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  1. Sounds about right. I'm not using DLSS either as it makes the distant objects too blurry for me. 🙂
  2. Hi Flyinion. I'm presently using a 4090 and 5800x3d. I'm unable to get much beyond 45fps with my gfx settings particularly at large busy airports, and think it's pretty normal overall for similar systems. It's good enough to have ASW / reprojection on for 90fps without significant wobble and artefacts. Have you tried the keyboard shortcuts for switching between the oculus ASW modes to see if one works best?
  3. Lately there's been some positive feedback using the Pico 4 with Virtual Desktop in "god mode". Has better optics & FOV than the G2 and is as cheap as a Quest 2. There are still some caveats about it worth researching. Though not significant, the wireless connection apparently adds at least 40ms of lag which might be a problem for competitive sim racing and low level heli flying
  4. Ideally, you want; - a stick that remains where you leave it without it returning to centre but also doesn't drift/sag, and has no centre deadzone - rudder pedals that don't re centre themselves plus have no centre deadzone - something that can double as the collective (can be possible with a regular throttle) - and most important thing imho is making sure none of the above have any stiction. Precision flying requires constant tiny movements of all controls nearly all the time if flying slow and low. Unfortunately none of the off-the-shelf controllers, even the expensive ones, are perfect without some modification and re greasing with damping grease as most have some stiction. The collectives that can be bought generally require adding a counterweight so you can release the tension of the clutch, resulting in less stiction a heads up - not all sticks and rudders can have the centre deadzone completely removed, even if the software says deadzone is at zero or off. This mainly applies to the sub $300 aud devices. As far as the stick/cyclic, the one Espana Pete mentioned is pretty good value. It's relatively inexpensive, has a decent clutch system to prevent the stick drifting once you disengage the springs, and has been confirmed that you can completely remove the centre deadzone using their software. Because the grip is light weight, you won't need much clutch friction to stop the stick sagging, and therefore will help minimize stiction. 👍 If you decide to re grease any of the controls, after doing a lot of experimenting myself, I'd suggest pg44a grease rather than the venerable 767a grease, because of it's extra damping and how it feels. Clutches also won't require as much tightening. Use it conservatively as a little bit goes a looong way and will still give a hydraulic feel
  5. Does anyone know if the Aero now has reprojection? I heard it was coming. It's the main thing putting me off it, along with no controllers
  6. Unfortunately, no difference between the dll's that I can see.
  7. If in Aus, now pre orderable for stock arriving late 2022. This pre order price at $1789 is better than I was expecting and thought it would end up about $2200 aud https://www.pccasegear.com/products/60380/asus-radeon-rx-7900-xtx-24gb-rdna-3?srsltid=AYJSbAdZWwnAPOyvCqxA7Fh6n9Q83A8OkwrV9Ri249_oHJqvl_-Jziy4jgE
  8. I'm in the process of reinstalling stuff but can test once done. Someone on reddit mentioned they saw no change in MSFS and just as blurry, though reports are that it's helping in some other games
  9. I haven't either, though I accidentally block two of the headset cameras it will go grey
  10. it tends to vary based on headset and aircraft. People used to say the 320 looked too big and most other aircraft looked too small I find world scale at 115 - 120 feels about right in the reverb g2, or at least a good compromise for all aircraft I've tried so far
  11. Ebay Aus had 20% off some of the 4090's (for 24 hours) a couple of weeks before black friday. $2,700 was the cheapest I spotted for a couple of Zotac and Inno3d brands
  12. wow, I haven't seen a a turtle beach product since sound cards in the mid 1990s
  13. 👍 that's the first thing I did when I bought mine. I also don't have any padding over my cheeks to help see down at physical controls
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