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    i7 7820 X @4.9 Ghz HT off 32 Gb DDR4 @ 4 Ghz CL18 Team Group Xtrem Asus RVIE W10 64 bits pro on Samsung 960 EVO, P3D V4.2 on second Samsung 960 EVO, SLI 1080 Ti Asus Rog strix OC Power supply Corsair 1500 W Gold Screen ACER 28 inches 4K G-SYNC
    WC Gigabyte 3d mars
  1. no there is'nt any file current_wx_snapshot.txt on my PC
  2. I will check all that and let you know. Thanks
  3. Like I say in the title, after lauching p2atc says it don't find current_wx_snapshot.txt I've putted Active sky P 4 in the windows 's config. WHat can I do ? Thanks
  4. VFR Scripts (Work in Progress)

    thanks for that work
  5. You were right ! It's ok now Thanks a lot
  6. I will check that. I'm french.. May be the default langage could be french... I'll let you know
  7. I successed to pass generaltraining without issue xith 14 lines but still the same issue with voxatc ..."cannot initialise voice recognition ensure that you have en us english recognizer v 8"
  8. I will try to leave only 14 lines in "generaltraining.txt" voxatc's folder
  9. Indeed ! I remember that..
  10. I've changed my proc and my MB and I can't configure voxatc. In windows I can speak with cortana, and the speech recognition is OK, but when I launch Voxatc, it says that speech recognition is not installed correctly. I tried to lauch Flight Plan Trainer, and when I Push General Training buttom, it says that the speech recognition is'nt correct. What can I do ? Thanks for helping me...
  11. Just Flight's C152 released!

    Hi, What'is really différent with this of carenado ?
  12. Thanks a lot, I will try again =)
  13. Hi ! It was flying from Cholet to La Baule. I wanted to contact Nantes when I will fly over the CTR. It was a VFR fly. Nantes airprot from justflight P3D V4.1 I've installed Navifraph in level D My aircraft was the cherokee from A2A I dont have fsaerodata subcription. Vox atc give me the com to contact Nantes. When I tuned on it, it dysplayed : "wait"