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  1. Lost all ATC centers

    Good find, it looks like that's my problem too! Thanks!
  2. Lost all ATC centers

    I'm having the same problem since going to 4.2. There's another thread here that reports the same issue. I've checked for improperly placed alt.bgl files as referenced in the post below but couldn't find any.
  3. Another vote for the DD airports and city package here. As someone who flies from each of these airports for real I find them very well done. There are a few details that I wish were added/changed but considering it includes 4 airports and is very frame rate friendly I’m happy. Version 1.1 will add KSEA in a future state, with the new international arrivals terminal and the new north satellite. It will also include the new terminal at KPAE that will be opening this fall and offer flights from Alaska, Southwest, and United.
  4. Fuel remaining

    In the first screenshot the fuel flow for both engines are showing zero too. Is this maybe something related to having unlimited fuel selected in the sim?
  5. FsLabs a320 for P3D 4.2 Released

    Well my experience has been positive. I did flights between T2G LFPG, a foggy T2G EDDM, and Aerosoft/Simwings EDDF and I’m getting about 30-40 FPS in the VC at those airports. Most importantly the long frames every second or so I had in the last version are gone. I used to have a custom config profile for the A320, but now I’m able to use the same profile as I do for the PMDG aircraft.
  6. Use MDA (barometric) for a CAT I ILS, or any non-precision approach. Use DH (radar altitude) for CAT II approaches. You’ll see RA listed in the minimums as a reminder to use DH, KMDT ILS 13 CAT II & III for example.
  7. So just to clarify, the config option “FO SELECTS DRS DSP A.LDG” is a setting as to whether the FO displays the doors page at all? “A.LDG” makes it sound like it is an option for the after landing flow. I appreciate that this change was made to accommodate those who for whatever reason need such a precise taxi speed, but I hope this wasn’t in exchange for a real after landing flow item for many q400 operators. Seems like a better option would be have the choice of the doors page during the after landing flow, or the parking flow as opposed to the parking flow or not at all.
  8. Is anyone else seeing an issue in version 3.3 where the FO doesn't select the doors page after landing even with the option set to yes in the cfg settings? For me the FO only sets the doors after I call for engine 1 to start/feather. I’m wondering if I’m missing a step or something.
  9. Any news on 4.2 update?

    The big one for me is the fix to the number of active add-on packages causing missing textures. It’s frustrating to finally be free of OOMs only to find that I still need to deactivate packages to avoid this new issue. I think it was mentioned somewhere this would be fixed in 4.2.
  10. 737NG maximum flaps speed

    Flaps 10 is not normally selected during approach. The normal sequence is to go straight from 5 to 15 and this is the logic that the display follows.
  11. PMC in CFM56 engine

    The power management control (PMC) is a precursor to the EEC and found on the 737 classics( 300-500). Its purpose is to maintain proper climb thrust settings by adjusting fuel flow based on thrust lever angle (TLA), N1, inlet temp, and pressure. Best way to describe it is as a trim for the engine control unit that keeps N1 from going over limits. It does not move the thrust levers.
  12. Around the World in a B737

    Looks like fun but GIA8011 isn’t a scheduled flight, it was last used for a delivery flight of a MAX (PK-GDA) to Garuda Indonesia. For the transpacific flight you probably want to look at PHNL to NFFN via Fiji Airways. From NFFN there are several 737 flights to Australia.
  13. Aerosoft Anchorage coming to P3D v4!

    Great news, hopefully they'll do Fairbanks too. Flying the Everts DC-6 between PANC and PAFA is one of my favorite hops.
  14. Latinwings made a pretty nice version of Valencia (LEVC), they’re also working on both Almeria (LEAM), and Madrid (LEMD).
  15. Bombardier closes deal with Delta on new C series

    Or it just means the A321neo better met their needs and they got a better deal from Airbus + a nice MRO deal from Pratt & Whitney. Had Delta gone with Boeing it’s pretty likely the trade complaint would have been dropped anyway. Boeing doesn’t like to sell at a loss unless they really need to.