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  1. @hangar @Donka @zorro747 I installed the Virtual Desktop and Wow! It is better now. Just need to go through all the settings\adjustments. Also ordered a CAT8 Ethernet cable to connect the desktop with the router. I am sorry, may I ask you guys for a couple of more advices: 1. What accessories you would recommend to buy for Quest 3, based on your experience? 2. How you clean\wipe the pancake lenses? Just dry soft cloth, alcohol swabs? Thank you!
  2. @hangar @Donka @zorro747 Thank you all for the recommendation! Highly valuable for me. Silly question: Will I need to use a Link cable with a Virtual Desktop?
  3. Hello AVSIMmers, I just got my first in my life VR headset - Quest 3. My desktop is: i7-14700 + MB Z790 + 64GB RAM + 4070Ti + 2TB SSD. I connected Quest 3 to MSFS and tried to play with settings but with no luck getting a sharp texture and good performance. Textures are not sharp and wavey. I watched a few tutorials on youtube showing some settings in OpenXR and in the sim settings. I just tried sim settings only - getting a blurry image and great performance or significantly dropped FPS and a bit better image. Could you please advise optimal settings for my setup, should I use openXR or somethings else? Could you please advise which specific settings makes the image crisp? Thank you in advance for your time and advices.
  4. Thank you VERY MUCH guys! I appreciate your time and opinions. @tull Wow! That sounds promising. Will go for Q3...
  5. @Donka @JacquesBrel Thank you. Quest 3 is not budget frinedly option for me, but could go for it. also considering Pico 4 instead... Also, I am considering Reverb G2, but concerning about HP will stop supporing it in 2026.
  6. Hi guys, I just got my new desktop a few days ago for a good price with i5-14600KF + 32GB DDR5 6000 + Gigabyte RTX4070 12GB + 2GB SSD WD850x. I've never tried any VR before. Not sure if my 4070 is enough for Quest 3. Please advise if I should go for Quest 3 or used Quest 2? Thank you very much!
  7. Thank you for the advice. My monitor is 4k, but I would like to play in 2k. One more question: would 4070 be still good for using with VR?
  8. Guys. My desktop is i7-9700k + Noctua D15 cooler + 32GB Ram + SSD M2 Samsung 980 Pro + 700w EVGA Bronze PSU + MSI 1060 3GB. I want to upgrade my 1060 🙂 I have two options for the SAME amount of money: 1. Buy a used package of 3080ti + EVGA G3 1000W. 2. Buy a new 4070, thinking that I could keep my 700 PSU. Could you please advise which way should I go? I am conserning about DLSS 3 support in 4070 and missing in 3080ti. Thank you. P.S.: Not willing to upgrade CPU now. I overclocked it to 4.9GHz with no issues.
  9. Thank you! I just found promo with $1 pass for month. JimBrown, I am from Wiinterpeg 🙂
  10. Thank you for your opinions, guys. fppilot, partial refund? I am sorry, how is this possible? PS: I have never purchased any app from Microsoft online store.
  11. Hello everyone, I am new to MSFS and looking forward to purchase MSFS 2020 Standard, but curious if I can expect any discount from Microsoft\Steam on upcoming boxing day? I was waiting for discount on Black Friday, but with no luck - price remains the same. What do you guys think? May I found any discount on Boxing Day? Thanks.
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