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  1. I'll love 'em when they release my F-104 for FSX.Until then, no love at all. Well, maybe just a little.
  2. It may sound a bit odd, but I made a "free" view tracker for the IL2 flightsim by plugging in an extra mouse, just putting it on the floor, and moving it around using my foot. (IL2 has mouse view capability.) I had it cupped under my toes and I could move it around easily and with pretty good accuracy. I tried using tape, it worked, but just cupped in the ball of your big toe and index toe was almost as good. If the view got out of control and bonkered up, I just hit center view on my HOTAS and I was right back in the middle and could go again. I'm not kidding, the immersion factor was real.Can you get a mouse view with FSX? In IL2, you didn't have to click a mouse buton, you just had to move it around.
  3. I wish they would do the B.C./Alaska coast. That would be spectacular.
  4. Thanks Steve.I think one problem with GEX is that it actually takes a bit of time to find the sweet spot, as opposed to your other programs like FEX, GE Pro, and EE that gave an immediate "WOW!" factor the moment you saw them on the screen.I look forward to finding more of the GEX sweet spots, and to seeing more texture sets being released.
  5. Finally got GEX working. Some parts are very nice, some are so so. I still have a bit of a problem with the rock textures loading very slowly.A quick shot, somewhere in the Canadian Rockies.http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v298/hor...22-08-51-92.jpg
  6. For the life of me I can't tell if my install is wrong or I'm just underwhelmed. GEX installed to C: program files, and installs the textures to D:FSX, where I keep the sim, but my mountains don't look that great. GE Pro for FS9 made a stunning difference, but I'm (sadly) just not seing it here, though I do see some new auto-gen.Probably my fault, just have to keep playing with it. Mind you, there should be a splash screen text that tells you if GEX is running like there was with FS9. Sometime GE Pro would turn off in FS9 if you fooled around with the sim and you would have to re-install a texture set. No big deal, but it was nice to see the text on the splash screen letting you know the status of the program.
  7. Apparently you have to "Save target as...". Saw that at the GEX forums.I'm DL-ing right now, still over three hours to go on my lousy cable connection. Oh well.
  8. Sold!And it's my birthday today and I have the day off. :-beerchug Yeah baby!
  9. When I had my new rig built a few months back I had them put in a 250GB main C: HD and an 80GB D: HD just for FS9. Now FS9 is out and I have FSX in there. I put all my DLs and payware files in C: and nothing but FSX and the installed add-ons go into the D: drive. I defrag after each new add-on or uninstall. There's nothing in D: except "working" FSX files. Makes it real easy to keep clean.Now with all the add-ons, I think within a few months I'm going to have to get a 120+ HD put in and move FSX there.
  10. Better looking mountain textures. Even with Genesis mesh improving the elevation detail, the mountains look "bleah".
  11. Get the Acceleration pack. You get a gorgeous F-18 & carrier, plus two other aircraft and lots of new scenery and missions.For $30, Acceleration is a very good deal.
  12. McAdd-ons.Mystery meat "chicken" nuggets for the price of a good steak.
  13. For $70 that add-on better cook, sew, and do the dishes as well as fly. That's an insane price. I've bought high-quality planes for less than half that. I think AlphaSim is simply fishing. See how many (insert unflattering adjective here) people fork over the dough, then laugh about it and release another plane twenty-four hours later.AlphaSim is the McDonalds of add-ons.
  14. I'm loving the CF-18. Having a great time flying over the Canadian north, setting down at isolated airfields. Good fun!
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