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  1. Not many times I get a chance to sit down and do a fully loaded flight essa to Trondheim 717 and hoping it rains 3 hrs till missus get home and I either spend 3 hrs downloading ez dock and setting up the cameras or give up . VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING!!! Please sort out the offline mode enough is enough . This has been going on for a year love the software hate this reliance on a server that keeps failing to fly !!
  2. Thanks tgc been asking the same question and glad to know its possible to switch 2d to 3d on the fly . Mine arrives 7th sept or should I say its here just not allowed to play with it .
  3. Can I say unlike some on this forum I own the aircraft . First release of lighting did not work at dawn / dusk I moaned . They improved this but textures went to hell I moaned more and asked to go back. The new lighting system is fine dimmable and can be set fine both ground ops and night flying . Congrats on TFDI for listening and sorting . Only thing I could now do with is a torch to find switches in dark I normally do some time travelling to get battery and ground power on but that goes for all payware aircraft on the market. Hopefully LM will add some day does exist in xplane I believe.
  4. Yes and an airbus plus q400 would complete. I have the 717 and heavily moaned re the night lighting . It looks great now highly recommended .
  5. I have asked on aerosoft forum but will ask here as well how do you save restore a flight does not seem to work . Even panel reload does not fill all back in especially the fmc. Any got this to work.
  6. Congrats on the FSC team on there release.
  7. read the announcement it is for V4 just checked
  8. Hard to find but got moved I have been deactivateing with Lorby si tool see this thread Also some advice from him on this thread but not had time to follow through .
  9. Glad it is just not me and hoped I helped .No explanation why will try to do some more research but certainly feels like some hard limit and Keith the issue is installing installing scenary generally manual or .XML .If too many .XML files sim crashes .curt could you add to my L M thread so they know it not just me .
  10. 10 hours downloading and nearly done time for bed so should able to test tomorrow night .I. E and win 10 have done an excellent job downloading
  11. Thanks for advice I will look in to it again and see if I can get some answers the weekend has now gone and time for testing gone but will fall back to this one . Colin
  12. I have been running this post on on the P3d forum and someo0ne suggested may be worth posting on yours Oliver I have been using the xml method of adding scenery using Lorby Si tool . Have hit a problem installed last night orbx eu freeware airports last night and it crashed after the scenario window .Uninstalled and all worked reported on forum and no one has had an issue . Today I installed naples from aerosoft same issue . After hours of head scratching I disabled all xml add ons . Sim loaded fine. I found if I disabled any two xml add ons all was good in the world again. Added the disabled xml scenery's manually the old way and all scenery's . Almost as if there is a cap on how many .xml addons you can have. It did not matter which add ons I disabled . I just had to disable 2 andf manually re-enter any I ideas Oliver . I have 27 scenery entries as xml and a further 21 misc files and planes in the same manner
  13. Thanks will post in Lorbys forum and thanks Elaine I had had similar thoughts but ruled them out
  14. sorry Denali I'm in competition just brought it and downloading .Lol