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  1. Oh ! Sorry ! I wrote a mistake... But I couldn't get that with the Fenix... weird
  2. I will this afernoon... this morning, at work, my PC and his firewall don't allowed me to post there...😄
  3. Hi ! I've the same issue since the last update... Is anybody here (like the song) with the same issue ?
  4. I Guess your alternator is ON ?
  5. Hi, i didnt get any traffic. I deleted the 2 folders from fstl in my community and fs traffic worked...
  6. I have those hang for years, with P3D and DCS too... never found a solution, usb power saving off don't work on this...
  7. I had concorde FSLABS for FSX but didn't fly one time with that... Not time enough to investigate.. But this one is very easy to use and it is a good way to start and for wait for the FSLABS ! I'm very happy to have bought its ans did my first transatlantic flight in a simu, with MSFS !
  8. I add this comment from the forum : Flight Model tweaks are mainly take advantage of new Flight Model Parameters, introduced in SU11, in particular to improve ground handling in crosswind situations. Stall & Spin characteristic are also improved to match real world. Most of the other Flight Models improvements over teh standard Asobo C172, were already implemented in the previous version. For specific details, ask in the WB-SIM DIscord , so the information is shared there. That's what I was expecting !
  9. Hi ! Update for this addon : v1.0.5 - Pilot weight not state saving - fixed - Autopilot heading following magnetic instead of gyro - fixed - Unable to add flight plans into the Garmin - fixed Use of the PMS data mod is recommended so that the config and FPLs do not get deleted on plane updates. - Major file restructure leaving base plane intact - finished - Ground eye candy added - finished - Visual effect behavior correctly synchronized across multiplayer - done - AP baro setting not saving - fixed - Annunciator test switch interaction - fixed - "No Pants" plane version - added - Flight model tweaks - done - Engine oil temp/pressure logic tweaks - done - Plug fouling logic tweaks - done - M803 Clock LT 12/24H format choice - added
  10. Hi Vincent ! For me the only way to freeze the view is to hit F9, but if the view freezes, it's not in the position I choose, but standard position in the view. I use the keybord's arrows to move at the exact place I want... amitiés JM
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