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  1. Does Block 2 cost extra money if I already bought the original? Will it work with FS2Crew or will I have to buy another FS2Crew version?
  2. I found a fix yesterday. Renamed TIRviews.dll in Program Files x86 to something else and this problem immediately went away, hours after aggravation. Found this solution on a forum from 11 years ago!!! I told NaturalPoint tech support about the fix, he just said "hopefully it is fixed soon". Yeah, sure 🙄
  3. Do you still have AP disconnection issues with Fenix A320? Mine disconnected twice within 5 minutes before intercepting LOC at ORD 27C. Didn't touch a thing. It won't reconnect immediately either. My joystick is calibrated just fine and I don't believe it has anything to do with it either. Very aggravating considering it hasn't done this for 5 flights, and now all of a sudden it's disconnecting again and I didn't change anything.
  4. Just the threat of a CTD at any time is enough to make me want an autosave function. I am willing to pay for one and was going to look into buying FSUIPC solely for the autosave, until I found out from experimenting with the A320 that there's no point because nothing will be saved anyway. I can also go 6 months without a CTD but I had one the other day so now I'm on edge waiting for the next one. I'll try some troubleshooting steps but there's zero way to tell if they're effective because the CTD is random and cannot be reproduced by any means
  5. Well I had a ctd and it was really aggravating considering I couldn't just resume where I left off and had to start all over again. I'll live, there is no doubt about that, but in 2023 we should have the ability to save and reload. It's a low priority for some but not for others
  6. MSFS is mostly stable for me, better than FSX and P3D in my experience. However, CTD still happened randomly the other day when I departed DCA, though it was the first one in many months. If I'm doing a long flight the ability to autosave and reload makes CTDs far less infuriating when they do happen. 5 minutes later I'll be back where I left off.
  7. First CTD in ages in Fenix A320 a few minutes after takeoff. Zero clue why. Happened completely out of the blue. Had to start all over again. I need a way to save and reload if I'm going to keep doing long flights in the Fenix A320. Otherwise just seem to be wasting time waiting for the random CTD to happen midflight for no discernable reason. After testing the save/load function, I noted the load function does not even reload fuel quantity and payload like it does for other aircraft. Of course it does not reload the MCDU and panel state either. Has anyone found a way to save/load flights in the Fenix A320 and have some ability to resume the flight without the plane being knocked back to 100% default settings?
  8. Figured out what I was doing wrong - not clicking on the runway condition (e.g. dry, wet, etc.). Once I put that in and the weight in LBS it worked. I also see how others have gotten "T" instead of "LBS" which happens once you change to KG, though that doesn't actually make a difference (thought that's what I was doing wrong). Thanks everyone!
  9. I absolutely cannot figure out how to calculate landing distance on the EFB. As circled below, I can only type in digits for "LBS", and the maximum figure it takes is 999.9. Obviously, the landing distance calculations do not work when I fill this in. Other resources online (such as link below) show "Landing WT" on the EFB in Tons ("T"). https://www.simvol.org/en/articles/tutorials/a320-fenix-landing-distance-calculation How do I change the units from LBS to T so the EFB will calculate landing distance?
  10. Using the JustFlight Turbo Arrow III, engaging the autopilot (regardless of mode selected) just started resulting in the plane to sharply bank left or right for no reason. I fly this plane religiously and never had this problem until yesterday. The problem seems to be solved when I don't run FSRealistic. I'm on v2.0.4 and will try upgrading. Anyone else having autopilot problems with general aviation aircraft while using FSRealistic?
  11. I keep Excel spreadsheets as log books and disregard the MSFS logbooks. Don't trust them.
  12. I've been out of the loop for a while and am looking for a good ATC add-on for VFR flights. Everything I find (Pilot2ATC, etc.) seems geared towards filing IFR flight plans. I want a program where I can fly around and contact the tower of an airport, request full stop or touch and gos, flight following, etc. Is there anything available, free or payware? The default ATC is honestly not bad, I just hate having to use the keyboard and constantly press the Scroll Lock to bring up the menu. Is there a way to use voice recognition to control default MSFS ATC? I use VATSIM a lot but of course most airports I go to do not have a TWR controller, and CTR always seems too busy with IFR flights to be bothered with a Piper flying around sightseeing. This is why I'm considering migrating to something offline.
  13. Same. Eastern Pennsylvania, coming into land at two different airports, winds went up to 118 knots. Had to quickly pause and then turn off live weather to salvage my flights. Never had this happen before in 23 months of playing.
  14. I always save as .flt. I emailed the company. Maybe there's some workaround by editing the .flt file (like I have to do with the MSFS weather which is still broken almost 2 years into release).
  15. How do you get the Sting S4 to load cold and dark from a saved flight? If I shut everything down and save, and reload my save the next day, the gauges and engine are on and running. It's immersion breaking to enter an already running aircraft.
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