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  1. BrianW

    understanding trim air behaviour

    Sounds like you’re maybe confusing the function of the trim air pressure regulating and shutoff valves (PRSOV) with the zone modulating valves. The primary function of the trim air PRSOV is to maintain pneumatic pressure to the trim air zone modulating valves. Its goal is to maintain cabin pressure + 5 psi. These are also the valves you’re controlling with the switches on the overhead panel as well as what you see on the synoptic display. The zone modulating valves are what control the amount of hot air that goes to each cabin zone, there is one valve per zone but only the flight deck valve is displayed on the synoptic.
  2. Maybe it’s the “flight of the living dead”. Seriously though this is a welcome addition to GSX. I’m hoping aircraft developers start working more toward integration with GSX, especially with this version including the ability to provide power and air from the jetway.
  3. I’m glad to see you’ve started developing again. What is your plan as far as updates for the Vega, are you intending to do small incremental updates, or larger less frequent ones? I’m anxious to see some of the engine simulation items added.
  4. This looks impressive, thanks for pointing it out. I love the aircraft from this period, especially when the systems are faithfully reproduced. Judging from the UI look for the Vega, and the name Vitus, I assume you are the same developer that was working on the Electra. Does that mean once the Vega is complete you’ll resume work on the L10A? I was really looking forward to it, so if so that would be great news!
  5. BrianW

    New airport from Flightbeam

    I remember that, and that was what I thought of when I saw the hint. I also vaguely remember D'Andre hinting that it was a major established developer, and people would probably be pleased when they heard who it was. Although what's Martin from Fly Tampa working on these days? He tends to keep his projects pretty quiet until close to release too. I suppose we'll find out on Saturday.
  6. BrianW

    New airport from Flightbeam

    Maybe MMUN (Cancun), or NFFN (Nadi)?
  7. BrianW

    P3DV4 QualityWings 787 Bugs

    I think the inability to change the GW on the approach page has been reported to them. As an alternative you should be able to use a reduced weight in the OPT in the EFB and send that output to the FMS. Speaking of VREF does anyone know how to prevent the ZFW and V speeds from automatically populating in the CDU? I confirmed the CduAutoCalcVspeeds and CduAutoCalcZfw aren’t present in qw787.cfg per the manual.
  8. BrianW

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    I agree, but using it as a positive comment is also misleading, when someone says “it’s almost PMDG quality” that carries weight for anyone familiar with PMDG and the depth they provide. I’m not a big fan of the price vs. feature argument either because it’s a “rabbit hole”. If you use that as an excuse then this 787 has a very similar feature set to the Aerosoft Airbus which is much cheaper. In this case it’s that they DID model a few nuances, but missed some major things when it comes to the synoptic displays. For example they simulate autodrag something that a casual simmer probably isn’t even aware of, but completely ignored the correct hydraulic demand pump operation. You can even hear the whine of the demand pumps in the soundset, coming on and going off at the appropriate times. Yet the synoptic never changes. Same thing with the electrics, they sort of simulate load shed, yet the some of symbology on the pages is incorrect or missing. Are these bugs, or intentional omissions because those come at the next price point? Don’t take this wrong I am enjoying this 787, but some of us probably have a higher plausibility threshold than most. This thread makes it very apparent that the community has a lot of interest in a 787 some of us are just wishing for the most detail and realism we can get.
  9. BrianW

    B777-200LR/F Ref Speeds Question

    Your logic about loss of control is correct, but it’s actually a VREF floor related to VMCA in the event of a single engine go around. Lower altitudes equal more engine thrust, this is why the VREF gets lower at higher altitudes.
  10. BrianW

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    I think the challenge with giving a first impression is that we’re all at different experience levels and/or have different expectations, and many people may not know what’s missing or just don’t care. If you consider yourself an advanced user of PMDG, FSL, etc, you’ll quickly notice some of the things you’ve grown used to having are absent, like RTE 2, the descent forecast page, the ability to divert to an alternate using the ATLN page, and of course the already mentioned wind data. The small details and refinement that the top developers include are also missing from this 787. Some of the systems and indications don’t operate quite like the real thing either. I’m not sure if these are bugs, or deliberate developer omissions. Overall it’s not bad, plus it’s the only choice for a 787 currently. I’m hoping they’re able to fix the bigger issues, and maybe add some features, but honestly it really leaves me wishing for a PMDG version with all the details.
  11. BrianW

    Q400 or MaddogX?

    Looks like it is down for everyone and not just you. I'm not even getting resolution for their nameservers, so it looks like they may be having a DNS issue. I don't really think they'd just up and disappear. Just bad luck for you to decide on the Q400 at the same time this happens 😞
  12. Initially I wasn’t sure I was going to get the 319, but now I’m looking forward to it. Finally icing simulation that simulates the airflow disruption and not just weight. I wonder if they’re also simulating anything around engine anti-ice like ice ingestion into the engines if you forget to use EAI, or turn it on late? I’m hoping one of the other new features is a windshield precipitation effect, but done in a way that’s less about the gimmicky raindrops, and more about the vision obscuration it can cause during certain phases of flight. I don’t recall seeing anything about a release date either, so for all we know it might not even be available until it’s winter again in the northern hemisphere.
  13. BrianW

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Are the majority of people that have experienced these crashes also using Active Sky? I did see at least one report of a CTD without it, but honestly there can be so many causes for CTDs there could be some statistical outliers in this thread. Is there a potential that certain metars from a nearby station cause issues (like a parsing, or interpolation issue)? This could also explain why it doesn’t happen all the time. However it doesn’t really explain the westbound only issues. I personally haven’t really noticed crashes in this area (and yes I use GSX), but my reasoning is that about a year ago I did experience a CTD flying from EDDF to KIAD on J573 near ENE. After the CTD I restarted the flight on the runway at KRKD flying DCT SEAER then proceeding with the originally planned flight. I saved the flight prior to departing KRKD in the event it crashed again, which it did. For the next flight I changed aircraft but had the same result. On the next try I turned off AI, but still had the crash. Next step was not running Active Sky but keeping the weather conditions as set in the saved flight, still had a CTD. Finally I cleared all weather and sure enough no crash. I flew back and forth on J573 between SEAER and ENE a few times without issues. At this point a couple of hours had passed so I decided to try the saved flight using the current weather and again had no issues. So as a sanity check I loaded the saved flight once more without loading the new weather and once again had a CTD. So with my issue it seemed like maybe a specific metar was causing Active Sky or ASCA to set some condition or load a texture that the sim didn’t like. This issue may or may not be something similar, but even if it isn’t I really think we should start including the GMT time and date of both the weather as well as the (GMT) time in the sim, to see if there’s some sort of correlation with either a timezone, metar, or other issue. There really needs to be a way to reliably recreate the crash before we can try to solve it.
  14. BrianW

    EGPWS Warnings

    The aural “sinkrate” warning will only will repeat for each 20% loss of altitude while in the mode 1 envelope. The “pull-up” should continuously repeat while inside the inner mode 1 envelope. Based on the descent rate in your screenshot you may have not met the criteria. A good test might be to recreate the altitudes and descent rate in the video above and see if you get the same results.
  15. BrianW

    Quality P3DV4 French Airport ?

    Jetstream Designs has a nice LFRS Nantes Atlantique. Makes for some nice q400 flights and is only 45 minutes away from Southampton, or a little over an hour from London in a jet.