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  1. What is a Boeing 737 NGXu? I can't find any reference to one on the Boeing website. Is this just a PMDG fantasy version?
  2. Nice to see a real-life registration on the DA62 too.
  3. Hope the spelling of Lightning in the game interface at the 8' mark is corrected 😉 I think all the people who state that no TIR, no VR, no PMDG etc at release are deal breakers for them so they won't be buying this sim are going to be missing out. But that's just my opinion.
  4. https://airlinecodes.info/qac/icao-code-qac https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_airline_codes_(Q)
  5. QTR is the code for Qatar Airways whereas QAC is the code for Qatar Air Cargo. You reference an A332F so I just presumed you were using a freighter aircraft, in which case the ICAO Cargo code would be the appropriate one.
  6. Yes, Bob, I have the AI shipping working in P3Dv4.4 Well worth adding it to your sim.
  7. I did see a likeness for the Captain Cook bridge and the Goodwill bridge but they were admittedly quite indistinct.
  8. I just flew over Brisbane (the city depicted at 3'12" into the video) in P3D v4.4 with ORBX Ausv2 and it just does not compare!! Geez, it's going to take years to fly around in MSFS and discover everything :-) I've already decided to quit my job to devote more time to MSFS when it is released.
  9. On the Development Roadmap for November, they've stated that an update is coming in September. It's now nearly mid October. Why haven't they kept their promise? They have failed to deliver in this instance.
  10. On the Development Roadmap for October it states: * October 25th - Feedback Pipeline Online Partner feature announcement series kickoff Insider Program Updates
  11. Hi Brian, I have Ausv2 installed but I don't have the YPPH scenery you mentioned. From the entrance of the Swan, I have a railway bridge, then two bridges for routes 12 and 5. Then further up the Swan, there's more bridges for routes 6,1, and 7. The bridge for route 6 is not very distinct. Sorry I don't know the names for these bridges, am just going off Google maps. Hope this helps. Maybe you could try disabling the YPPH scenery and see if that makes a difference? Cheers, Hugh Costello
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