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  1. Youtube video compression is making the runway look blurry, That isn't how it actually looks in-game. Youtube can't handle MSFS2020 runway texture + movement(grass probably is affecting too). Example 1: Cockpit before landing(Everything is fine). Example 2: Cockpit while landing(Youtube compression dying). The only problem here isn't youtube compression, We have to remember that this footage was sent by microsoft to youtubers/press, We don't know if the footage was raw 4k. If it wasn't then the footage we are seeing has been possibly compressed 2 times. Maybe we can ask youtubers if they can upload the raw 4k file to google drive or something similar, That way we aren't going to watch heavily compressed videos(I doubt they have the raw 4k files, Their file size is pretty big). If anyone wants to know more about youtube compression, I recommend this video:
  2. Game pass doesn't cost $15, game pass ultimate does. With game pass ultimate you get xbox live gold + pc games + xbox games and with normal game pass you only get the games and you pay $10, But that doesn't mean that you need to pay game pass to play those games, You can buy a game that is on game pass in the normal microsoft store/steam(Standalone single time purchase).
  3. You use machine learning(azure AI) to fix that kind of stuff, In this case you train the AI to detect planes and how to remove them from the image, This is how they remove vehicles from roads and how they are implementing 3d vehicles with paths, trees, etc. They probably haven't trained the AI how to remove planes, If they already did then they need to feed azure AI with the old images and upload the output on the servers they use to feed FS2020.
  4. They have WMR which is like budget VR(no external sensors, different screens, etc), I don't think they have forgotten about VR, they might be planing to do something, They recently patented this: https://www.engadget.com/2019/10/04/microsoft-virtual-reality-floor-mat-patent-xbox-vr/
  5. Yeah they talk about that in the video, simple vs good implementation, I'm pretty sure they can do it, But they didn't want to implement a simple VR. I honestly think they are going to release at least a simple VR mode after seeing all the feedback. If asobo doesn't release a simple VR, someone is going to make one with the SDK they are going to release. I hope the SDK is released for everyone in the alpha & with enough functions to make a simple VR.
  6. Asobo isn't using Unity or Unreal, they are using their own engine. Here they talk about VR
  7. If you don't mind commentary, This one is at 4K.
  8. This week we got 35 minutes of gameplay
  9. What do you mean by this ^? Are you implying that asobo uses the FSX game engine? Maybe i didn't understand what you meant, English isn't my first language. https://www.flightsim.com/images/features/msfdev/FlightSim.com-Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_Interview_AUDIO.m4a If you actually meant that, Then listen to this interview ^ at the minute 3:07 they start talking about the differences between FS2020 vs FSX physics simulation(they reused and remade some FSX physics), They talk about the improvements they made to aerodynamics(going from 1 point simulation to over a thousand, etc). At the minute 10:40 they start talking about asobo's game engine and the modern features it has. They use FSX physics as a base, But that doesn't mean that this is just FSX with a new engine and pretty graphics. The aerodynamics simulation is literally over a thousand times better.
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