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  1. That looks outstanding. Day 1 buy for me! I thought the Duke would be out first but looks like the TBM is up...soon! : )
  2. Just amazing!!! The M500 will be awesome but I am getting pretty excited about the phenom!!! Incredible level of thoughtful detail from a very capable developer. So no possible release timeframes for either yet?
  3. No timeline on estimated release from what I saw, but sounds like it should be soon..."soon" I guess better in quotes just in case.
  4. It's true that the JustFlight pages being up doesn't necessarily mean it's about to release but---seeing the turbine made me start to twitch at the idea of 20 degree climbouts and rocketing upwards pegging the VSI!!! Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!!!!!!!
  5. Wow—that means it will be awesome! Can’t wait! im just wondering about timelines for the just flight RJ as well as the Fokker 70/100. I’m really excited for those two!! anyone have any ideas on the timelines?
  6. Appreciate the video and update…is this still estimated for a fall release?
  7. Huh, that is crappy. Seems kind of short sighted as I can't be the only one thinking about extra throttle sets. I'll try to contact them and see if they have any options for North America, sorry it doesn't work for Europe.
  8. I've been getting some new throttle handle extensions for my honecomb bravo. Some of the sets require taking the original throttles, and screwing in the handles into the originals. It's a bit of a pain to then switch one set to another so I was looking to just buy another set of replacement original honeycomb throttles. Their website indicates all of them are sold out. Does anyone have any info on this, when they may be back available again or another workaround? Thanks
  9. I thought I had heard release was close or imminent a couple of months ago but looking around I didn't see any updates...wonder if anyone else has heard news on this project?
  10. Thanks for your response, really appreciative of the time you took to explain and all your work previous. Fingers crossed that MSFS 2024 yields some more options for traffic and better developed sdk. Cheers
  11. Does this only work with AIGTraffic or would it work with JustFlight Traffic or FSLTL? Thanks!
  12. Yeah I went to it yesterday for the first time since the new look...ugh. Chaotic and weirdly frantic design. Like basically everyone else chiming in here, the previous version was working just fine. Classic example of "lets change it for change's sake" and in attempting to improve it, they make it unrecognizably bad. Sure, we'll learn how to use it, but poor design makes the user have to learn how to use the site vs. it just being clean and intuitively clear like it was. And yeah, the ads in your face feels like a "getting ready for the future" that prioritizes advertisers over user experience. An instance of a GIGANTIC SMH. Whoever designed this version shouldn't be the person to fix it.
  13. To move away from circular and endless pricing debates, I want to say that I have been looking forward to the F28, but it seems to have the same issue as the CRJ, which is a weird perspective problem. Specifically, the main flight instruments in front of the pilots appear disproportionately small. I understand that they are further away from, say the glareshield, however the degree is such that it is completely unrealistic. In both the CRJ and the F28 (from the video I saw) the AI, Airpseed indicator, HSI, etc aree really small, almost like you have to squint to see them. In the real aircraft, the instruments are actually quite substantial in size. I was recently just on a CRJ, for example, and when looking into the flight deck I was struck by how "big" the CRTs were. So this is a real immersion killer for me and I don't understand why this can't be corrected--or even seemingly noticed. And yes, I understand that zoom--particularly wide angle--can add to this effect but my point is that this is NOT how the eye experiences the size and proportion of the primary flight instruments. Otherwise, it looks pretty good, but this really takes away from the immersion for me that the proportions seem so completely off about the place you spend THE MOST TIME LOOKING AT from the flight deck.
  14. Thank you for this, will have a look. I think it might have been weekend bandwidth issues because all seems more normal now. Never had it that bad before. thank you!
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