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  1. I found a surprise in my insider hub. My specs are: I5-7500 20GB DDR4 RX 470 4GB Edit: If anyone is wondering, I'm day 2 sign up.
  2. I'm just pointing out that he's saying FS2020, so I don't think It's invalid to call It that way. I'm pretty sure the official name is MSFS.
  3. @memhir_abrari He says FS2020 several times in that video: 0:30 First I'll begin by presenting the navigation data present in FS2020 1:00 Navblue to provide FS2020 1:35 In FS2020 you can start directly airborne 2:35 are all considered in FS2020 11:34 FS2020
  4. If you have windows 10 and want to watch the videos in HD without downloading them or creating an account. Just download their app(bilibili) in Microsoft store and search for the videos there, They will be in HD.(@andrecarli737 @Kopteeni If you guys have w10 you can do this instead.)
  5. In this Xbox article released today, they talk about things that are coming in 2020. They mention MSFS in one of them. (This is my first topic, sorry If I did something wrong.) (I'm only posting this because I have seen some people speculating that It's impossible for MSFS to release this year.)
  6. https://blogs.microsoft.com/blog/2020/01/16/microsoft-will-be-carbon-negative-by-2030/
  7. Can you send me the link to the stream or his twitch name? I can't find it
  8. The game is only windows store for the alpha & probably beta, I can tell you with confidence that the game will be release on steam. A lot of people here don't know that microsoft shifted their strategy about their first party games. They released Halo on steam, Halo the most important IP for microsoft & halo isn't the only game they released on pc, They released Gears 5 and age of empires 2 on steam after phil said this: Phil spencer says that here "More Choice in Where to Buy Xbox Game Studios Titles" https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2019/05/30/microsoft-approach-to-pc-gaming/ (I know that asobo isn't exactly a xbox game studio, But they are working close with microsoft to make MSFS a microsoft IP)
  9. "-Suppose I only want the simulator. If I only buy FS2020, Am I going to have access to map streaming & other features?" "-Exactly" After reading your post again, now I undertand what you meant & I can see that hapenning, for example: having a subscription for 4k textures, But I don't think It's impossible to have a subscription free game. Sorry for the people that gave me likes, I changed my opinion😅.
  10. Yeah it's very noticeable I'm not sure if that's what he meant, maybe he was talking about the physics, asobo said that even If you have low framerate the physics are going to be high framerate.
  11. Something to add from the description: Ambas as máquinas com excelente resultado em FPS: entre 90fps e 20fps (não se nota). Translation: Both machines with excellent FPS results: between 90fps & 20fps(isn't noticeable).
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