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  1. Thanks for the Praydog UEVR app information. Sounds interesting, just hope it works on my system.
  2. Just a heads up for us VR users, if you haven't tried Star Wars Squadrons yet, it is on sale on Amazon for $1.99 (95% off) This game is fantastic in VR, feels like you are in a Star Wars movie.
  3. I have been chasing CTD's lately and found out that pvrhome.exe had a memory leak that was using large amounts of memory (at least on my system). Under the device settings for Pimax, under general, there is a Home setting. I had mine set to Pimax Home which is the pvrhome.exe. After setting the home setting to off, the pvrhome.exe program then closed and I reclaimed over 10 gigs of memory. I have only done one flight since changing this setting so I can't say that this has cured my CTD's but something was definitely messed up with pvrhome.exe.
  4. I have been flying the Tecnam P2012 lately so GA Ramp it is. Thanks for the help.
  5. What is the cause of the ground controller giving me a taxi to runway xx after I land and had requested a taxi to parking? On my last flight, I repeated the phrase "request taking to parking" about 4 times and each time I was given a taxi instruction for a runway.
  6. I like the fact you have to fly low and dodge the weather while enjoying the great scenery. Great little plane
  7. https://www.worldwidevirtual.net Very similar to flyvirtual but time acceleration is allowed.
  8. Is that an involved process? Would it be possible to walk me through on making this community mod for myself?
  9. Thanks for helping with this Alex. Looks like the address is correct going to Simbrief, might be a simbrief issue. Might send Simbrief a message and see what they say.
  10. I did look at the simbrief page and the address shows the following https://dispatch.simbrief.com/options/custom?type=TBM8&orig=KMDW&dest=KBUF&route=KMDW PADDE SVM GGUCE KBUF&fl=27000 Here is the web address copied to clipboard https://www.simbrief.com/system/dispatch.php?type=TBM8&orig=KMDW&dest=KBUF&route=KMDW PADDE SVM GGUCE KBUF&fl=27000
  11. I have verified the aircraft type is correct in the performance file (TBM8). Strange that Simbrief does not see it. When clicking the "Export flightplan to Simbrief...", is there a way to look at this file being sent to Simbrief? Since Simbrief always shows no aircraft for the TBM850, this would help me troubleshoot this issue. Thanks
  12. I have a minor problem but one I can't seem to crack. When importing a flightplan to simbrief using the TBM850, I get a blank aircraft type and have to manually select it from the drop down menu in Simbrief. The flight plan imports ok. Other planes auto populate with the correct aircraft type. When looking at the tbm 850.Inmperf file, it shows the Aircraft type as TBM8 (the correct ICAO code). How can I get simbrief to auto populate with the TBM850? Thanks
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