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  1. I have been flying the JustFlight Piper arrow and am trying to keep it old school without using a GPS. Been flying in the Caribbean over lots of water and this area has very little VOR reception. When I create a flight plan in LNM, is the course shown on the yellow line in the map (example....109nm/139M) already corrected for wind? The Piper arrow tells me my current track on the EFB as I fly. Do I fly so my track is the same as the the course on the map (139M in this example) or do I set the airplanes heading to the course (139M)? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, Tried the Freelook speed but it didn't seem to make it better. Not a huge problem, hopefully someone will design a "ezdok" or something similar.
  3. Does anyone know how to make MSFS snap to a custom view instead of panning (traveling) to the new view? I have a couple of joystick buttons assigned to my custom views. When I toggle between views, lets say a cockpit view and a wing view, the camera moves from the cockpit thru the cabin until it settles in the wing view. This happens quickly but there still is a delay. I would like an instant toggle from the cockpit instantly to the wing view. I looked at the camera.cfg but I am not sure what to change. Thanks
  4. Does anyone know how to instant zoom to the next view instead of traveling from one view to another? Going from a cockpit view to a window view is particularity annoying as you travel thru the cabin until it finally settles in the window view.
  5. Thanks for your contribution Joe. I am finally able to control the range and mode with my MCP. 👍 I have a few LVARS to share to anyone that I found using AAO. I find these valuable because the mouse click area is so small (A32NX FBW developer version). L:A32NX_SWITCH_TCAS_Position=SET (sets the TCAS knob from off to TA/RA) L:PUSH_AUTOPILOT_CHRONO_L=SET (the push button on the glare shield area to start the timer) L:PUSH_OVHD_CALLS_ALL=SET (button to clear the cabin ready warning)
  6. Thanks Grigna, Unfortunately, I could not get it to work. I was able to add the function into LINDA but nothing happens when I click on it. I am trying to learn Axis and Ohs as Guenseli has gotten some of the FBW functions to work. I think the new FBW airbus uses Hvars (over my head). It would be great if we could get those functions to work in LINDA. Thanks again for the help.
  7. I mostly fly the new fbw a320 standalone, experimental version ( fantastic autopilot btw, rock solid) but this new version I believe is using Lvars for most rotaries. I am unable to control any rotaries except baro and the altitude ( strangely enough is uses the LINDA default ALT plus and minus). Does anyone know of a workaround for controlling the speed, hdg, v/s, crs? The console shows no activity when turning those knobs.
  8. I also don't care for the transparent background. When doing the pre-flight events, the countdown timer is unreadable against a light background (at least on my computer). I must move the panel around until I find a dark background so it becomes legible. I much prefer the solid background. Also, why make the upgrade mandatory. A nag screen would do just fine to alert everyone of a new version. I much prefer version 1.3 but I am unable to use it because it is MANDATORY!!!!! to upgrade. Having said all that, I think your program brings a lot of immersion to the sim, well done. If you would allow the user to select their preferences (copilot does not control lights, solid background etc), it would bring this great product close to perfect.
  9. Hello, is it possible to use the earlier version. I prefer that version as the program does not control the lights. I prefer to do that. Could a option be added to disable light control? Thanks
  10. +1 Yes please Petraues, where did you find the Lvars for the CRJ?
  11. Fantastic, I had map tool tips on but for some strange reason, missed the map information click boxes. What a time saver. Thanks for a great product and for such a quick response.
  12. Not sure what I did but I am unable to left click on an airspace highlight (class E for example) and see information on it. I have to right click and select "show information for airspace....." If there are multiple airspace's shown, I have to right click and select each one, one at a time. Is there a way to left click on the airspace and have all the airspace's show up in the information tab at once? Thanks
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