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  1. Leaving Bergen for Oslo
  2. A couple images from a recent flight. You should see it in 4k....its amazing.
  3. lots of traffic today on this departure
  4. Ok I just did the reverse route in the FSLabs A320X and never once got above 81% VAS usage. In most cases it would hit 79 then roll back to 76, this proves at least on my system that those new driver do not fix anything as fa as VAS usage goes.
  5. Haha yes I hate when they don't listen Yes the VAS increased over time, I rolled back the drivers
  6. This is again the FSLabs A320X (I love this plane) form KLAS-KSFO. Had a miscommunication with ATC and had to go on a missed approach but got it right the second time. Enjoy!!
  7. Gary_Hayes

    Near crash landing

    Have to fix the video...temporally removed
  8. Gary_Hayes

    Near crash landing

    Yes absolutely!! I should have gone around......oh well
  9. The entire flight is here, I however messed the landing up quite badly...
  10. The newest version of the FSLABS A320 appears to have the VAS issues fixed. I do an entire flight 3 times in a row without rebooting..etc and never went above 82% usage.
  11. We took the plunge and bought one of these bad boys and other than going through pure craziness with Dell it is awesome. I installed p3d yesterday and it works wonderfully if any of you were thinking of checking one out. My wife took control of it though as usual lol. We made a video for her last night. Now she can do her world of warcraft ugh
  12. Beautifully made video my friend!!!
  13. The ending to our noob adventure.