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  1. BrianW

    who stole the plane

    They all seem to be making that assumption. Most simmers would call it flight simulator and not a video game. For all we know he could have been referring to GTA, after all doesn't that include stealing aircraft? He also could have just been paraphrasing this movie scene:
  2. BrianW

    who stole the plane
  3. BrianW

    who stole the plane

    It was a Horizon Air employee according to their COO, not sure if he was a mechanic or ramper. Sadly this probably means yet more regulation. Our local news folks are wondering why airliners don't require keys as if that would have prevented this 🙄.
  4. BrianW

    Numbers on STAR chart legs

    This is one of the differences between the FAA charts and the Jeppesen charts. Navigraph are Jeppesen. Here are links to both the Jeppesen and FAA guides: Edit: SID and STAR legend starts on page 65 of the Jeppesen PDF.
  5. BrianW

    Madrid Barajas for P3D v4?

    I think Latinwings is working on a version but I haven't seen any update about it recently. Their LEVC, and LEAM are pretty nice, so I'm looking forward to their LEMD.
  6. BrianW

    FSL A320 strange MAX FL numbers

    According to the QRH you should only expect FL390 in an A320 when below around 131000 LBS in < ISA +10 conditions. From the weight in your screenshot FL360 is about right. The OPT FL it’s giving you is sort of strange though.
  7. I think you missed the main point Bertie was trying to tell you. ILS 10 is a radar vectored approach (that’s what “radar required” means on the chart) meaning you shouldn’t be linking any waypoints to COLUM. In the absence of ATC in the sim you need to manually navigate from your previous waypoint to COLUM. Just because it works via LNAV in some aircraft it doesn’t mean it’s the correct procedure. Secondly, you should try to get comfortable maneuvering without needing the magenta line. Your screenshot above shows your 747 in the perfect position, with the perfect weather to make a downwind turn for a visual approach to runway 10. There should be no reason you couldn’t complete that flight in that situation.
  8. BrianW

    [FSX] Automatic start of APU?

    The APU autostart logic isn’t tied to the engine state, it’s tied to the power state of the AC transfer buses. If power is removed from the left and right transfer buses an APU autostart will be initiated. The RAT is also deployed as part of the process. As Dave mentions though if fuel starvation is the reason the generators dropped offline the APU isn’t going to help for very long. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried it on the PMDG version in the past and it works. You should be able to just turn your generators off to test it, no engine shutdown required.
  9. BrianW

    understanding trim air behaviour

    Sounds like you’re maybe confusing the function of the trim air pressure regulating and shutoff valves (PRSOV) with the zone modulating valves. The primary function of the trim air PRSOV is to maintain pneumatic pressure to the trim air zone modulating valves. Its goal is to maintain cabin pressure + 5 psi. These are also the valves you’re controlling with the switches on the overhead panel as well as what you see on the synoptic display. The zone modulating valves are what control the amount of hot air that goes to each cabin zone, there is one valve per zone but only the flight deck valve is displayed on the synoptic.
  10. Maybe it’s the “flight of the living dead”. Seriously though this is a welcome addition to GSX. I’m hoping aircraft developers start working more toward integration with GSX, especially with this version including the ability to provide power and air from the jetway.
  11. I’m glad to see you’ve started developing again. What is your plan as far as updates for the Vega, are you intending to do small incremental updates, or larger less frequent ones? I’m anxious to see some of the engine simulation items added.
  12. This looks impressive, thanks for pointing it out. I love the aircraft from this period, especially when the systems are faithfully reproduced. Judging from the UI look for the Vega, and the name Vitus, I assume you are the same developer that was working on the Electra. Does that mean once the Vega is complete you’ll resume work on the L10A? I was really looking forward to it, so if so that would be great news!
  13. BrianW

    New airport from Flightbeam

    I remember that, and that was what I thought of when I saw the hint. I also vaguely remember D'Andre hinting that it was a major established developer, and people would probably be pleased when they heard who it was. Although what's Martin from Fly Tampa working on these days? He tends to keep his projects pretty quiet until close to release too. I suppose we'll find out on Saturday.
  14. BrianW

    New airport from Flightbeam

    Maybe MMUN (Cancun), or NFFN (Nadi)?
  15. BrianW

    P3DV4 QualityWings 787 Bugs

    I think the inability to change the GW on the approach page has been reported to them. As an alternative you should be able to use a reduced weight in the OPT in the EFB and send that output to the FMS. Speaking of VREF does anyone know how to prevent the ZFW and V speeds from automatically populating in the CDU? I confirmed the CduAutoCalcVspeeds and CduAutoCalcZfw aren’t present in qw787.cfg per the manual.