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  1. CMDC

    300ER & GSX config

    Hello I made a PMDG773ER version from the default version of the 77L that come in the GSX program, if anyone is interested, let me know.
  2. Hi Can we have the new VC/2D with the digital MCP and LCDs when flying the pax version ? I checked the option and don't see any new change. Thanks for a great addon.Carlos Dur
  3. Hi Ben Any chance to see an Air France livery in the 772LR passenger version?:-jumpyBye Carlos Dur
  4. ohh errr..;-), no I didnt see it, looks pretty goood now:-)byeCarlos Dur
  5. The nose area looks much better, but I think that the cockpit window need a retouch.I made an small modifications with photoshop in this area, What do you think? Carlos Dur
  6. Hi Koen:-wave Could you send it to me too, please;-) Bye and thanks Carlos machanito@yahoo.com
  7. Hey Greg, good job man :), I love the details too;-),look forward for the final gauge altitude and the future enhancement for the panel.Bye. Carlos Dur
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