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  1. I didn't mean to write-off the incredible work done by the developers of the H135. I think it's partly the Bell 47G itself that lends itself so much to VR when you are just surrounded by glass and a few basic instruments. It does seem to bring a much deeper level of immersion and it's just fun to fly.
  2. I had my first serious flight in a helicopter in MSFS VR today and it was an absolute dream. Being able to look down at something other than blurry mush at low altitude is incredible and you see the beautiful scenery at its best. It has taken this sim to a new level. Hats off to Flyinside; I thought I was going to have to wait patiently (or not so patiently) until 2022 to get my helicopter fix. It's not easy though. I've flown the R-22 in Aerofly FS2 (in realistic mode) which is easy by comparison. But the difficulty just makes it all the more enjoyable. I'm not going to be landing in any tight spaces any time soon.
  3. I'm using an Odyssey+. I previously had an ACER WMR headset and found 60Hz unusable because of the flicker. For some reason, maybe it's the OLED displays, I don't seem to notice it on the Odyssey+. I am running a GTX 1080 (likely to be that way for a long time unless cryptocurrency crashes seriously), so don't have GPU power to spare. With the exception of big cities, I can maintain 20 fps which looks fluid with reprojection. I used the props with reduced contrast (community mod) to stop the jello effect and other artefacts are minimal. When I first tried MSFS2020 in VR on this system I thought I would have to shelve it until the end of the GPU crisis but now I would say that even on the humble 1080 you can get a good experience.
  4. I also have a GTX 1080 and have both FS2020 and FS2. My VR headset is the Odyssey+. I am surprised at how good the experience is with FS2020. When I first tried this with VR it was almost unusable so I stuck to FS2. But tinkering has gradually yielded better and better results. The key is reprojection. For fast-moving games this may produce horrid artefacts, but in flight-sim you almost have to look for them. The Odyssey+, for some reason, is not too bad at 60Hz. I previously had an Acer WMR and could not bear the flicker at 60Hz. With reprojection enabled in OpenXR and render scale set to 70% (100% in FS2020), I can maintain 20 FPS easily, which reprojects to 60. I tend not to fly over cities, where I suspect it might struggle. Flying over the highlands in Scotland and enjoying the sunset is an incredible experience. I believe Oculus reprojection has a 4-fold frame-rate increase and I have heard of people getting a good experience with the Quest 2 and low-powered graphics cards. So a while ago I would have said FS2 for VR, especially on low-powered systems. But that has changed. Of course, I have to go to FS2 for my helicopter fix and this will be the case for some time to come.
  5. I too have the choice of MSFS2020 on a 40 inch monitor or Aerofly in VR. VR is far more immersive, even if I have to lean in to read instruments. The new EC135 helicopter is a dream to fly. Apart from the feeling of immersion, one of the other advantages of VR is that you keep your sense of direction and orientation when you look around. I'm looking forward to the VR implementation in in MSFS2020 and also the addition of helicopters. No doubt, this will require a GPU upgrade.
  6. I'm also waiting for VR and helicopters. Much as I love the look of MS2020, you can't beat the experience of flying the EC135 in AFS2 in VR. Fortunately, I have the Samsung Odyssey plus which is a WMR headset, so I should at least get VR pretty soon.
  7. Much as I laugh at the discussions on tree-size, I appreciate that it is actually important. If the trees are too big and you are flying over a forest, then it's going to feel like you are flying much lower than you really are. I guess smaller trees might mean more of them, which could impact performance, we'll have to wait and see.
  8. I imagine that it will have native WMR VR support to begin with, so Steam VR would not be required to get compatibility with the HP WMR headset.
  9. Sorry if this has already been mentioned somewhere, but over on the Flight Simulator site there is a community update linking to a map of all the screenshots. Very interesting! https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?usp=sharing&mid=1IJYlVvT9fy9VQ9voO6cp-JS3LCBGCetW Credit goes to u/Ansenton. OK, just seen the previous post about this, saw Feb 13th update at the top of the list and didn't think there was anything new.
  10. It would be nice if, in between Feature Discovery videos, they could just release a bit of in-game footage for us to drool over.
  11. I seem to remember reading that the demo machines were high but not top-end specs. Unfortunately, I can't remember where and don't have time to trawl millions of posts.
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