 80% of the terms used by the pros here anyway. My experience has been very satisfying, and the framerate is here. I play in ultra, scale at 120, but in HD, so not so demanding in this resolution for my rig. (see the signature). I've set all the difficulties to the maximum. i play with an HOTAS (x-56) I followed the missions of the tutorial, I had trouble only on mission 3 which put me in failure because even if my takeoff was successful, I had forgotten to set the right engine richness, to make the climb to the speeds requested by the lesson. I had trouble only on mission 3, then also on the last one because my flight times do not correspond at all to the times estimated in the small nav log. It does not indicate how fast these estimated times are associated, but after 2 tries I succeeded. After the lessons I wanted to make a cold start and make a first VFR flight LESQUIN (LFQQ) until complete stop on runway 24, CALAIS (LFAC) following the right circuits, checklists, atc. With cub savage. Estimated time on navlog 27 minutes. I put two times more... the compass is small...., no gps, I had a hard time with this compass to follow the course, and I got lost in it, so I cheated a bit... by announcing as soon as the airport of arrival was in the range of the ATC, my position. (which I didn't know, but my avatar does...) and I was able to reorient myself as the position was announced. I then made a circuit (I asked for a 24 left, I think I made a right...) but I still made the circuit and landed very cleanly. What is really missing is to be able to record your flight, to be able to ask advice to professionals ... because on this first flight I had to make tons of mistakes... The oil indicator on the cub was in yellow. I don't know if that's normal. I just have to dive into the many guides to do things even more cleanly and also to learn how to find my way in the air.
  2. Why create a second account avsim for say same things... All forum plenty topic xplane vs flight simulator, it’s boring. If xplane is better stay with xplane. Another prefer flight simulator and what? You cannot change that...
  3. I left a long time ago the world of simulation long before the genesis of social networks to come back to it recently, not being a pro but an amateur attracted by beautiful landscapes and bush flying. Having made my choice, I was categorized in the word not allowed box... but here I was, I didn't remember that the simulation fan community contained so many characters so full of their self-satisfied, smug and arrogant people.
  4. There are simply places where no current simulator performs as well as this project. Tree included. A certain famous poster here is often talking about next generation and unigine, with promotionnal footage up, and well some of the mfs scenes are simply superior. And as you've seen the testers can now publish little footage. So expect to be amazed about graphic aspect msf purpose.
  5. I think the answer is in episode one. AI, relies on biomes and data sources to build the world. So it's possible that OSM is one source, but not the only source, and the AI could be picking up data where it finds it, from a variety of data sources, including OSM, including bing, etc...
  6. Why look this leaked picture heavy compressed from certainly not the last build when you can look official picture each week from selected alpha tester.
  7. I am still alive and back in alpha. But since crisis covid it’s hard to work at home, cook 3 Times a Day and the hell, children...
  8. I've never seen clouds like this in reality, except in red and after an explosion of a building.
  9. there has already been a lot of debate and answers about the performance of this game and its accessibility.
  10. in real life, in the morning, in winter, at the reunion isle, often few clouds in the morning in the mountains, and as the day progresses and the temperature rises, clouds form. then storms, or depending on the physical parameters, they disappear. a cloud that is dissolving is not going to be "sharp".
  11. Well, it all depends on temperature, pressure, and gap between different air masses.
  12. I'm not breaking the NDA by saying this: on one of the first ASOBO videos announced that the clouds were up for choice: - formed by live weather parameters. - or adjustable via a parameter screen so those who want to play permanently with only beautiful clouds, will have to disable the live and adjust the parameters to have beautiful clouds.
  13. cloud generated from physical parameters can be sometimes good, and not good, like in real situation , sometime cloud are enought good for a nice photographic day, and sometime, i need to report my photographic day because cloud are hugly.
  14. it was here, above all a forum, dedicated to flight simulator 2020, knowing that avsim offers many other forums dedicated to other simulators, and that in addition there is the org, a huge space dedicated to xplane. And here, it was rather specialized on comments related to the updates, information gathering, and the wishes of the community in relation to this simulator. Roughly 98% of the people here have high hopes for this project. And maybe a good half of them are already convinced by this project. The other half hope that this project will meet their expectations. But all of them wish this project a success. And then there are two peaple, come from the org, who come here only to criticize it and make the comparison with xplane. Then one of them became so addicted that he'll never leave again, and the other one, as far as I know, his leaving is only temporary. If they're a little rough around the edges, well, that's the nature of things. If tomorrow I'm going to post on the .org a bunch of novels about how xplane is outdated, I might lose some feathers. there's not much the moderators can do about it.
  15. what I've been saying all along, every time a flight simulator 2020 defect is brought to light compared to the competition, it is always by comparing the addon-filled competition with a vanilla alpha step simulator... and this comparison, finally, it's hard to see for the competition, I can't imagine what will happen when flight simulator 2020 will have its addons. Anyway, thanks for the video. It brings some meaning back to the debate.
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