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  1. There´s no 2D view. You can have a cockpitless view with a HUD style appearance. In my case it is assigned to F10. Or you can also pick it frol the View menu. Regards.
  2. Welcome to Belgium... 😄 These things happen quite often.
  3. Indeed it is. This region is called "Pajottenland" and is world famous for its beers (mostly Lambic), Belgian Draft, the painter Breugel, soft rolling hills, lots of cycling/biking and hiking recreation. And plenty of good cafe's (pubs) to resupply 🙂
  4. Hi, I live near this location. In real life, it´s a 1.000ft concrete radio tower. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sint-Pieters-Leeuw_Tower The wiki in Dutch contains an image. Here is an image I took a year or 3 back with my son.
  5. Hi Tony, Not sure for AU. But this is the result for Western Europe. ZL16 is just fine with ZL18 for airports and 1km surroundings.
  6. Oh dear... download @ 240KB/s because I'm a guest. ETE 4 days. That's not gonna happen. I would like to help nevertheless. - The downloaded file corresponds to approx 68.2 GB? - Could you show me a screenshot of the content of the zip file please? - Remove the folders/files that was instructed to put in the XP Custom Scenery folder (in short, turn back to the situation before you started) - Start up XP, it will automaticly update your scenery_packs.ini (remove the lines which point to non existent folders) - Unzip australia-complete-photoreal-xp11.zip to C:\VITAL\ - open up Command Prompt (type cmd in your Start menu) - Type cd C:\VITAL and press enter - Type dir /S >contentsofvital.txt and press enter - Send me the file contentsofvital.txt 😉 We'll see from there what to do next. Good luck!
  7. Hello Tony, Could you provide me a link to where you've downloaded this scenery from? I came across this... Australia Complete Photoreal Scenery for X-Plane 11 (flyawaysimulation.com) KR.
  8. Hello, Are you familiar with ORTHO4XP? I'm from Western Europe, but I decided to build a tile for YBCS after reading your topic. Just using Default X-plane scenery for the overlays (the autogen if you want, precisely what you're not seeing). if this image is too small, click the link below. https://ibb.co/LPfWLqr
  9. Default aircraft are rarely a " good" representation of the real ones. MSFS C152 feels nice. iniBuilds A300, Zibo 737 (and soon LevelUp) are *stunning* visually and soundwise. A300 need some tweaking on flight model (climbing at +2500 feet @ FL330??). Ofcourse also IXEG 737 classic ( @Janov 😉), and FlightFactor A320. Altough I feel those could use a little TLC model, texture (PBR) wise.
  10. FWIW. The only time that I got this device loss bug was when I overclocked my system just a wee bit too much. This was last month, and it has been the only time in my 4 years of intens X-Planing. Br. Vital
  11. This is coincidence... They announced recently that they were not going to do a Sale anymore this year. But now they're doing a Blitz Sale. A big thank you to Noel Philips for showing off our A300 in his latest video: We are excited to offer a 20% discount to the first 200 people who use the link in the bio!
  12. Hello Schorle, The plane lacks documentation. But you can basicly download a copy of the real FCOM/SOP and follow it 🙂 Inibuilds is active on Discord with lots of information and help of the community (ie: other users and the guys from Inibuilds) Oh and... BUY this. It's very immersive. No regrets from me (and I'm very difficult customer, nagging on esthetics, sounds and flying behavior 🙂 ) All the best.
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