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  1. Ah, thanks for the tip, that was the problem!
  2. No, it's been this way for about 18 hours now.
  3. I can't select Live Weather by using any option, the slider, the drop-down or the LIVE option. It always defaults to Clear Skies.
  4. My wife and I had words. I didn't actually get to use mine.
  5. At Flightsim.to. It's a popular site for free downloads and you can find all sorts of enhancements to the sim there. In the Countries tab, just click on New Zealand.
  6. When you are in the middle of a flight and decide to change something in Options...e.g. turn Multiplayer off, I hit the Esc key, make the change then click Apply and Save, but how do you return to your flight? I used to use the Esc key again but that no longer works. I'm baffled...any clues? Thanks.
  7. Wasn't that exact quote already posted on page 8 of this thread? I'm sure I already reddit 🙂
  8. Well this is an absolutely positively must buy for me!
  9. I might just download Vivaldi's Four Seasons and have done with it. Vivaldi died just a few months older than I am now, probably from confusion. I dare say I'm on a similar path....
  10. But it appears that when you buy the program from the MSFS Marketplace you only get 1 season. How do you get the 4 seasons from the Marketplace? Wouldn't it be better that you never had to switch seasons yourself and the program did it for you? For example, if you're in Germany and it's July, then the summer season is automatically loaded?
  11. I'm even more confused. How does the Zinertek Enhanced Airports Graphics relate to the Bijan Seasons stuff? Wouldn't it be easier if the Bijan Seasons automatically installed based on the date you selected rather than having to manually installing it all yourself?
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