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  1. Thanks for the tips. Last night I set proper pitch trim and it still nosedived. I wasnt aware of the issue caused by closing MSFS with AP enabled. Pretty sure I've consistently turned off AP after each flight but I'll be more aware of this. Other people are having the same problem after the recent update: https://community.justflight.com/topic/2353/autopilot-tried-to-kill-me
  2. My PA-28 Turbo Arrow IV nosedives when engaging autopilot altitude hold. Anyone else with this issue? I know the real plane doesnt have altitude hold, but it's convenient and worked fine in the Turbo Arrow III.
  3. I just click like mad where the continue button will appear as soon as I hit the battery off switch while waiting for the stupid log book arcade screen to appear. Then I log my flight in Excel instead of their lame lousy log book.
  4. After simming since release date last August, and being generally satisfied, MSFS felt like it was 2020 on my flight tonight. Constant lightning everywhere using Live Weather, CTD on final, floating cars in the air. Why are they constantly breaking my sim???
  5. I got this or something similar after the recent update. It happened when opening MSFS as an administrator. Once I started opening regularly (just double clicking the icon)I was able to start MSFS.
  6. If there is another way I'd love to hear it. The MS Store updating method is a poor design. I get "Game already installed", so I restarted MSFS several times and it said "Pending" for 5 minutes, now it says "Error"??? Why can't the game just freaking update without going through this MS Store hassle every time?????
  7. I just log all my flights in an Excel spreadsheet. I dont trust MSFS to do it correctly
  8. I'd like to do a round the world tour and was planning on the Arrow, but might have to rethink it now if it keeps CTDing and get the Seminole instead
  9. I own P3D v5 but the graphics just dont do it for me after experiencing MSFS 🤷🏻‍♂️ Though it's not a bad idea to fire up the Bonanza again for training. I bought it last year shortly before MSFS was released. Very well made and detailed aircraft I'll be training in a real CTLS next month. The MSFS version is way too basic for me.
  10. Thanks, if the CTDs continue on the Arrow I'll look into the Seminole as I want the most realistic GA plane possible for training to get my pilot's license.
  11. I don't blame you, CTDs completely ruin the enjoyment for me and make my blood pressure skyrocket. Then I continually wait for the next one and begin saving obsessively every 5-10 minutes (since Microsoft can't possibly spare a few minutes to implement an autosave)
  12. Thanks. I'll see if it happens again, or if it's something else such as running graphics on Ultra instead of High-End. I really enjoy the Arrow otherwise.
  13. I just had the first CTD in several months with the JF Arrow, which I only just started flying recently. The game stopped moving, then sound stopped, then just back to desktop. Very very aggravated right now. Do you remember which forum you read that in? If this is systemic I want a refund from Just Flight because I have no CTD with other aircraft and I paid $45 for their product. Faulting application name: FlightSimulator.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x6087d3ea Faulting module name: unknown, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000
  14. Thanks, I think I'm sold on it. I could use a realistic GA in my hangar.
  15. Is JF Arrow III considered the best payware single prop out there right now? Going for my real life pilot license soon and want to practice in a GA aircraft that's more complex than the default planes
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