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  1. Looks like fun but GIA8011 isn’t a scheduled flight, it was last used for a delivery flight of a MAX (PK-GDA) to Garuda Indonesia. For the transpacific flight you probably want to look at PHNL to NFFN via Fiji Airways. From NFFN there are several 737 flights to Australia.
  2. Great news, hopefully they'll do Fairbanks too. Flying the Everts DC-6 between PANC and PAFA is one of my favorite hops.
  3. Latinwings made a pretty nice version of Valencia (LEVC), they’re also working on both Almeria (LEAM), and Madrid (LEMD).
  4. Or it just means the A321neo better met their needs and they got a better deal from Airbus + a nice MRO deal from Pratt & Whitney. Had Delta gone with Boeing it’s pretty likely the trade complaint would have been dropped anyway. Boeing doesn’t like to sell at a loss unless they really need to.
  5. I think if you select the FR LSK on the nav page and choose MINOE, it should sequence the TO field to PACIF and make that leg active. Then fly your assigned heading until the FMS CDI centers then proceed on course.
  6. Over the past ten years or so Delta has been on a strong CAPEX reduction goal, favoring picking up slightly older aircraft in favor of buying new ones whenever they can. All of the Delta 717s are former AirTran aircraft that they bought or leased from Southwest for a song. Since Delta used them to replace DC-9s and CRJs they probably saw a reduction in OPEX too which operators of newer fleet might not have seen. Delta did the same thing with the Cseries order when they got a three for the price of one deal. Any airline that had a requirement for that size aircraft would be foolish to pass on a deal like that. Even if Boeing had an aircraft that size they probably couldn’t have been competitive at that price.
  7. It’s interesting you bring this up. I had the same issue with windshear at KBID a few weeks ago and the METARs today look very similar. There were gusts with winds between 300-320 when I experienced it too. I’m not sure what was causing the windshear, but the winds were pretty consistent at all altitudes and at nearby airports with no convective activity. So far it’s the only airport I’ve seen this happen.
  8. Boeing did originally have plans to do a clean slate design (project Yellowstone). It was the Airbus decision to make the neo and the sale to American Airlines that forced the decision to do do the 737 redesign. Brand new designs take a lot of time and money, and had Boeing continued down the redesign path the new aircraft wouldn't have even flown till 2020 at the earliest, but more realistically 2021-22. That would have meant no real competition with the A320neo, and all the record breaking orders they’ve had for the MAX potentially going to the neo instead. That doesn’t mean there’s no work being done on an all new replacement, trust me Boeing knows they need a new model and would like to have a 737 sized 787 more than anyone.
  9. One of the big differences with the FWT in the 777-9 is that the wing folds just enough to meet ICAO code E requirements and doesn’t include any control surfaces, so it’s a much simpler design than the proposed 6.9 meter fold for the 777-200. When folded the wingspan is similar to the 77W. So yeah I suppose technically it could fly with them folded, however structurally they’re not being designed to take those type of loads while folded. As Alan mentioned the proposed design will have failsafe elements. It will be isolated in flight, have redundant load paths, command paths, and actuators. The obvious things such as EICAS indications, takeoff warning system, and a RAAS type warning for the tip position are also planned. The SOP will be to unfold the wings as part of the runway entry procedure, and fold them as part of the after landing procedure. This will allow the taxiing and parking that meets ICAO code E requirements with the longer and more efficient code F wing.
  10. I’m so jealous. From the articles I’ve seen it looks like it was indeed a pretty special experience. I’ve never even flown on a PW powered 747 and that chance is quickly disappearing.
  11. Is your desire to work around aircraft in general or just for an airline? My first aviation job was working as a ramper at an airport without airline service. At one point I looked into getting a job as a ramp agent at an airline but slinging baggage as a major part of the job didn’t appeal to me. I still had to handle baggage but in much smaller quantities. I also had a chance to work around a much larger variety of aircraft, everything from single pistons to daily refueling of 767s. Have you looked at the career page for United yet? It’s probably the best place to look to see what type of jobs are out there as well as the requirements and benefits. It’s also probably a good idea to think about what you want to be doing a few years from now so you can start planning to meet some of those requirements now.
  12. Well I can tell you that I’m just not seeing a 2274’ difference between the two when using the Airbus and Boeing takeoff calculators with identical perf data. So it makes me wonder if the Airbus airport planning data is only the ground roll. In reality they are both very competitive. Contrary to your statements the 737 has undergone many aerodynamic improvements (including substantial wing design changes with each new version) over the years, it isn’t the same aircraft as it was in 1967. Even when it comes to operating costs they’re very close and some airlines that operate both see lower costs in their 737s.
  13. Is anybody here going on the November 7th flight? I'm a little disappointed that I missed out on getting a ticket for this one.
  14. Well that’s what I would have thought but again what what are the conditions? I’ve run the numbers for both aircraft and I’m not able to reproduce that much of a difference. Where did you get these values from?
  15. Wow what precise yet inaccurate values. What conditions do they represent? I guess we should tell all those 737 operators that fly into KSNA that the internet says it isn’t possible. As I’ve mentioned before the higher V speeds in the 737 are for tail clearance since the 737 sits so low. This does mean the A320 can achieve a slightly higher AoA on takeoff and landing than a 737 and therefore requires less airspeed. As for the OPs question, I agree with what everyone else says about the Q400, it gets amazing frame rates. I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect, but to me it feels like it performs even better in 4.1 than it did for me in 3.4.