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  1. From the moment I first installed it I have had no problems other than a few teething issues. If you're trying to use the legacy rather than the modern flight model it won't work. Using the manual that is available at the Orbx Direct site and in the aircraft folder is mandatory to learn the unique features of this plane. It's very powerful for its weight and very slippery so you can't fly it like a Cessna or Piper. All tests so far on the flight model have shown that it's within 2-5% of published figures across the board. If you are having trouble with the trim then it's probably realistic, it's a pilot's hands-on plane first and foremost.
  2. Just an interesting observation, I've been making a helicopter tour video of a walking track which involves recording the MSFS flight over the trail, which twists and turns. The best chopper for the task is the nimble Guimbal but when I used the Asobo one to follow the flightplan on the map, the route did not appear. No idea why that particular chopper somehow prevents the flightplan legs from appearing on the VFR map but it does. Luckily the freeware Guimbal is still available at flightsim.to so I downloaded it and although its flight model is slightly harder to manage than the Asobo one, at least I can follow the intricate flight plan using the map. I need the flightplan because in many areas the trail is invisible under the trees and it's the only way to know I'm overhaed of it.
  3. If it's just the once in a flight then my advice is to ignore it! Occasionally I have the same thing, it's almost certainly sim related not the Reverb.
  4. And setting the 2D window to a small size until it stabilises can also help
  5. I have the Reverb G2 and I can assure you the foveated rendering is supported and works.
  6. Not a single one of the shots in that link show anything like my screenshot, one shows some faint multiple lines, yes, but the rest are either that single horizon marker, or some sort of colour banding it looks like. Anyway like I said it's fixed so it's time this was put to bed.
  7. I use it for the colour and the foveated rendering, amongst other things. Wouldn't do without it. There's a ton of information about all of the advantages at a site where people go for lots of information, much more than we can fit into a reply such as this.
  8. No it's a completely different bug. That horizon line has always been there and is easily ignored. These lines, multiple obvious lines, can't be ignored. Or did you not even see my screenshot?
  9. Problem soled I was running 1.2 something of the Open XR Toolkit Companion but updating to 1.3 solved it. Issue closed but someone else might have the same issue so I'll leave this post up.
  10. Here is the screenshot. These lines didn't appear in the first flight I loaded, but when I went back into the Main Menu and generated a second flight the lines appeared in VR. Switching to 2D didn't change anything, they are still there.
  11. Are you sure you don't mean the generic single line that sits on the horizon level? I'm talking about multiple lines right across the distant scenery. ever seen before. I'd better get a screenshot so you know what I'm talking about.
  12. Since SU12 when I set up a flight and switch to VR, I get multiple lines across the mountains in the scenery. I'm still trying to test to see if it's associated with the OpenXR Toolkit Companion but first indications are that it doesn't make any difference. I'm also not sure if it is only on a change of flight, I didn't notice it on my fisrst flight but the second flight from the main Menu I did, but I also changed location. After they appear, if I go to 2D monitor, they are still there. Anyone else seeing this?
  13. That's a Steam VR WMR window, I only have the MS one. Plus, it's not the window that is showing the VR view, which is the MSFS window that sits on the desktop along with the WMR window, and which is the one that needs to be kept as small as possible.
  14. Can you post a screenshot I don't have anything resembling a pause button either in WMR or the MSFS preview window
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