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  1. As always my credit card sits here on hold for a panel save and restore like the PMDG any news .
  2. please be aware the fenix has no panel/fms save system unlike the excellent 737 or maddog. Fine if you can complete a flight in one sitting but for people like me who require the ability to resume a flight currently the fenix is a no go. Looking forward to aerosoft 330 . Hopefully will include a panel/fms save .
  3. more than a bit annoying . I have not brought this due to this issue . PMDG for me till they sort this out .
  4. Just brought the msfs 777. With the salty mod not bad at least till PMDG available. Very basic but usuable.
  5. how is interaction is it in sim like p3d and VR friendly
  6. Well done I got one flight done today , LOWI to EGPH . Setup preflight took 40 minutes , had to save my PMDG at the gate as real life got in the way . Continued my flight 2 hours later completed in one sitting.That happens once in a blue moon normally get an hour. What a godsend that save flight was there would never have got off the ground.
  7. Provacative yes , delusional no. Wanting a save restore feature before purchase is not a sin . Yes without one it is useless to me . After a long time sifting through various forums asking people if it existed . Nicely I will say not provacatively , Getting half answers to a direct question as if I was committing a cardinal sin . I emailed Fenix who gave a quick accurate no. Fair enough I said will purchase when available . So yes still an incomplete beta to ME maybe not others who seem to not need it. How I dont know must have plenty of time or skip a lot of things. Enjoy the fenix I am sure it is an excellent plane but no PMDG.
  8. Save and restore is a basic feature . PMDG does this excently . If a developer does not implement they dont get my money . Wasted too much money on half functioning aircraft. I want to buy this aircraft but will not till save and restore is implemented fully. I get if I am lucky an hour a day to fly . I know all the workarounds but PMDG has set the bar they get my money not fenix . Off to buy a 600 that saves and restore. Not a beta toy to play with. My time my money my rules.
  9. I had cockpit shake with win 11 had to go back to win 10. Bit drastic I know but may help.
  10. Flight plan does does not restore as well so no fmc .
  11. I am seeing better performance more use of my 3090 . Locked at 30fps . Vr giving good results . Hopefully stays like this at least for a few days.
  12. 3 nights running no idea whats causing it anyone else having the same issue
  13. I have never had a ctd in fs2020 just had this same error 2 nights running .
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