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  1. hi, The cloud system proposed by asobo seems great since it brings great levels of realism, but I have to say I'm a little concerned about the carbon footprint. We all know that streaming in general eats tons of energy, so... Since Microsoft has money, maybe they could lesser their foot print with alternative energies, like solar panels... What do you thing guys?
  2. hi everybody In Xplane, and before in FSX or FS9, I connect google earth with FSUIPC and a little program called MyFSGoogleEarth. This is an old program but it works great. It sends your coordinates in GE so GE tracks your flight in real time. But you will tell me, why bother with this kind of program since nowadays we have ortho4xp, and soon FS2020 will bring us new level of realism? The reponse is simple: in google earth you have plenty of informations on the flown area, in real time, like cities name, wikipedia references etc... But what I like the most is the photos: It's really great... when I fly, and I see something interesting like a beautiful mountain or just a village in the middle of nowhere, then I look at some photos in google earth and it transport you there... it's great for immersion. Flying with google earth is a bit like searching for eastern eggs, it brings what lacks in our sims: some contextual reference. So I was delighted to see in a MSFS2020 pic a reference to Disney World. But I fear it's only for real big landmarks and with nothing else than the name. I dream of a sim withe a hotkey, which brings you icons related to where you fly, with names, photos, explications and so on... you get it. The cloud system would be perfect for this.
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