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  1. Thank you so much for this! I cannot stand flying with map in north up mode, was a huge enjoyment killer. Amazing work!!!
  2. Bugger - was hoping they would fix that. Ah well... maybe something for the next one.
  3. Thanks heaps! I believe once you are tuned into ILS approach and you have LOC/GS armed/captured the -3 degree line shows up.
  4. I’m away from my gaming PC (for a week or so unfortunately) could someone confirm 1) the 3 degree line on HUD on approach is no longer moving with the bank of the plane and stays parallel with the horizon 2) when you have the VSD on the ND, at the lowest range scale - the scale at the bottom should read 0, 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10nm (the 7.5 number used to say 8, and once I saw it I couldn’t un-see it....) Minor issues I know but it probably 2 things that really bugged me a bit. Thanks!
  5. Updating the sim these days are much simpler than the previous... I have always updated generally within the 1st 1-2 months of the new versions, and have not had any major issues.
  6. Hopeful, yet I hope they learnt from the numerous “flight simulator” themed franchises in the last 10 years when the last official Microsoft Flight Simulator version FSX is released. Hope Microsoft learns from its own mistakes from Flight, and Dovetails Flight Sim World. This new platform is only going to gain community support if proper 3rd party developers do their work (e.g. PMDG, FSL, Orbx etc), and Microsoft allow them to charge a fair price for what they put in without taking a monetary bite off their profit. No 3rd party development = dead in the water.
  7. I have Xi’an ZLXY and just bought Beijing ZBAA with the discount. Both work well with dynamic lighting and SODE jetways. Also minimal impact on FPS. Had some texture issue initially with ZBAA when panning but all sorted after a search - had to disable a file in orbx vector which was causing trouble. For the price it is very reasonable I think
  8. Good luck with the release PMDG, and only release when it is ready! Glad I’ve just done a full clean install of windows and P3D then... Kind regards, Chen Chen NZAA
  9. No doubt! Glad the team is working on it! In saying that, I’m quite happy with how it is already. Like Peter above I think it adds so much immersion - that feeling sitting at the gate and having the splatters of raindrops on the windows, I could just sit there for ages admiring how far flight sim have come (Have been in this hobby since FS9 for commercial airliners and prior to that I was on Jane’s F-15 then F/A-18E super hornet) Thanks again Robert and the whole PMDG team for making this possible. Chen Chen NZAA
  10. Thanks for your reply Robert and others! I think they look great with what you got, and if this still being further tuned it’s even better. I was looking for more of the obscuration of vision once it gets faster but glad it’s not that I was doing something wrong. Many thanks again, Chen Chen NZAA
  11. I think this topic is highly system dependent. For me personally on an older system with i5-6600k and GTX960 which is certainly not all that powerful, I have better performance on the PMDG aircrafts (747/777/NGX) than the 787. Certainly more smoother in my experience.
  12. Hi PMDG team, Awesome work on the 747-8. My favourite plane to fly so far!! I just wanted to ask if I’m doing something wrong or if it is designed this way regarding RainMaker effects. I notice while on the ground stopped or taxiing the effects are great. However as soon as speed reaches 80knots on takeoff roll the rain on windshield effect seems to disappear all together. Many thanks, Chen Chen NZAA
  13. I've got both. I'd say the 747-400/-8 if you got the budget for only one, although the 787 costs much less (69USD vs 210USD for the full 747 package). QW 787 has its good points. But - for PMDG, you are paying that price tag for the full attention to detail, the immersion factor, and the "works out of the box" just makes it so much nicer. I don't have to go nitpicking because there is nothing to nitpick about...
  14. It’s a fun aircraft to fly with, although to be fair I’ve been busy with the big sister 747-8 recently. It has some excellent/revolutionary features like the jump ahead. One thing though, if you’re used to flying PMDG/FSL - don’t look too deeply under the surface on systems simulation or compare with the real thing too much (which I tend to do, after the initial few flights and feeling that hey, I can fly this now). There’s a few things I’d like to see improved which includes HUD. The good thing is that the team is excellent and very responsive, hopefully will make this into a much more solid add on than it already is. Chen
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