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  1. umm...okay what is it, how did you do it, etc?
  2. Thank you that was a great video!
  3. Yes that’s what it was, thank you it’s working now!
  4. Also, I’m having a hard time understanding the reactivity slider and what it does? Anyone...?
  5. Interesting idea....I think the feel part makes sense as they do tend to come “on” suddenly. Going to give it a try, thanks for the idea!
  6. Okay thanks I’ll look into it and see if that resolves the issue!
  7. I have the latest version installed but I have noticed if I exit the flight to make an adjustment to control sensitivities, apply/save and then return to flight, engines shut down. It seems any stepping out of the flight to the main menu causes this. Is there a workaround anyone knows of please?
  8. I just don’t understand how anyone with even a cursory understanding of how trim works would deliberately program it in a step-wise fashion. How could this not have been flagged and changed? Trim is something used regularly in every single flight, particularly in GA flying / off autopilot flying. This is the kind of thing that really bothers me about the dev pathways. How are contrails a higher priority than getting basic flight control sensitivities and basic inertial feel right? I do love the visuals and started out with lots of enthusiasm but with each update I am feeling like it is going to be a long way off before this sim mechanics will accurately capture the experience of flying. I do like flying the sim for the geographic parts and some aircraft are not too bad with handling but I feel like I have to overlook rather glaring problems every flight. Sigh 😔
  9. Thank you so much for posting this...much needed and hopefully not a complex fix. Ridiculous way it's designed in sim (see the OP's link for nice breakdown and to upvote!)
  10. I've found that, left at idle, the aircraft builds up to 40kts taxi speed, have to brake frequently. This seems quite overpowered. Otherwise pretty good flight model based upon my experience in RL flying a somewhat similar Piper Warrior II
  11. While I'm glad for the advances in another update, this "major" update feels like it is full of fiddly fixes (I have not doubt some may have been challenging to address). Bottom line: I'm waiting for the weather system to be more fully functional, proper ai to make the world feel more alive, continued flight model improvements, flight instrumentation (eg. gps) to be updated, substantive sdk improvements so we can have more complex aircraft and other addons. None of that has occurred in this update. : ( Makes me feel like it's a looooooong way off.
  12. I just wonder what the timeline is for the next point release?
  13. What is psxt + RT please? And for msfs or P3d or both? thanks!
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