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  1. Great shots Ed!! Long time no speak, still have those images I took for you of the polar air cockpit haha. I've upgraded my camera a few times since then though lol
  2. Again thank you guys!! I still primarily fly p3d v4 but this is a very nice alternative to a 738 flight once in a while. Thinking of picking up a e175 but so far the SSG isn't great so may try the other offering.
  3. Thanks everyone!! Peter, with the exception of activeskyxp and I think xvision (I think) what you see there is all freeware.
  4. Well I finally decided to give this X-Plane 11 a go, and I must say I am impressed with the right addons and scenery it looks great!!! A short hop from Dallas to Albuquerque, enjoy! (no retouching done, only resized from 4K to 1080) ps.. Now that I have discovered Ortho scenery.....RIP hard drive, been nice knowing ya
  5. Thank you guys!! Yeah that one with the Seattle downtown is also my favorite.
  6. Just a mix of shots from the last few days flying. Images are 1920x1080, open them up to view the full size!!
  7. Ok I activated this earlier when you told me to so without tomato it does look slightly better I will have to try it with tomato tonight to see. To be honest though I am quite happy with how things look now so I might just leave it as is and not touch anything else. Right now I am flying to Dallas on vatsim holding steady at 60 frames per second so I really honestly don't want to break it anymore.
  8. that's what I was trying to explain I did a complete uninstall meaning removing the six prepare3D folders in addition to uninstall in the game everything was absolutely gone even clean the registry afterwards. then did a complete reinstall and checked the game each time I installed a new product and everything was fine honestly and then all of a sudden poof it just happened on its own I didn't change anything. so I thought to myself well it's there but not quite as bad so I put tomatoshade back on, then it showed up extremely bad so that told me that tomato shade is just bringing it out more at night time but looks great at daytime. So right now I went in and remove tomatoshade turned off HDR lighting and remove reflections, the result is the banding is there but barely noticeable at all almost like it was in the default. So honestly I think it has always been there I just have never noticed it until I applied the tomatoeshade which enhanced it more or brought out the "ugly" in the Sim LOL. I have been doing a lot of Google searches and it turns out that possibly this has nothing to do with the simulator or anything. So I decided to try something out and I started X-Plane 11, wouldn't you know it banding exist there as well at night time.
  9. Yes this was an absolute uninstall and a very clean reinstall everything was completely removed. This is the strange thing I had the pmdg 747 on the runway and turned on the landing lights and all exterior lighting at night time, went into spot View and I noticed there was banding....it did not look as bad as it did before so I close the Sim and restarted. I went right back into the same exact scenario and the banding was absolutely horrible this time I didn't touch anything so somehow it made itself worse just by restarting the SIM.
  10. Well I did a complete reinstall, and STILL HAVE THE PROBLEM.... This has to be hardware or something outside the sim?
  11. Ok I may just do a complete reinstall, I just hate having to redownload all the orbx stuff......I wish I didn't have to.
  12. Ok I will give this a go when I get home.
  13. I have Tomato Shade installed and I have also removed all shaders (with and without tomato), I have even removed the shader folders and cfg then did a repair of the client. Nothing seems to work??? I have tried numerous drivers for my nvidia card to no avail. Please assist if you can... Addons: Active Sky for v4, ASCA, Rex Skyforce 3D Specs: i7 8700K @4.7 ghz 16GB DDR4 Ram Nvidia GTX 1080 Running at 3480x2460
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