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    i9 9900 K 5.2 Ghz HT off 32 Gb DDR4 @ 4 Ghz CL17-19-19-44 Team Group Xtrem Asus Maximus Formula XI W10 64 bits pro sur Samsung 960 EVO M2, 2 ème Samsung 960 EVO M2 , RTX 2080 Ti Palit Power supply Corsair 1500 W Gold Screen ACER 28 inches 4K G-SYNC
    Gigabyte 3d mars WC THERMALTAKE WATER 3.0 RIING RGB 360

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  1. Hi ! Do you know precisely what is expected to startup ? I found no logical procedure...
  2. Hi ! Did you try the pns50-gns530 mod with your radiopanel and the cessna 172 ? For me it dos'nt light up but the buttom are working correctly. Wihtout the mod , it lights normaly
  3. For me it's the opposite ! Since I don't use no more spad (with MSFS) all is working perfectly except the led with the mod gns530...
  4. I saw... I've the latest plugin. But I didn't disable the USB advanced power management... however it's working correctly without the mod...
  5. Hi! I have a problem with this mod and my radiopanel saitek in the C172. The leds do not light up, the buttons change the frequency well though. Without everything works correctly. an idea ?
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