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  1. They probably just realized they could fleece more users by including the CF6 with the 200 so that anyone who wants a CF6 freighter will need to get that expansion too.
  2. Isn't the base pack a 300ER? Why would they release a JT9D for an airframe that doesn't use that engine?
  3. Not only that but gear and slats/flaps moved from the right in the 757 to the center system in the 767. The demand pump is also just that and should operate as needed when in the auto position (like during gear and flap use). The PMDG 777 does model demand pump operation correctly for each stage of flight (including abnormals), but probably not something many of its users noticed either. Exactly, this is one thing that’s always bothered me when someone asks about the detail level of an add-on. There’s always a range of responses from good to bad. It also seems many equate the autopilot being able to accurately fly LNAV and VNAV enough to qualify as detailed systems, even if things like electrical or hydraulics systems are wrong or even missing. Like you said it’s always better to have the detail and not notice it than the other way around.
  4. He's more than likely doing a visual approach so neither the RNAV minimums or missed approach procedure would apply. There's also a tower here, so what he did could have been in response to an instruction from them. I've been told to do a 360 on final before, not that low but it does happen. The bank angle only looks to be around 20-30 degrees too which is pretty standard when flying a pattern, and although hard to read his airspeed looks fine for flaps 30 maneuvering speed which I think is around 145 knots at that weight.
  5. Flying in much of Africa is very different than the rest of the world. The captain in this video has has been flying 727s there for 20+ years and has a pretty interesting resume. Regardless of whether this was legal or safe he seems very comfortable and proficient at the controls of a 727 and certainly has some stories to tell.
  6. What an awesome gesture, another example of why A2A is one of the best! I've owned the P-40 since it was released and I highly recommend it to anyone remotely interested. Be ready for a learning curve though, especially when it comes to gear and flap operation.
  7. I've had my eye on this as well. The aircraft systems list is impressive. I agree about the model looking a little bland, but I'm more than willing to over look that if everything in the feature list is accurate. I just wish is that it was a 707 instead, but maybe they'll consider it in the future.
  8. The menu on the terrain page should give you the option to inhibit TAWS. I can't remember if it's in the sim version or not, but the real GTNs on newer code have GPWS and glideslope inhibit options in there as well.
  9. Usually you can find generic information for this in the weight and balance section of the POH. A real aircraft has it's own specific list though that you'd use for actual W&B calculations, and I've never seen one that matches the POH exactly. I took a quick look at a 206H and the front seats are between 34.5 - 35.2 LBS at 39.2 IN., The middle seats are 27.9 - 28.6 LBS at 78 IN., the rear bench is 34 -37.6 at 105.2 IN. Cloth seats being lighter than the leather seats.
  10. FedEX had two brand new 763Fs (N136FE and N182FE) delivered to them last month. Why it's so important for flightsim that it's currently operated anyway? Sometimes it's fun to learn older aircraft to appreciate how things have changed. Personally I'd love to have a detailed 707, but since it isn't operated outside of the military anymore no developer will do it for fear of low sales. One thing is for sure though the Level-D 767 is/was amazing and certainly deserves its spot in the addon hall of fame.
  11. From what I understand she only managed to get one engine started which may explain why it went around in a circle instead of plowing into stuff directly in front of her. I'm curious to know if she has any sort of aviation background, or other experience that helped her get it started or if it was just pure luck.
  12. Like others have said use speed intervention when you need to. Another piece of advice is that flaps 15 usually isn't used as a flap setting during approach/landing in a 777*. On an ILS you should plan for flaps 5 before localizer intercept, then gear down and flaps 20 as soon as the glideslope indication starts to move, then landing flaps when the glideslope is intercepted. There's only a 5 knot limitation difference between flaps 15 and 20 and the extra drag should help slow you down quicker. * of course with everything in aviation there are some situations where you might, an early speed reduction for example.
  13. I assume you mean the pitch attitude? That's normal, typically in level flight the pitch attitude will be between 1.5 - 4.5 degrees depending on weight and speed.
  14. I think you're thinking of the Cirrus Vision. Both the M600, and SF50 with the G3000 have autothrottle now. As does the TBM 940, so I suspect it may be added to the autoland list soon too. Here's the video from Cirrus:
  15. I thought the community already voted to call it Flighty McFlightface.
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