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  1. I always save as .flt. I emailed the company. Maybe there's some workaround by editing the .flt file (like I have to do with the MSFS weather which is still broken almost 2 years into release).
  2. How do you get the Sting S4 to load cold and dark from a saved flight? If I shut everything down and save, and reload my save the next day, the gauges and engine are on and running. It's immersion breaking to enter an already running aircraft.
  3. Thanks, I checked a YouTube tutorial and based on that the figure for MACZFW is what is entered for ZFWCG. I wasn't sure if those are the same or not.
  4. The MCDU INIT B page requires ZFW/ZFWCG. However, I can't find ZFWCG anywhere. The EFB provides MACZFW% and MACGW% only. I've checked the loadsheet and that doesn't help either. Where do you find the value for ZFWCG, or how do you calculate it? Thanks for any help.
  5. Does anyone know if saving and reloading the flight in MSFS also saves and reload panel state, or does it reset everything like FBW? Only reason I care is because of a random ctd that will come out of nowhere, and the ability to pick off where I left off without having to reprogram MCDU, etc. In FBW if I got a ctd, I quit the flight and did something else because I'm not resetting the panel state and MCDU manually again.
  6. Yes, now all scenery disappears when the game disconnects from the servers. Before the scenery was only degraded. Makes the game unplayable for me.
  7. Now when it disconnects briefly, all the scenery erases and turns blue. Even when it reconnects the scenery is still gone. This just started after yesterday's update. Before that, the scenery would remain even when if the server dropped briefly. This ruined my flight yesterday after never having this issue before. Rolling cache was set to 8gb. I haven't seen anyone with this issue, having a hard time believing I'm the only one?
  8. I just dont get why these seemingly simple problems arent fixed 1.5 years after release??
  9. Thanks to the community for finding these workarounds that we shouldn't need to use. I save frequently only because of the possible random CTD that comes out of nowhere. If I know I can simply reload my flight, that quells my rage a bit when the CTD occurs.
  10. To change weather in a saved flight: Edit the .FLT file using notepad so the [WEATHER] section is exactly this: [Weather] UseLiveWeather=True WeatherCanBeLive=True To get the menu bar to work in a saved flight (while on the ground only): Slew your plane up a hundred feet and right back down. For some stupid reason the menu bar comes back.
  11. A dumb workaround to this dumb problem. At least I don't have to wait until 7:12 PM to fly anymore since Microsoft refuses to fix it https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/no-live-weather-after-23-00z-try-this-dumb-fix/493094
  12. I want to fly now but in 15 minutes the daily live weather black out begins so I guess I have to wait 87 minutes. Gentlemen it has been a privilege flying with you. *Unnecessary black out commences*
  13. Do you ever fly with live weather between 2300 and 0012 UTC? My understanding is the live weather outage for this time period affects everyone, so if it doesnt affect you that gives me a glimmer of hope that theres something I can do to fix it. During my evenings I have free time from 6 to 8 pm which is the only time I really play MSFS usually, so having this interrupted daily for no apparent reason is really infuriating. Sure I can try Rex or predefined weather, but I like to plan flights realistically thru Foreflight and also enjoy weather changing as I fly, not remaining static. Live weather is good enough for me if it would work 24/7
  14. I keep getting pixelation on the top and was going to roll back drivers today. Looks like I'll try this one first to see if it fixes it
  15. That's not the point of this thread....... this thread is stating that the weather is literally clear sky and 29.92 for 72 minutes per day. I don't care if the weather is exact, I just want weather continuously.
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