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  1. Dave CBFS

    Aircraft Reflection Profile Problem

    I would have thought you would need to use the tomatoshade shaders, not PTA, to get the reflections to work as they are designed to work together. The PTA shaders won't know how to process them.
  2. The FSX Blue Angels F/A-18C Hornet is about the best you can get for free. Don't worry about the "FSX" in the title, there is a P3dv4 version. http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,16514.0.html
  3. The Harrier isn't TacPack ready in FSX is it, so it won't be in P3d either. You can add TacPack to it, but you'll have to code your own loading and firing gauges and maybe modify the model of you want the stores to display correctly and disappear when fired.
  4. Dave CBFS

    Just Flight Lightning T4

    Assuming you do mean the Aerosoft Lightnings sold by JustFlight, they do work in P3dv4. Not sure if the installers are updated but you can download the compatible 64bit DLLs from the Aerosoft support forum.
  5. Dave CBFS

    SOH Down?

    Are you trying http://www.sim-outhouse.net ? Try http://www.sim-outhouse.com/ instead.
  6. Dave CBFS

    SOH Down?

    Working fine here in the UK.
  7. Dave CBFS

    PMDG 737NGX, 2D MCP pop-up in VC possible?

    It's not possible in the P3d version. It was originally possible, but sometimes caused a ctd, so the feature was removed.
  8. Dave CBFS

    Simshed Nimrod - Help!

    The smoke fx are named: fx_MR2L_smoke_1.fx fx_MR2L_smoke_2.fx fx_MR2R_smoke_1.fx fx_MR2R_smoke_2.fx Remove those from your effects folder and to should be OK. edit: I see you found them!
  9. Dave CBFS

    Majestic Dash 8 Forum - Does one Exist ?

    Their website's working fine for me. The forum is here: http://majesticsoftware.com/forums/
  10. Not sure if it's related, but have a look in your "Prepar3D v4 / SimObjects / Misc / Desert Hawk 3.1 / texture" folder. Interesting texture names...
  11. Dave CBFS

    Download and instal query

    Yes, but you'll need to connect to activate.
  12. Dave CBFS

    v4.3 C-130

    Yes and yes.
  13. Dave CBFS

    Possible new project?

    Hi Oliver, Thanks, I do use AITX with P3d v4.3, so I'll pm you my proof of purchase when I get home after work. I did read about improvements to the helicopter AI but wasn't sure if it included proper vertical take off and landing with full helicopter flight dynamics.
  14. Dave CBFS

    Possible new project?

    Hi Oliver, I don't know if you're familiar with an oldish program for FS9 & FSX called HeliTraffic? It enabled the user to define custom helipads and create waypoints for AI helicopter traffic. The AI helis would be under direct control of the program so behaved in the correct manner, with vertical take off & landing etc. Unfortunately, the program doesn't work under P3d and is very unlikely to ever be updated. This strikes me as the sort of program that would be in your area of expertise, so if you're in need of a new project it could be something to consider! 😉 Thanks for reading.