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  1. Purr

    Flysimware got a new texture artist

    Wow, congrats on bringing a texture artist onboard! I can already really see some improvement and it will be amazing to see the progress as they work around the rest of the cockpit! I really think this will take your products to the next level. Let me join with the others on the forum to strongly encourage work on the C441 and Lear! They are so strong technically and would totally become new products with that enhancement. Looking forward to seeing more updates as they become available!
  2. Purr

    Calling Saab 340 Pilots

    Would be awesome! Count me in
  3. So soldering is as effective as using the liquid metal on the ihs then? Good news then to not have to worry about the delidding. If HT is not available will that still be superior to an i8700k with fewer cores but the ability to run HT (talking in term of performance specifically with P3D here)? I think I’ve used both HT on and off with my i7 2600k and disnt find one to be particularly better or standing out.
  4. If the 9 series can’t be delidded because it’s soldered on, doesn’t that make it a lesser prospect for overclocking? From that perspective I’m wondering if the i8700k would be a better option? You can delid and oc and maybe it will have a price drop as the i9 series shows up. What do you guys think? I’m considering an upgrade soon.
  5. Thank you, helpful feedback!
  6. Next generation cpus or gtx are coming August?
  7. Hi there, I'm running p3d 4.3 with an i2600k oc to 4.4 with decent temps and a gtx 970. I'm thinking about upgrading the mobo and cpu and video card but I might have to do cpu/mobo (interested in i8700k) and video card (gtx 1080, maybe 1080ti?)separately. So my questions: 1. better to do cpu/mobo first then card or vice-versa. I seem to read conflicting opinions on the forum about this. 2. will there be a significant / noticeable change going from 2600k to 8700k? 3. is it worthwhile to try delidding the i2600k and increase oc to maybe 4.7 / 4.8? (I'm currently using corsair H60 cooler) Re: waiting, it seems like the gtx next gen line keeps getting pushed back further and further. Welcome your thoughts! Thank you.
  8. When are those next gen processors coming out? You are talking about post 8086 and 8700k?
  9. Purr

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    Gerard, There is a June 27 release of PTA stating compatability with 4.3 showing here but I haven't tried it. https://www.simtweaks.com/release
  10. Purr

    C441 Conquest Mods v1

    Hi there does anyone have the latest mods version that they could send my way please? Have been trying to contact Bill via pm but haven’t heard back...suspect he might be away or something. In any case would be much appreciated if you could send to me as I’m eager to try out the mods! thank you!
  11. I’m a non-coding novice who is interested to learn about coding to improve some of the gauges which typically don’t work properly, especially with carenado products. I know there is some stuff that is hard coded but for those great minds who can fix autopilot, pressurization, and other systems to actually work...well, which files do they use and what coding language are using. I’m wanting to be able to learn but unsure about the beginnings of how to do so. I welcome your input!!!
  12. Purr

    GTN frozen

    Okay thanks guys I will try both of these.
  13. Purr

    GTN frozen

    Upon installing the S340, I went to the aircraft folder and clicked on the file for installing the gtn750 (which I own). Everything works in the cockpit and on the gtn at first. Both the pop up and vc gtn work, but then somehow the pop up freezes and the vc gtn continues to Work flawlessly through the flight. anyone else experience this? Ideas?
  14. Hi there, where can can I find these for the Maddog? Thanks!