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  1. Hello, Maybe this can help in understanding... https://amp.reddit.com/r/flightsim/comments/a6oybl/why_you_shouldnt_use_hd_mesh_v4_with_ortho4xp/ Regards.
  2. I also experienced CTD tonight when starting P3D with the A333. In my case, I noticed that it happens when I launch P3D and it has the A333 select in the scenario window. Whenever I selected another A333 livery, and I click OK to start loading the scenario, it crashes P3D. 2 things work for me: a) either load the scenario with the A333 that is already selected as default, and change livery when the sim is ready to fly. b) stick with the Default startup flight of Lockheed. Regards.
  3. Steve, Where's the "Like" button here @Avsim forums? :) I have a great respect for your know-how of painting, the result is always jaw dropping. Thanks for sharing the insight. I do feel that 90% of the people who download repaints have no clue of how many effort and time goes into a GOOD and ACCURATE repaint. All the best.
  4. https://simheaven.com/?wpfb_filepage=w2xp_europe_mix-7z edit: appologies, I responded too quick (without realy reading your question ;)) X-Europe comes with its own mesh baked in. But I think you can always use HD Mesh. Either way, with Simhaeven's X-Europe you don't really need a higher resolution of mesh. It's fine just out of the box. Regards.
  5. Because I have no social life... Oh and because I will never forget the first time I saw a Sabena B747 on final approach to runway 25R at the Zaventem Brussel Nationaal luchthaven early eighties... ;)
  6. Owh I was so impressed that I didn't even noticed it. Thanks for pointing it out! :)
  7. If I'm not mistaken, that looks very much like Normandy, France. You can see the Mont Saint Michel in the background!
  8. As Scott already pointed out... do not delete them. They don't take that much space compared to the rest of the sim. For those who want to fly P3D/FSX without the default AC, simply rename all the panel.cfg files to panel_cfg for example. This way, P3D/FSX will not show these planes in your list. You can do this very quickly by using the search option in your File Explorer (Windows Explorer) and then rename all the panel.cfg files at once by selecting them all together and press F2. Watch out that you do not rename the panel.cfg of the default Raptor. It is still recommended to start the sim with 1 default plane before switching over to let's say AS or PMDG planes. Regards.
  9. Just look at the guy in the trailer... hilarious! As for road safety, it's a big no-go though... Forbidden here in the EU. But fantastic engineering ;)
  10. I've been doing this for more then a decade (or so it seems 😉) and I agree! It's maybe not so easy for the average simmer.... But it's not an endeavour if you read the instructions on the website. Display Driver Uninstall is a great tool and assures you a "real clean install" of your drivers.
  11. I was expecting to see a Klingon warbird... :)
  12. Oh... according to the screenshot of your shortcut, it should have launched the sim. Can you, from the command prompt, navigate to the P3D folder? start -> cmd -> enter d: -> enter cd "lockheed martin" -> enter cd "prepar3d v4" -> enter prepar3d.exe -> enter Can you please tell me where it goes wrong now?
  13. Launch the Operations Center once more, it will offer you to repair the liveries. I've never tried this option... but I suspect that it will be able to repair the liveries that you downloaded and installed via the Ops Center.
  14. Hi Bob, I suppose you still haven't found the cause, or solution for this strange behavior? Sorry to ask so many questions, but it is in my nature as an ex IT support guy ;) What happens when you start prepar3d from the command prompt, so not from within windows explorer. I think you know how to do it, but please use the method I describe here below. Especially the last part, paste the command exactly as I give it to you. Click on Start -> type cmd and launch Command Prompt. We'll ignore the fact to have it run as Administrator for this time. Then type in d: and hit enter next paste this command, including the quotes to be sure, and press enter. "Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe" Please tell me, do you get the same result? All the best.
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