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  1. Gary_Hayes

    Stuttering issue

    Ok a little update: I started googling p3d stutters, and I came across this micro stutter thread. It had a link to an affinity mask calculator and I did it. After adding this to my p3d cfg, poof! No more stuttering??? I was under the impression that this was no longer required, however it seems to have fixed my problem so maybe it is a as-needed basis I don't know? Either way it seems to be working great now and maybe I hope this would help someone. I'm going to throw the link up for that Affinity mask calculator in case it might help somebody one day. I hate when I read a thread of someone who has the same problem as me and they say okay it's working now and then never follow up as to what did you do... Link:
  2. Gary_Hayes

    Stuttering issue

    I did that as I read it as one of the possible solutions, still stuttering. It really is strange, if I dont taxi or move at high speed its fine. The second I start taking off it stutters so bad its almost unflyable?
  3. Gary_Hayes

    Stuttering issue

    I now have to add that I am seeing the stuttering. I had a fluid sim, just freshly installed v4.3, I flew the default f22 before each addon I installed and 60 FPS locked on everything. Then in installed chaseplane....major stutters once the aircraft starts moving, then when I pan or anything. If I stop its fine again? I am at a loss i7 8700K GTX 1080 Windows 10 pro 16 GM ddr4 at 3200
  4. Leaving Bergen for Oslo
  5. A couple images from a recent flight. You should see it in 4k....its amazing.
  6. lots of traffic today on this departure
  7. Ok I just did the reverse route in the FSLabs A320X and never once got above 81% VAS usage. In most cases it would hit 79 then roll back to 76, this proves at least on my system that those new driver do not fix anything as fa as VAS usage goes.
  8. Haha yes I hate when they don't listen Yes the VAS increased over time, I rolled back the drivers
  9. This is again the FSLabs A320X (I love this plane) form KLAS-KSFO. Had a miscommunication with ATC and had to go on a missed approach but got it right the second time. Enjoy!!
  10. Gary_Hayes

    Near crash landing

    Have to fix the video...temporally removed
  11. Gary_Hayes

    Near crash landing

    Yes absolutely!! I should have gone around......oh well
  12. The entire flight is here, I however messed the landing up quite badly...
  13. The newest version of the FSLABS A320 appears to have the VAS issues fixed. I do an entire flight 3 times in a row without rebooting..etc and never went above 82% usage.