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  1. MRTV just posted a video revisiting the PSVR2 in anticipation of the forthcoming PC compatibility. This might be a viable G2 replacement.
  2. I only tried a demo of the Crystal in a shop. The colour and contrast is better than the Q3 and it is perhaps a bit clearer in the centre with no screen door effect. Chromatic aberration is very apparent. FOV for me was not great because my eyes were not close enough to the lenses. I have the Quest 3 at home. Screen door is discernable, but most of the time you are not aware of it and you only see it because the lenses are so darn good. Edge-to-edge clarity is brilliant; you don't have to move your head to see things clearly, just your eyes. Chromatic aberration is virtually non-existant. Though the Crystal has more pixels, you need to super-sample the Quest to get decent clarity, compensating for the video encoding and lack of display port. This means you probably need as much grunt to drive it as the Crystal. I would not consider the Crystal a significant uprade from the Quest 3. I'll hold on for now and hopefully there will be a decent mainstream headset coming out in the not-too-distant future.
  3. I found the Quest 3 to be a huge step up from the Quest 2, mainly due to the edge-to-edge clarity. I have only tried a demo of a Crystal and found it only marginally better than the Q3 (in the centre) and I could not get my eyes close enough to get any better FOV. The Crystal is probably better for night flying because of the local dimming. I would need a much bigger improvement to justify an upgrade from the Q3.
  4. Precisely, and I can fly forever (not that I have tried) as the battery charge goes up rather than down.
  5. I don't bother with a battery, I just use a high power 3 metre USB C to C charging lead connected to the Quest 3 charger and then connect with virtual Desktop. I'm not bothered about tethering with MSFS as you don't move around much. This still charges the battery, albeit slowly, whilst MSFS is running.
  6. You need to try the Pimax first. I was not impressed as my eyes could not get close enough to get a decent field of view. I am happy with the Quest 3. The blacks aren't perfect, but the edge-to-edge clarity cannot be beaten.
  7. I think this will depend heavily on foveated rendering so should get reasonable results with a current high-end PC.
  8. My hand-tracking re-enabled itself somehow, but I never bothered to disable it again. I keep my controllers within reach and clicking on buttons makes the hands dissappear (the controllers appear for a while then vanish).
  9. He has pointed out flaws in products and certainly did not like the DPVR E4. He also mentioned that some people on his Discord channel were having problems with Pimax customer service and that that might put some people off buying the Crystal. As for which is the best headset; that is so subjective I just treat it like I would anyone else's opinion, it certainly does not dictate what is best for me. If you are afraid of bias, you need to turn your computer, TV and phone off. Don't think I am defending him, or am a loyal fan or something, he is just someone else out there demonstrating our hobby who is no worse than anyone else.
  10. Not sure what the fuss is about and why he should warrant such a discussion. I think we can all make our minds up for ourselves and I personally find him quite helpful. He is trying to appeal to a wide audience so promotes a range of headsets for different budgets and switches between them. There's always a conflict of interest when somebody is paid to publish opinions and we should always bear that in mind, but he seems to be about as honest as he can without losing his sponsorship.
  11. I use Virtual Desktop and sometimes got no sound through the Q3. My main monitor is a 4K TV. The solution was to set the sound output in Virtual Desktop to both PC and headset and mute the monitor.
  12. For those of you who have a Quest 3, you could give this a try. If you are like me, the chances are you will have a pair of over-ear headphones knocking around, maybe paired with another system. Put them on over the top of the Quest 3; they just need to cover the sound outlet slots and your ears. You don't need to connect them up, switch them on, pair them or whatever as you are just using them as passive sound boxes. The difference is amazing. Of course, you could just connect/pair them to the Quest 3 or your computer, but why bother, and this way you can keep them paired to the TV, Hi-Fi or phone.
  13. I used to use the Samsung Odyssey for VR which is fairly low resolution. I preferred the Cabri G2; I think that because it is smaller, you are a bit closer to the instruments. I also map the instrument view to an easily accessible button. In VR, this simulates moving your head closer to the instrument in the centre of your view whilst the button is held down. I certainly would not dream of flying a helicopter without VR; pan the view around and all your directions are muddled. With the improved clarity of the Quest 3, the Bell 407 instruments are a lot clearer.
  14. I use Virtual Desktop and a high-power USB cable plugged into the Quest 3 charger. The charge still increases in MSFS session.
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