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  1. This sounds really amazing--I looked in the thread for any approximate time range for release but didn't see anything. Any updates on that front?
  2. Wondering what apps available / how you use your iPad to maximize your flying experience in p3d? in particular I’m wondering about charts for ifr, real-time weather, flight plan tracking, etc. thanks and happy flying!
  3. Looking at my various HDMI cables...hmm no indications or markings on them to indicate whether 1.4 2.0 2.1 etc. Suspect I don't have 2.1 but is there any way to identify the hdmi type??
  4. Well, this has been interesting! So I downloaded inspector and set the 1/2 refresh rate vsync. Yeah, when I bought it I thought it had a compatibility...guess I was wrong / misled by the language there. I have connected via display port cable, but can try hdmi...I thought display port was recommended as better over hdmi? In Nvidia CP under Set Up G-Sync, it allows me to check "Enable G-sync, G-sync compatible" (and then select for windowed or windowed & full screen), but then it says "no validated as G-sync compatible". It still seems to let me check the box though...so not sure what that means is going on?? Ps. just had my RTX 3060 arrive...wanted to get 12G VRAM but couldn't stomach the pricing I was seeing for 3080 / 3090 etc.
  5. Thanks Dave, that's a good idea, will do!
  6. Hi Rob, Thanks very much for your info above. So I checked and have available the following: @3440 x 1440 (native): 144Hz / 100 / 60 / 50 Hz are showing available at that resolution in Nvidia Control Panel. Was a bit unclear re: what you mean re: adjust graphics settings so you can sustain lowest VRR range... What do you recommend re: refresh rate should I set in Nvidia Control panel then? 50Hz? And then set unlimited in p3d AND nvidia CP? Or different for each? Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, Got a Gigabyte G34WQC (3440x1440) monitor recently, has Freesync and 144Hz max refresh rate. I'm trying to figure out best settings for the sim. Vsync: was going to set monitor to 60Hz but there is no more 1/2 refresh rate vsync option in Nvidia anymore. I have FPS locked at 30 in Nvidia but unlimited in sim. Question 1: should I use Vsync? Triple buffering? What's the best Monitor refresh rate? Question 2: I'm running i8700K OC, 64G Ram, RTX 2070, using the Affinity Mask App with the following entry: [JobScheduler] AffinityMask=4095 P3DCoreAffinityMask=4092 MainThreadScheduler=0 RenderThreadScheduler=2 FrameWorkerThreadScheduler=4 I put activesky as recommended through FSUIPC.ini as [Programs] RunIfX=AM=3,CLOSE,"<PATH TO ADD ON .EXE AND OPTIONAL ARGUMENTS>" I clicked on the "Affinity Mask Process Space" button to generate the above. Is this best / correct way to configure? Thanks!
  8. Thanks! Will give another try.
  9. Okay yes thanks for this...what I'm wondering is if I set up all three components in the p3d menu and do all the assignments the way I'd like--do I simply hit "export" and save this as a single file, or do I need to set my assignments for the pedals, export separate file for pedals, throttles, yoke?
  10. I have a yoke / pedals / and throttle setup. Does this mean when I am saving controls in the p3d controls menu I have to save separately for each of these or is it all contained in one file? Seems it often isn't fully saving the changes I make. Thanks!
  11. Hey everyone, Have long been struggling with wanting to fly my tfdi 717 but I know its a vram hog. Just wondering if 5.3hf1 has made memory at all more improved in sim in general? (I recognize its that aircraft in particular which is a memory hog). Thanks!
  12. Oh and also wondering about is this compatible with aittp / aiflow / aicull? I don't know if these are designed to work together or if they pose a conflict. I'm using p3d v5.3. Thank you!
  13. Hi there, Interested in this but there are no installation instructions in the download. Can someone point me to what goes where for install please? Thanks,
  14. Purr

    Stream Deck

    Okay thanks I will check into this!
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