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  1. Yes released with V5 installers thought they would wait for HF2 maybe beta testing has finished on hf2
  2. Thanks for the update presenty have not got v4 installed although my finger hovers over the re-install button will wait for the moment and see what HF2 brings .
  3. Both times for me was straight upgrade have not tried with DDU playing with the upcoming development driver looks promising for future, will re-install latest again with DDU just to eliminate something creeping in affecting VR
  4. Guessing no V5 support not listed as supported on Orbx
  5. I have seen reduced performance in VR with this driver more judders . Rolled back and normal operation resumed .
  6. worked a treat thanks for your help still working through my fleet getting the hang of this did my a2a 250 without difficulty .
  7. Yes I find the same with VR even 120 knocks my frames and puts judder in it be nice to know if works . Supposedly FPS mode is best according to manual for unlimited
  8. Config below / Just Flight PA28R P3Dv4 - SP1 (Flight1 GTN configuration)
  9. Thanks bert will do tomorrow evening but correct on all fronts
  10. I have tried to install in the arrow everything appears to work but nothing shows on gauge .pop up window works done all my real air fleet but missing some knowledge on the arrow can some kind person help. Beginner using this gauge.
  11. anyone using skyforce does it work for cloud injection only.
  12. I cannot see it listed
  13. I have looked at both before for my GA aircraft what stops me pulling the trigger is lack of airac update . No point proact giving me sids and stars that do not exist . Hope I am wrong.
  14. Update fixes the global lights
  15. Yes its not aig , I have both TG is lighter on the system but as accurate . Does it show aircraft at gate yes great .
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