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  1. According to Toms Hardware (https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gpu-hierarchy,4388.html) under "GPU Benchmarks Hierarchy — 4K Ultra" for FLight Simulator in DX11, the 4070 renders at 43.3 fps, whilst the 3080 Ti at 57.4 fps. That's quite a difference! With frame generation, as has been stated, the 4070's rate will pretty near double, but not in VR. It's anybody's guess whether frame generation (DLSS 3) for VR will be supported in the future.
  2. It also has to run on Xbox, so they can't up the hardware requirements too much, if at all.
  3. I'm still using a Samsung Odyssey+. I have a Quest 2, which has higher resolution, but the colour is so much better with the Samsung Oled. I was running on a 1080, but then upgraded to 3070 Ti. Framerates with the 1080 were acceptable most of the time with appropriate settings.
  4. Have a look for the DPVR E4. It might be a contender, though I will probably hang on for a Quest 3.
  5. I'd be interested to know what you mean by "modest hardware" as I am reading reports that you need some fairly hefty GPU power to drive the Pico.
  6. If you were OK with the performance on the HP, maybe see if you can get your hands on a Samsung Odyssey+. It's a step-up in terms of image quality, but not too much more demanding (vertical is 1600 instead of 1440 if I remember correctly).
  7. I'm using an RTX 3070 Ti with 517.48 driver and Odyssey+ headset. The framerate was constantly dropping below 15 fps (minimum for reprojection) with it set on DX12. I flipped to DX11 and it was at 20 or 30 fps. I have mostly high settings and the odd ultra, so don't expect much more than this, but I'm not sure why DX12 messes it up. I'm not quite sure what the advantage of DX12 is, should I see an improvement in visuals?
  8. There's another major advantage to VR. Let's with a monitor, I slew the view around to the right wing. Now adjusting the roll will change the pitch in my view, and vice versa. I have to imagine that the aircraft is pointing to my left, but then my joystick/yoke is still pointing forward. I'm sure you can get used to this, but it's not realistic. In VR, I turn my head to the right, but I'm still facing forward in the direction of the aircraft and control is intuitive. I don't think I could bring a helicopter to a hover any other way.
  9. I have tried enabling ASW in this, but it does not seem to do anything. When I enable the overlay, it shows frames presented and frames failed, with the latter being slightly bigger. Anyone any ideas on this? This is my first time experimenting with the Quest 2 as I normally use an Odyssey+. I am not using the Steam version of MSFS.
  10. You use the same control and function keys that you used to open it. Ctrl+F2 moves the cursor down, I can't remember the rest offhand. The menu will close 8 seconds (I think) after the last key press.
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