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  1. cannow


    Thanks all this is all great advice and what I am looking for . Spent weekend balancing and got fairly good results . Turning off HDR and lowering the resolution of the screen . The monitor that is not the rift freed up a lot of resources. Still not quite happy seen the last 2 posts tonight excellent advice will play with these settings next weekend and see if I can improve. Thanks great support.
  2. cannow


    yes overclock turned off using vanilla p3d not . To be honest its not bad but I find it strange that my framerate halfs when using VR and when I bank I see stutter tried turning PD right down and ag antialiasing off see little difference don't mind low frame rates but stutter is annoying. May give fly inside another go did not work well last time I tried it but more experienced in vr now.Seems to take over sim and make 2d flying difficult.
  3. cannow


    Sorry forgot to say p3d 4.3
  4. What settings are you guys using to get a smooth experience with the rift. I allways get microstutters and my frame rate is halfed when using the rift . GTX 1070 smooth outside of vr . I can turn all setting on rift down and same in sim still cant get it smooth . Assuming it may be because my monitor and rift work at two different refresh rates. Any help appreciated.
  5. cannow

    QW787 in 4.3

    nope engines on
  6. cannow

    QW787 in 4.3

    anybody manage to get this aircraft to save and reload allways starts with engines off for me annoying at fl400
  7. Both my old 970 and now my 1070 have got lot better performance with unlimited frames on complex airports and aircraft . I have same processor and overclock..
  8. I am using Pro ATC airac 1712 and flytampa hong kong . All looks good sid stars in pro atc and fmc but can get pro atc to clear just goes dead when clearing .Change to vhhh instead and clearance fine any ideas
  9. cannow


    Flightbeam KSFO is not the issue uninstalled all add on scenary and kept crashing at KSFO even with default airport . FSUIPC is the culprit no idea why disabled and all good at the moment don't think I use fsuipc for anything any more and not the registered version. Issue prevailed with latest version of pete dowsons excellent program.
  10. cannow


    Just installed KSFO from flightbeam on v4.3 and getting an immediate CTD when desktop loads . Nothing on support site . Any ideas anyone else had issuses.
  11. quality of image depands on Pixel density in VR. 2.0 looks amazing but my system cant handle it fps crawl . That is why I am waiting for new card to be released . This is on the rift. Biggest other issue is CPU as allways in P3D . If in a CPU bound plane or scenary and can only achieve 20fps because of CPU . No card will make it work.
  12. Thanks have x plane but main platform is prepar3d hoping to improve main issue is cockpit bidder don' know how else to describe almost as if cockpit is fighting head movement.
  13. Struggling to get a smooth performance main issue cockpit judders when moving head forward backwards .so I have GeForce 1070 and rift running on 4.2. Occulus tray tool what' best setting trying 1.5 at moment .asw on or off Max pre rendered vr frames what' the best setting have read set application controlled. Also using chaseplane Use native vr so any tips tweaks much appreciated
  14. Sorry exactly same issue only at airports not flying cannot yet find an answer. Will try deactivateing everything but may be a couple of days till I get to it . Busy at work.