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  1. Thanks for sharing that HF. It's sounding promising apart from vrfsg mentioning it's a heavy headset, has anyone seen specs of it's actual weight, fully kitted out or minimal?
  2. $6 iphone 6 covers are my zero-prestige solution. https://ibb.co/w6PZkWv
  3. thanks for the feedback. i wonder if the passthrough is running at its max resolution?
  4. It wouldn't surprise me if there's a late announcement of continued compatibility in some form. Also, if hololens has continued support, there may be workarounds to come.
  5. interesting. i bought it about 3 days after it released and could map 3d pro joystick to it without issues. The 3d stereo effect was wrong initially, with everything looking too small and with very little z depth, plus there was no space "haze" to give the impression of distance, even though no-haze was probably correct technically for space. They added haze and fixed the 3d depth shortly after which was great.
  6. oh, I thought toolkit worked a month or so back when testing it, but maybe not. I don't think I couldn't get any reprojection to work with it.
  7. i do 🙂 i've used it with the steam app and VD and it's great on q3, but the drop in fps with steam over openxr is not worth it at this stage (at least not for me) plus i don't seem to be able to use any reprojection Amazon has a great return arrangement. For anyone wanting to try both at once back to back and are fortunate enough to have the funds available to buy both at once, and then return one, it's the way to do it edit - not my video, but looks like an openxr-only method might work
  8. to put into perspective and try and put a figure on it, the pro for me is about 84% of the g2 centre detail/resolution (same link/VD options and after compression) and a bit more visible screen door than q3. Blacks are a little blacker over q3, but not worth the tradeoff imho. The passthrough is notably worse than q3 and the colours drift around over the b&w image, so if we ever get to the point of easy to use OpenXR passthrough masking in mixed reality, it might be a minus. However, the dynamic fov rendering might be an advantage for anyone still rocking a 3000 series since the cards are lacking dedicated chips for handling the USB compression. Though I think anyone accustomed to the performance of a G2 on a 3000 card may be a bit disappointed with the lower resolution of the pro, plus having to use the dfr just to regain the fps they had on the G2, even with the great lenses. hard to say and need to try it for yourself Marc pro is a move up from rift s and quest 2 for sure
  9. Provided i've got the link / VD resolution set accordingly, quest 3 is about 94% of the reverb g2's razor sharp centre (but it covers the full fov). Those few % being lost in compression For me, q3 native "in-headset" menu text/gfx sharpness is about 98% of the g2's centre sharpness. They're very close.
  10. if you're considering using the q3 without the face mask, a halo strap would be the way to go, something like the BoboVR S3 Pro (apparently battery works correctly with q3 and has a built in fan). Without the mask you can get the lenses closer, increasing the FOV a bit more and tilt the lenses to a better angle if necessary, plus it stays cool / doesn't fog up
  11. you're welcome. if you use discord, this channel has a list of tested games and help https://discord.com/channels/747967102895390741/1062167556129030164
  12. great game! epic store was giving it away for free a couple of months ago. I say get it just to experience drifting around in the debri field and running along close to the star destroyers does anyone else find the menu navigation arrangement terrible? p.s. Praydogs UEVR app works well with Star Wars Fallen Order and Battlefront 2 (as good as native VR) if you find them for cheap (usually just a few dollars on steam)
  13. there aren't enough recent headsets released to fill up a whole week, we've just had the q3 video so i'll wager that by wednesday the crystal will be his new favourite (again) 🙂
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