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  1. I had cockpit shake with win 11 had to go back to win 10. Bit drastic I know but may help.
  2. Flight plan does does not restore as well so no fmc .
  3. I am seeing better performance more use of my 3090 . Locked at 30fps . Vr giving good results . Hopefully stays like this at least for a few days.
  4. 3 nights running no idea whats causing it anyone else having the same issue
  5. I have never had a ctd in fs2020 just had this same error 2 nights running .
  6. works on rift s fine did you clear your shaders
  7. When Proatc launch and GSX I may be interested .
  8. you may find the reason you are getting CTD is because they updated the servers but did not update client side as planned . My guess anyway.
  9. ASW for rift s has been broken on P3d V5 since day 1, V4 works fine. MS2020 also broken when working properly makes a huge difference . High graphics cards help and allow no ASW to be an option but should work way better with less processing power if ASW was implemented correctly . Benn banging on about this for last 2 years . Hoping with wider gamer community on MS2020 will bring pressure to fix on 2020 . P3D posted first day of release on V5 it was not working. ASW2.0 requires information embedded in the sim to work I believe and they do not want the work to implement. Much easier to sat buy better hardware. See link for explantion and depth data required Introducing ASW 2.0: Better Accuracy, Lower Latency | Oculus
  10. yes i would like to know how and if better asw faulty on rift s with occulus software
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