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  1. Not sure if you mean the real one or not, but here it is. http://servicecenters.cirrusdesign.com/tech_pubs/sf50/pdf/AFM/SF50-002/Online31452-002.pdf
  2. Does it have a system page available? In the real 650 you'd change this via the "user fields" under the system page. FYI. you may need to use the down arrow on the system page to see it.
  3. Not a lot to go on as far as progress, but there's this: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/174025-lemg-for-msfs/#comment-1094345
  4. It's been done. Not sure about landings though, they could be ruff.
  5. I was surprised to see them used now on the PAE-LAS route, quite an upgrade from the E175. Although I do sort of prefer the E175 since there's no middle seats.
  6. That's high, but Fenix is still working on the engine modeling. It could also be an issue with the airport. I've been to a few that seem to require excessive thrust in certain areas in any aircraft. From the A319-321 FTCM: THRUST USE Only a little power is needed above thrust idle, in order to get the aircraft moving (N1 40 %). Excessive thrust application can result in exhaust-blast damage or Foreign Object Damage (FOD). Thrust should normally be used symmetrically.
  7. This may come in handy too: http://servicecenters.cirrusdesign.com/tech_pubs/sf50/pdf/AFM/SF50-002/Online31452-002.pdf
  8. Thanks for the link, some good info. it looks like they're also doing a P2006T too which may also be worth keeping an eye on. This if from the X-Crafts E-jets V2 page, hopefully this holds true for the MSFS version too. "X-Crafts is working on a completely new product line. These will be brand new add-ons, entirely redesigned and recreated from the ground up using cutting-edge software and techniques. The add-ons will feature new highly detailed and accurate models of the interior and exterior, authentic FMS, enhanced systems - at or above the ERJ Family level, all across the board. We are working with real E-JETS pilots to help us fly to a higher level of authenticity than we have reached before."
  9. Looks like The website is https://www.flightsim-studio.com/. Not any info I could see about the 175 other than the photo on the home page. Does anyone know how detailed they're planning to get with this? I've been flying on these as a pax quite a bit since it's the main aircraft Alaska/Horizon uses out of KPAE. They seem like they'd be fun to fly.
  10. Interesting, it does look like a buoyancy limitation. Those are EDO 2000 floats, I didn't realize that was what the default conversion used. The FAA requires each float support 90 percent of the gross weight. Our 172XP has EDO 2440s, so no limitation.
  11. So I don't have XP12 yet, but "feel" is a key word. Finding the proper attitude on the step in a real floatplane is something that is mostly done by feel. When on the step you can sense the acceleration and deceleration to find the sweet spot. Something our desktop sims can't do. Do you have a source for this? I've never seen floats cause a decrease in MTOW. They do significantly reduce useful load though, especially in something like a 172. I suppose if the floats were smaller it could be a buoyancy limitation, but the 172XP I learned in had a MTOW if 2550 regardless if it was on wheels or floats.
  12. This is something they showed in the Weather preview episode long ago. Not sure what happened to it since then.
  13. That was this first thing I thought of too when I saw the new design. There was also this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convair_Model_58-9
  14. This is something I thought wasn't a big deal until I got the Hot Start CL650. It really does add to the immersion. Having this along side the A2A style preflight checks would be awesome.
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