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  1. even with the blurriness (i am still using CV1) waiting for my G2 i still cannot go back to flying with a monitor, I tried it, I just couldn't come to terms with flying that way anymore, nothing puts you in the "captains seat" like a VR headset does.
  2. hi all does anyone know where i can get windows 10 drivers 64bit for this joystick, i click on this site but it goes to an empty screen ? after I click on cyborg evo force link it goes to an empty screen http://www.saitek.com/uk/down/drivers.php
  3. found this on youtube, for all the tubeliner pilots out there
  4. yes for example now as functional as the PMDG747 flightdeck i think the AF FS2 flightdeck is of very good standard.
  5. I 100% agreed with what you said, I feel the same way
  6. VR is the future try aerofly fs2 and take the default 747 for a spin, .... mind blowing...
  7. yes with this sim you just plan your route and go fly, no tweaking this, crashes that, there are still a few issues that need to be resolved but the enjoyment of flying from one airport to the other on very detailed planes and flightdeck with the added bonus of smooth performance in VR, it is just so satisfying!
  8. ok so i purchased aerofly 2 a few mths ago played it a little and never got back to it, i then played fsx abit in VR and due to crashing due to errors etc (fly-inside and limited 32 application thanks to FSX) I returned to aerofly, i then flew with the 737500 and started to enjoy the scenery etc in VR however in FSX in enjoyed most the glass cockpit of the 737800 PMDG, however today i took the default 747 of aerofly for a quick flight wow i am so impressed with this flightsim ever though the fmc doesn't work the sense of being in a 747 flight deck and the amazing stunning views in VR was jsut spectacular ! No fs has come close to the feeling of being in a flight deck than this flightsim, I am so excited for the future of this game, thank you developers you really are on a winner.
  9. have you seen this scenery in VR, I don't know about others but I find it amazing !
  10. are there any plans to make further improvements to the current aircraft, for example the current 737 400 is a very nice aircraft but will there be a future update of a working FMC ?
  11. Thanks but I only fly with one joystick I will have to investigate further something possibly going on with FSX and my joystick rather than the 737 then.
  12. I have been flying the 737 for years and did not notice this issue before, I always disconnected the A/T and AP around 1000 above and manually fly in, also ensuring my joystick is set to idle thrust and what used to happen the 737 used to go to idle and i used to control my speed using pitch and thereby have a nice flight to flare, now because it does not go to idle I am landing too far, too high and and finding it extremely difficult to put the plane down and all this is very unrealistic, so this is news to me what you have mentioned.
  13. i have this same issue whilst on approach and manually flying down i disconnect the ap and a/t and set my joystick to idle but the pmdg 737 still does not go to idle and it is very hard to land when the engines are still around 40%n1, any ideas?
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