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  1. I thought the UK update was next year, not next week? But then, I'm easily confused....
  2. I just hadn't bothered trying to find out what was causing it. When I decided to take the time to look into it, it took a while but I found that the issue was not with the servers.
  3. Sorry, I don't trust you. I have had the same problem for two months, so I think if the servers were not working for two months, people would be jumping up and down with complaints. Not a bug with MSFS. Check the addons that are installed in the Community folder. To solve my problem I went through all the addons I had and found an incorrect json file in a Cessna 152 mod. Once I had installed the correct json file, the Content Manager then opened.
  4. I always found it happened to me when framerates were <18.
  5. I feel sorry for the people whose limited sim time is severely impacted by having to press any key.... 😧
  6. I couldn't find any mention about world updates for Central and South America. Can you provide a link please? Thanks.
  7. I had this exact same experience just two hours ago. To fix it, I closed the MFS app from the system tray and then re-opened it. This time it worked fine.
  8. This exact same thing happened to me this morning too. I found that just restarting the pc was enough to fix it. It was fine after that. I didn't bother logging out/in of Xbox account.
  9. I had exactly this same problem, as you describe. I got in touch with support staff at Microsoft, and whilst I could get their emails, I still never got the activation emails they sent. In the end, MS support enabled my activation for me. Would suggest you get in touch with them.
  10. Like this one, perhaps? https://secure.simmarket.com/sofly-ltd-a-guide-to-flight-simulator.phtml
  11. I'd really like to see the UTC times in the MCDU displayed correctly. Hope there's a fix for this in the works.
  12. I've sorted them into alphabetical order to make it a little easier and quicker to find a particular one.
  13. I think there might be a problem with fuel as well. I've only tried one flight in the 748 (EDDM - RKSI), loaded with 100% fuel, but it ran out of gas just east of Austria (in China,,,). Will test some more...
  14. You can do all this yourself in a few seconds. I've been through the megapack release of A320s and assigned real-world call-signs, tail registrations, flight numbers and also sorted them all into alphabetical order so that they're all easy to find in the Liveries section, in lieu of a search function. Just change the values in each aircraft.cfg file for your aircraft and save them. Then they'll be set for each flight you do. Simples...🙂
  15. Or take on the challenge of landing at BGAA Aasiaat, with its building in the middle of the runway 😉
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